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  1. Elementalism

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    This doesn't make any sense. Trump supporter doesn't mean anti-Black. Definitely not if he's married to her.
  2. Elementalism


    You should try 5HTP or melatonin supplements. Also CBD is good.
  3. Elementalism

    UK/London Street Style of Yesteryear

    Bally is coming back. Bally X Swizz Beats ^ Missed the J. Cole marketing, but they're going for hip-hoppers hard. These were the OG. Super low drop, usually paired with big airy linen trousers. Original Jugglers drop:
  4. Elementalism


    You're creating an argument. This isn't AJ vs RT. This isn't 'gang shit'. I don't need third-party websites to evaluate sources and neither should you. I'm obviously aware of the RT angle but you'll find RT's reporting has been so successful as they've offered a degree of balance over Syria (against the media weight of America/Europe/Arab channels all toeing the same line) that is largely unmatched. Crosstalk is a great example. I assess bias on a case-by-case basis, and in this case there isn't much room for Russia to lie about anything. Are you alleging that Israel shot down the jet, which is what your analogy implies?
  5. Elementalism

    UK/London Street Style of Yesteryear

    Reposted @Restrictive's link, wicked footage. Missed this exhibition at the V&A, but they've got some nice collections: This is a pretty dope instagram, they get some nice throwback pics. https://www.instagram.com/ruffnecksrudeboysrollups/ Some pics from their exhibition, also missed it.
  6. Elementalism


    You clearly lack the ability to assess sources. If I had posted a Haaretz video saying that Syria (an enemy) had downed a Russian (enemy) jet it would have more likely been biased. The fact that RT have admitted that Syria (an ally) downed their own plane means I can trust the story.
  7. Elementalism


    https://syria.liveuamap.com/ I had it in my clipboard. Post the livemap link if anything, don't give AJ any more credit. I wasn't being being racist (insert the term dirty/snakey/slimey/slippery and it fits) and Qatar is still home to enough thinktanks to still have a horse in the race. Regardless of whether their material support has stopped - Qatar is a media/propaganda hub.
  8. Elementalism


  9. Elementalism


    @Admin. Graphics from AJLabs - yeah they definitely haven't got a horse in the race. I would be highly critical of anything coming from Al Jazeera or any Doha based think-tanks when it comes to this conflict. Greasy Qataris. This has been a fairly open proxy war since Russia's intervention in the conflict. All the 'rebel' groups have had major support from Gulf states and the west.
  10. Elementalism

    The Video Thread part 2

    Everyone wants us to believe my guy (Paul something, Kigame?) is corrupt. I don't buy it.
  11. Elementalism


    This chick would be an amazing president.
  12. Elementalism

    SMH @ Dizzee Rascal Now

    Talks a lot of stuff. Napa stuff comes up at around 20:00 mins.
  13. Elementalism

    The Joe Budden Podcast

    Agree with bolded. Italics, not so much. You listened to the Infinite album?