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  1. Brent Faiyaz...

    Bless @Nola D - yeah it was early! Was around the time I discovered a next guy called Ryshon Jones, also Grandemarshall from Philly, they all had a kinda DIY bedroom sound to their production that I felt. His Black Child EP was flames, but almost impossible to find now - I have a copy on a computer somewhere, gonna reup it as people are proper catting for it now he's climbing. With that said, he seems to have removed the early stuff he did - maybe he wasn't feeling it 100% himself. @Incumbent - de nada! Spread the love, Brent is slept on. Every song has quotables. "Girl when you wear them heels/It's like you're making a deal with the devil" Speaking of the devil, I clocked one of Brent's joints of AM Paradox on this video with Diddy himself:
  2. Brent Faiyaz...

    ^ I respect that Nola! Glad you listened, you popped into my head as I was resurrecting the thread still! This joint reminds me of early Musiq Soulchild..
  3. Brent Faiyaz...

    Sonder = Dpat x Atu and Brent Faiyaz. Fuck off, Brent done got next!!!
  4. Brent Faiyaz...

    YOU MAN ARE SLEEPING "FUCK THAT NIGGA YOU WITH" "But I don't wanna play your games no mo'/I've changed for sho/And I'm balling on you, watch me pull off in that foreign" I TOLD YOU MAN!
  5. President Donald Trump Thread

    LOL @ you thinking communities exist in the Century of the Self. Individualism has destroyed communities. We have nations made up of massed 'individuals' who essentially seek their own self-interest over those of the group. The basic unit of society is the individual now, not the family and not the community.
  6. Terror Attack in Barcelona

    The last terror attack here was in Madrid you plonker, ETA haven't done anything for years. Acting like I didn't see the same viral infographic that you saw - I am aware Spain has issues with terrorism, but recently they've been dealing with domestic political issues and immigration. This is the last thing the country needs - I'm saying that as someone who has a NIE and gets paid by the Spanish government.
  7. Terror Attack in Barcelona

    Madness. They had barricades in place for World Pride in Madrid recently, think that was a first. Bare police dehbout, and they nicked a few ISIS guys in the barrio my weed club is located in, Delicias. Shame it's kicked up in Spain, this place is too blessed to be stressed about that fuckery.
  8. Westside Gunn & Conway

    Welcome back Nola!!
  9. RIP Hugo Chavez

    Nah this a massive reduction. Since moving out here to Madrid I have met Venezuelans and they have complained about conditions - but then again they are the young, socially mobile ones who had money and lost money (relatively speaking). I've heard about the black market money trading, bitcoin, all sorts. But that is a symptom of a problem - and the root of that problem is debatable. You cannot say that Chavez flopped when he didn't have a free or fair run. The man got cancered. Chavez faced a pretty stiff media resistance too, not unlike what is happening to Corbyn but on a grander scale and I would say you are seriously underestimating the power of that outside interference. Your guy Shapiro loves to talk about how people like George Soros pull strings with activist groups, newspapers and institutions to get his liberal work done....But you don't want to acknowledge that the US intelligence services, under successive administrations, have done precisely that in Venezuela - for fairly obvious reasons. I don't like social engineering, whether it's done by leftists or by the right - but your argument is myopic, it lacks the scope you need to understand the situation. I don't know about Venezuela like THAT but I know you are missing out huge portions for the sake of cognitive resonance.
  10. RIP Hugo Chavez

    Come on bro, you can't just post a view from the polar opposite side of things and pretend that it highlights the complexities of Venezuela. That's completely dead. Mismanagement is one thing, but outside interference and the repeated attempted overthrow of the government by external forces is another. You also realise that Chavez came to power in ''99, so there is almost an exact 50/50 split in terms of culpability that can be levelled at both Democrats and Republicans (Clinton ->>> Bush/Bush >>> Obama/Obama >>> Trump). You're acting as if they've had a 20 year run that has been completely smooth. These analysts fail to acknowledge other factors - BLAME SOCIALISM. Don't blame economic hitmen, or the IMF, or the CIA, or internal agitprop agents. Omissive logic.
  11. North Korea

    What I mean by this is that there is no 'off' button - the NK regime is not designed to be removed, definitely not from the Chinese side (at least not whenever the US leans on China). It was created over generations by successive Chinese administrations. It would be like Obama trying to shut down Israel - the scope of that particular ZIonist project was much greater than in any single US administration. Xi Jing Ping doesn't have the ability to shut down anything. He wasn't the guy who plugged NK with centrifuges, uranium or rocket tech - he hasn't even been invited to meet KJU yet - but the Deep State generals who helped KJU and his pops get the nukes has. North Korea is no threat to China at all - unless they manage to get themselves invaded and occupied by the US. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_7VDL4dX74
  12. North Korea

    They've had mini-nukes since 2014, this is proper old news. People have slept on NK hard. Key things to know about this situation: Xi Jing Ping is not in charge of NK and has no pull with Kim. The Chinese Deep State is in control of NK - but the scope of the NK project did not factor in a 'kill switch'. North Korea was always supposed to have nuclear weapons and present such a problem for the United States and her allies. Look up guys like Liu Yunshan or Jiang Zemin. Xi Jing Ping hasn't even met KJU yet, but Chinese Deep State man have. North Korea was basically supplied in tandem with Pakistan. I read an analysis that posited that China aided both Pakistan and NK with developing separate parts of the tech needed for ICMBs with the implicit understanding that upon achieving their individual tasks, that they would 'swap notes'. If Kim is going to use them I think he'll be looking not just to China and the US, but also trying to time it so that India and Pakistan can be dragged in. This would be an all out war that would drag all the superpowers in if executed correctly. I don't think the US is going to want to attack NK yet - they don't have the troop numbers and restarting the war with a deficit is suicidal. Kim has the real Sampson Option.
  13. The Music Video Thread

    Bruv that is proper. I remember hearing this on Soundclick. He's been on my radar since them times and he's levelled - you can tell he's had talent from day. The Amy Winehouse sample was a madness to me at the time alone.
  14. The Music Video Thread

    I feel like he makes up 90% of his raps, I don't believe the stories. Good rapper but he goes overboard on the pain stories.
  15. 2017 Hot Summer

    Nah actually fuck that Man is talking about Chinese and Asians and Islam and Capitalism and Communism ffs