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  1. Afro Man

    if u could spend...............

    i took my pic down coz this forum is a fukkin joke - and i got better things to do...so, there u go...and if im a sl*t - y dont u know n e 1 whos had me.... exactly ... byeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. Afro Man


    nah i did take that as a joke - didnt take no offence at all... but to be honest i had enough now of this site. its just a joke
  3. Afro Man

    Heyyyyyy People

    nah myt sis ladylaura is 17.... 18 in sept!!!
  4. Afro Man


    hhathats a good one!
  5. Afro Man

    heylo everyone

    yea ill let u know hun x
  6. Afro Man


    aww im gutted!! wanted to rave with ya
  7. Afro Man

    Heyyyyyy People

    awww bless.. who is the youngest on ere?
  8. Afro Man

    mans brains

    thanks terri hun x
  9. Afro Man

    if u could spend...............

    its ok...hate only comes from jealousy! haha
  10. Afro Man

    the 1 word game!

  11. Afro Man

    Dan and Lisa's Love shack

    i get em too, but when i do, it aint cereal i fancy haha
  12. Afro Man


    hhaha how long u been on em?when u coming off? u coming liberty next sat?
  13. Afro Man

    gimme 5 things.......

    eughhhh thats nastyy haha!!i thought u was being serious..i cud only think of mature, strong, triple cheese and chive
  14. Afro Man

    the 1 word game!

  15. Afro Man

    mans brains

    haha innit!wanted to email it to my boss