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  1. I'm not wanted on here i keep getting negged Good byforever
  2. N h s Housing system Benefit system is themain three that affects us all
  3. Didn't watch it so who is more against immigration ?? that should be the first thing on my agenda this country has so many loopholes and sooooo many people take advantage of this
  4. Lol fuck off positive energy only
  5. No just you Look at theese sexy beasts
  6. Fuck all ur goverment twats Iwas claiming universal credit I've been out of work since middle of April still not received any money after they keep closing down my account well fuck offnow I have got a job you can keep your shitty bedsit flat you was tryna offer me aaswell as the crappy 73pound a week I wawasooooooooo tempted to sell coke or my p*ssy but there is aGod that has saved me I'm trully blessed
  7. No decorum I would have walked away arguing with an old man and the old guy had him up really LLLool
  8. He runs that nearly every week...I swear my sister told me that time but idk I have walked 5km in 1 hr before I say thats my pb
  9. That's not bad at all my 9 year old nephew beats me hes under 10 mins im more like 20 mins I will time myself today and report back lets see whos the fastest.......
  10. The site has to make money some how
  11. What time can you do for 5km?
  12. I'm quite positive cheryl wasn't thinking of him whilst playing with her p*ssy when he was 14 u
  13. I have to go for a chat tomorrow about a job really can't wait long hours though like 47 a week I think he was saying.... why a chat! I want an interview even though he said the position isn't avalible yet
  14. Have u tried it ? it looks really tasty to me like a Chinese soup
  15. I'm feeling a bbq today fish jacket spuds, corn, Greek salad...