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  1. There was a mad coke gurn I spotted at 33 seconds that reminds me of Ninjaman.
  2. I'm just throwing out NW/West rappers, a nuh nuttin. That ain't my top anything.
  3. Blessings brudda!! ??
  4. Alright Dr. It was really no stress. If you don't like my post, swerve. Why raise yours. Skrapz > Tribez J-Man > Tribez Streetz > Tribez Fatz > Tribez Fredo > Tribez Don Tanch > Tribez Ratlin > Tribez Belly > Tribez He doesn't have many views from me, trust me I can swerve.
  5. What was it called? Anyone got di link?
  6. Tribez is proper shit, allow it. ER are a shit clique so him being the best is like selecting the perfectly formed turd in a curl of dog shit.
  7. This is so forced.
  8. Big moves - I rate this! He can't catch the drops on his own tunes and his live stuff needs work but still! You can see he's genuinely humbled.
  9. Surprised you man hadn't seen them reels already - Trump has a whole heap more bars than Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz and he took Hillary for a joke as well.
  10. Un poco. Yo intento aprender espanol.
  11. Soon come. Been living here since January, currently living in Malasana by Tribunal metro. One stop from Gran Via (essentially Oxford Street), it's super central. Malasana is something of a mix between Camden and Soho, lots of hipsters, coffeeshops, jazz and rock bars, etc. It's gentrified to fuck, but I got here way after. In the 80s after Franco it was supposedly the heart of the countercultural movements. If I could, I would live in Lavapies. Something of a mix between Peckham and Bethnal Green, bare Africans and south Asians - with dope food spots. It's on the road to gentrification, but is a cool spot nonetheless. Living in Madrid Centro is probably 30-40% cheaper than living in Central London. I have a friend who lives 30 mins from me on the metro who is paying 500 euros for a three bedroom place with terraces. Oh and did I mention it's legal to grow weed, there are legal weed associations all over the city and it's basically sunshine and vibes from here on out?
  12. LOL @ London. You're all getting mugged. I pay 400 Euros for a balcony room smack bang in the centre of Madrid. I like the place but fuck living there.
  13. Just came to post, wicked ^. Handled Ebro well.
  14. ^ Real 1 Order. No one has answered seriously but 1 Order is a 'badman franchise' with political connections in Jamaica that allows for high-mobility and few questions asked. It is the reincarnation of Shower and Spanglers but without the flagrant disregard for life, law or most importantly 'order'. It is supposedly apolitical - and is often pointed at to highlight the shift into 'gang' violence and away from politically motivated violence. There are mixtures of PNP and JLP areas from what I have read - and the 'One Order' link is basically a way of a neighbourhood saying 'we nuh inna political war, money haffi run' with strongarm bipartisan badman links to help maintain the order. Basically it's Jamaican 'badman' who run abroad but take their 'linkies' with them. Rappers are basically praising some fat p*ssy bleached out Keisha who shat out the pack by proxy. The real plug. Jamaican links don't have the same weight they had in the 80s and 90s when every Donovan and his .45 could move freely across the English speaking world with no problems.