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  1. Just took the plunge and bought it. Anyone who don't have me on PSN add me- Rowan1988
  2. WP last night lads. Noah as any >>>>>>. We won 10 and drew 1. Should have been 11 wins but I missed basically an open goal from about four yards out in the 92nd minute. Cross came into box and i volleyed it and it hit the post. Was gutted.
  3. Ye I am Rowan. Preferred position is LW in the 4-3-3 formation. We do score headers sometimes but need a tall striker in the box. Maybe have someone set as Target man who is 6 foot +. My pro is 5, 11 which I still keep my pace but also able to win headers, I scored a couple headers last week. In CM needs to be Noah & that small really fast guy i think its MisterLifish.
  4. Add me Gambino just got this. Rowan1988
  5. Those were the good ol days. Think on Fifa 09 we got to like tenth in the world on clubs. Might make a reappearance but haven't played Fifa in about 5 years. Psn - Rowan1988
  6. Also what a performance from Eddie Alvarez to TKO RDA and become new Lightweight champion of the world.
  7. Cormier is going to rag doll him the same way he rag dolled Dan Henderson. TKO in the 1st round by GNP. Hoping Silva wins though!
  8. Gents can someone point me in the right direction of what I should buy to install kodi. Sorry if the question has been asked already. Thanks.
  9. Robbie Savage is the worst co commentator. Trying too hard, I hate this Welsh Prick!!
  10. Middle class or not I just watched Japan beat south Africa. Absolute scenes.
  11. Florenzi has just scored from near the half way line against Barca. What a goal!!
  12. Link to reddit streams bro please https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerstreams Bookmark that link bro. When a match is on, you'll find a HD sky sports stream with ease. Thanks very much just found a HD barca link in seconds.
  13. All the big Liverpool journalists have confirmed it. Barrett at the times, Neil Jones at the Echo, Ben Smith at BBC. He's gone. Fuck him anyways.
  14. @_ChrisBascombe: He’s gone… a £49m fee has been agreed between LFC & Man City for Raheem Sterling. It is £44m upfront, with £5m based on appearances.
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