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  1. Elementalism

    Catch Me If You Can - Scouse Edition

    This guy is a legend.
  2. Elementalism

    'I can teach you how to speak my language - Rosetta Stone'

    Been living in Madrid for nearly 2 years, hablo un poco espanol pero necesito aprender mucho mas.
  3. Elementalism

    Xxxtentacion dead?

  4. Elementalism

    The Music Video Thread

  5. Elementalism

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    https://twitter.com/5_News/status/1004784368773021696?s=20 These man need to get napped and disciplined. How dare they get up and lie about what drill means and what drilling is. Fuck these man. Bunch of self justifying coons. Proper shitty argument as well, sounds like these man went to some dead DMU/Brunel/Kingston type uni and flopped every media course about.
  6. Elementalism

    2017/18 Hot Summer

  7. Elementalism

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Bruv we´re big men. At some point the identity politics haffi get dash weh. From time black people (and whites) are screaming at the police to stop gun crime but casually bopping their head to Headie, Moscow, 410, whoever - as if people aren´t dying behind the bars. The term ´more than music´applies as always, hip-hop is an artform which places authenticity above everything else. We can´t have it both ways. Linking grime to crime was a joke, grime was juvenile and was understood by the middle class journos who thought Dizzee was amazing, so the feathers never stuck. Drill is another beast completely. These kids, especially the ones who rap about dead opps, are provoking shit. I can´t imagine some rapper with a fanbase bragging about smoking or stabbing my friend or family member - I would be plotting with an Uzi outside venues. My bro got stabbed by a close friend of ours (always the way) and I can´t imagine this kid having the gall to rap about what the shit poking he did. I didn´t need provocation, I wanted revenge for a decade. I´d be locked in Broadmoor if Drill was a thing then. If the police can use drill to enhance their intelligence and save lives, I don´t give a fuck. Call me a fed, I´ll hold that. If stop and searches save lives, I´ll take it. If a Balaclava Ban comes in, I´ll hold it too. Something needs to be done because these kids are comparing their badness to global levels of badness thanks to the internet.Our concept of badness was mad local until the ´00s. Migration patterns and the internet changed that.
  8. Elementalism

    Now Playing

  9. Elementalism

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    @Thizz linked me in Madrid. I'm not a fed, tío. Seguro 🔐
  10. Elementalism

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    Respect. I hit the fattest morning zoot and penned that.
  11. Elementalism

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    Bruv Black Americans are salty because all now they're some of the most violently lost in the world but historically their resistance was futile. Global forces had black slaves fighting for the South and the North. Haiti got its freedom only to be fucked by the vast powers you speak of and other factors. Jamaica fought for it with Nanny and the Maroons, gained independence and lost it to Cold War forces. Jamaicans and Haitians were some of the most thorough bred resistance fighters. But the point is, even now, slavery is a choice.
  12. Elementalism

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    Just got blocked from some shitty group on FB for vaguely cosigning the undertone of his argument, lol. Picture the scene. 350 years in America, a young West African slave is dragged off a boat somewhere on the south-eastern coast. He looks back and sees bodies , men, women and children being sent onward to the sugar islands of Jamaica and Haiti, some chained, some in the process of being beaten for resistance, some of them employed to do the beating and he bit his lip. He didn't forget. He steps off onto the wooden shore of the strange new land and begins a time of painful toil. Some time passes and this young man is tormented internally by what he has witnessed. In this new space, people are punished for their conservative beliefs, any desire to hold onto past traditions is met with brutal repression, any political whispers are silenced. He often thought of the men he saw fighting, the ones who jumped. His mind replayed scenes of possible escape over and again. Days passed and the callouses on his hands and back grew thicker. One day in the company of another young slave, he whispered four words in the strange new tongue. "Do o' no do.' The other body twitched upward to face him, confused by the riddle. "Do o no do." Both bodies secretly pause, working just enough for the omipresent overseer to notice nothing change. / I don't have time to continue, but let's have it right. Slavery, the condition, the experience, involved choices. What this example in the short piece I wrote highlights is the following: Black people chose to resist or not. They chose to snitch on other slaves for inciting shit, or not. You chose life in bondage or freedom in death. You chose privilege or punishment. You chose peace, or you chose violence. You submitted, or you died trying. There are many, many more. / This is actually a very dangerous and powerful idea for Kanye to present, if you really deep it. If Kanye was a slave on a plantation and dropped that idea, he would either be snitched on and killed for the Master or the Master would die. I'm sure history presented a lot of these moments.
  13. Elementalism

    Rivers of Blood - 50 years on(Ch5) 10pm

    BBC proving their apparent non-bias nature but simply leaning all t'other way. Left as fuck under Blair, cooler on Brown, Right as fuck under the Tories. Enoch deserves a listen. Don't rate his politics, but he essentially inspired a society that then went out and started digging the channels of Enoch's rivers.
  14. Elementalism


    I'm on the left but I back Assad and Russia. Hezbollah get my ratings also.