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  1. Can't trust the internet anymore.

    Lol soz about the title lads, obvs been reading too much buzzfeed. I knew her as a blonde, pale af DJ with couple curves tbf and quite a growing profile so for her to disappear into thin air for a few years and reappear rebranded as a "mixraced" singer is a bit... Odd.
  2. Can't trust the internet anymore.

    I mean I saw the Gayle saga unfold so I already knew that. But anyway who remembers this chick? DJ, fame hungry, always trying to be around the music scene but seemed like a bit of an industry plant. http://metro.co.uk/2013/04/11/meet-sarah-young-the-young-dj-whos-turning-heads-3591160/ Click the above, read the article... take in that photo... ...this is her now. https://www.instagram.com/officialsundai/
  3. Skepta

    Don't even want to hear the rest of that tbh.
  4. Dot Rotten vs P Money

    Dot's trying to die out here. Steakbake is the winner dub so far
  5. The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    April fools coming up init
  6. Private Members Clubs

    These seem to be cropping up all over the place, anyone on here a member of any? I was given a complimentary membership to Tape/Little Tape but just never got round to visiting it. I end up at SH a lot but have never had my own membership, is it worth it?
  7. Bucket List: 2016 & 2017

    I dont really do bucketlists but did some madness in 2016 which I'll remember for life. - This December alone I threw parties and played in both Dubai and Tokyo. Got a show DJing on national radio Booked some legends for raves this year, and actually had the opportunity to chat to most of them on a level/network and build relationships Got a raise and basically tailor my job to my interests, plenty more things happened as well. Just praying for more of the same in 2017, but defo need to lose weight, manage my finances and health incl mental wellbeing a lot better.
  8. Skepta

    Yeah it's sick, Julie actually wrote that Skepta documentary but tbh someone would have done it anyway though shes prob the only one who could have told those stories properly.
  9. GRIME

  10. Westworld

  11. Modern Warfare Remastered

    Do you need IW in the discdrive to play MW?
  12. Destructive way out of Friendzone

    He's sealed his fate tbh but I cant help but think generally rape cases shouldn't be reported on until man is fully convicted...
  13. Luke Cage

    Diamondback>>>>>>> FFS. Guy has supreme quotables. Come like the black Joker. "You can't bargain with me... You buy or you die."
  14. FIFA 17 (Official Thread)

    Bare paragraphs on clubs
  15. Modern Warfare Remastered

    DPMO. Was literally gonna buy it, download the old ting and return the space ting.