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  1. pmsl @ bruce but free a don sameway its bang out of order n dave sent for me first bringing up my tag (i rarely even mention it) in every thread n going on like he aint some failed abortion of a human with his disfigured face and just plain wierd lol begging antics on here guys a joke reinstate radios account to normal been 4 days im absolutely cluckin for vip2, safe lads edit: sorry for using ur account tulse mate but i have no other way to post n using a proxy dont work on here no more cheers mate
  2. Chicharito


    You you ip banning me for then when i still manage to post you disable my forum access you mug, shoulda just ghosted me you prick about your catching hard feelings for some banter you couldn't handle admin sort it out, radio
  3. Anelka?Henry?Cesc?Schezney?Miguel?Wilshere?Henderson?
  4. Hernandez £6mDarren Bent £24mAndrew Carrol £38mAnd they say top clubs always pay good money for good players...Little clubs moan they haven't got the cash..
  5. FIRST TEAM---------------------------------------SCHEZNEY-------------------------------------------------SAGNA-----------------CAHILL-------------HOWEDES------------------VERMALEN--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VUJOKEVIC--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RAMSEY-------------WILSHERE--------------------------------------------------------
  6. Was peak, he looked like a star in the reserves.You get this Liverpool fans gassing about their yutes, from memory Barazite and Lupoli have been spitting images of Suso and that black lad they raving about.They've not seen much talent go through there so they won't understand that they'll never make it.Look how many wonderkids we've let go who've shon bright.These pool fans are gassed to the high heavens.
  7. JET - Hasn't the engine to play 45 minutes up to 3 times a week, would be a good last 5 minute sub.BARTLEY - Sounds very arrogant, can't play in a high line and would probably be used as a DMCLANSBURY - Would be a very good squad player, can't see him settling for that after being a key player for Norwich, realistic chances of England call up if he does 35+ games a seasonTHEO - 4 years and has let us down against teams he cant run in behind, crossing has improved but no1 in the box.GIBBS - Injury prone, yet to show he has progressive tactically, still inept.RAMSEY - Lad is sheer class, snmFRIM
  8. Train weren't even goign that fast.Seen better near death accidents.
  9. A complete overhaul of the defence.OutAlmuniaFabianskiLehmannDjourouScuillachiKoscielnyClichyEboueGibbsINKyle BartleyStefan de VrijGary Cahill**Tomas Vermaelen shifted to left back.
  10. Bro, you can cop RL for cheap these days at their outlet stores. I see ghetto youths cuing up spending £50 getting nice tops, going out the next day/night trying floss their balling. If you cant see RL sold out then you're stupid. My dad use to spend £200+ on a RL polo or knitted top back in the 80's now there availble for £35.99 etc. You lose bro, im sorry.
  11. Shutup you roasted cornetto. Do 1.
  12. Would love to see the masters thoughts on all of this.Maybe you could get Arsene or Dein to post some feedback on here?Fingers crossed palWe're all hoping.
  13. You hard of seeing bruv, I told you to f*ck off init. Peanut c*nt
  14. This road you dont want to go down. Best you forget you posted in here and browse the forum.
  15. Couldnt see many girls digging a guy wearing them.
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