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  1. Looks like a baby but yeahhhhhh I like the song
  2. d*ckhead I aint out the game just yet
  3. yo keeping ur creps clean is stress especially in this weather ive got some beutifull trainers I wanna wear but prang I stood in dog shit today I was devasted
  4. already has fake assss gangsta sitting up in a witness protection jail
  5. literally gonna be single foreva I don't mind I'm evil I don't deserve to be happy
  6. They should have attacked the boats like the sentinlese and fought off any intruders they would have eventually stopped sending boats
  7. Thy are friendly when u take them coconut's He already tried once and failed should have left them alone
  8. The streets>>>>>>> Getting rinsed today da fuk
  9. John how many usernames u got now u battyboiii Talking to urself on a forum is mental health go seek help
  10. There's loads actually but having a dog chase u is terrifying happened when we was jamming in a construction site this dog chased me all the way home and I was screaming running around this 1 car for time
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