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  1. Clapton Shooting

  2. Jacquees

    This one caught me. The EP title track is fucking flames. The horns 💣 Dig and see what you think. @Kuffir @Nola D
  3. Britain going on gully with Russia over Litvinenko

    Two words: Porton Down.
  4. 808INK

    Knocks....and visually on point. @Nola D you might rate, amiga.
  5. Skepta

    9.57 in this. He fumbles it. "Doesn't take much to get your hands on a Smith n'/ Only a man understands what I'm spitting" Listen to Jesse on Trashy. @ 0:21 "Takes a mouth to apologise but a man to forgive him/ doesn't take much to put hands on a Smith n'/ Only a man understands what I'm spitting/ Youth got me cooking up plans in the kitchen/" HMMMM...
  6. Skepta

    Jesse come lazy. Imagine that is a lot of people's introduction to him. Not saying he's not street but he is at risk of becoming another Young Adz instead of a Dave. Also I don't get exactly how, but I swear Jesse and Loski are related. Loski literally bit a verse from him so calmly it could only have been on a friendly/family ting. It's on one of his old-school freestyles. Think it was from Jesse's White Wine and a Pizza. The 'honest and I'm diligent' line. I can't remember the joint but I am seguro on it.
  7. Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    If you deep it Mabel is actually not that good. She seems forced in a way, she's not a great songwriter. Liked her first few bits but it's gone downhill.
  8. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Withdraw your GBP balance? What does it say?
  9. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    No one in this thread posting about Tether? From 2 months ago. This is one of biggest issues I've come across...
  10. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Dunno where to put it. So bait.
  11. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Yeah. Check the profitability of a given number of a certain card based on the last 24 hours. Key is to mine some of the up and coming low difficult coins while you can acquire them at volume and then either mine to an exchange with a speculative sell order open (I.e. Vip2coin is worth 100 sats when you mine it, you put a sell in for whatever you feel). Monero, Zencash, Zcash, Hush, Ellis, depends on your card and the strength in a given algorithm. Good tip on where the hashing power is, and if you believe like I do that network hash rate holds a basic value potential.
  12. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Bruv we will chat on a serious one. PM me and we can hash it out haha. Check out VoskCoin on YouTube. Consider mining Burstcoin/SIA/Storj with your HDD. Seriously spec out your builds so you are making as much money from every component. The Ryzen series are good and the mobos are getting better for them too. They hash at around 600hs, which translates to 3 quid ish on the Cryptonight algorithm. Cheaper option is the FX series, particularly the FX6300. Makes a quid a day and costs 60. Also don't sleep on Radeon RX 570s 4gbs and 1060 3gbs. Mad cards if you end up landing the Samsung memory chips. I hope you have enough power for that rig. You'll need 2 power supplies at least 1100 each and extra cables (Add2Psu, maybe some 6 pin to 6+2 pin extenders/splitters ). Them things are beasts. I'll PM you some spreadsheets.
  13. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    lololol. I built a PC with a Radeon R9 390, it sat in my room for a year while I was living in Spain and got no use. I went back home and realized I could make 4 quid a day with it, and it has been doing so since then. I have a better plan than you and most man here when it comes to crypto. I´m not some just-come. Not got time to argue with you about this, I ain´t forcing anything on you. My risks are heavily limited and I have a huge potential for growth. You think I don´t know that the prices are going to be lower? The same scenario you are hoping will befall me is going to FUCK you and certain man who simply invested. What you gonna do, sell your Trezor wallets? Your coins have NO INTRINSIC VALUE WITHOUT THE HARDWARE THAT I AND OTHERS PUT TOWARDS SECURING THE GIVEN NETWORK. KEEP INVESTING AND WISHING FUCKERY ON US AND THE SAID FUCKERY WILL BEFALL YOU. I´ve run Bitcoin faucets. I´ve blogged about Bitcoin. I´ve invested in the microeconomy. I have a solid understanding of crypto and computer hardware. You sick guy. Hope you mean 1080TI 11GB, not worth going for the 1080s. If you want I have a Spreadsheet I put together in Google that you can look over, have figures for the hashrates of various cards on various currencies, ROI figures based on network difficulty, network hashrate and current price (only for Monero at the moment, but easily adjusted.) I hope you are using Whattomine.com
  14. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    If I make 30 a day I spend around 3 quid in leccy. Based on 14p per kw/H.
  15. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    OK imagine. You out 2k down into a crypto or ico. Said crypto or ico flops, what do you do with your worthless, useless currency? I fork out 2k on a rig and mine 1k in 30 days and then the market crashes. I have tangible things with multiple uses, you have fuck all. I don't know how you can't see it. You do realize that graphics cards are bought and sold for gaming, graphic design etc, all day long right? You selling your ICOs on Ebay?