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  1. It's not always about giving the most effective advice though, sometimes you have to give the advice someone is most likely to stick to small progress is better than no progress and the majority of people are just lazy that's where consultations help to allow you to structure your plan of attack.. If you've got someone who's at the top end of their profession, always strive to get the best out of themselves and are already in somewhat good shape the advice you give them will differ to someone you can tell has no ambition, no drive and likely to give up after 2 hard sessions.. the youtubers don't know who their viewers are so it's easier just to target the latter of the 2 people, giving basic advice which works + prolongs the process giving them the time to make more videos and get more views/customers when you look deep into it every profitable business takes short cuts and deceives the general consumer, why would the fitness industry be any different
  2. Perfect start for me.. Can't lose at this point for this game, can't sit back and enjoy .. Not sure which way I want it to go though lol
  3. Perfect start for me.. Can't lose at this point for this game, can't sit back and enjoy .. Not sure which way I want it to go though lol
  4. Didn't like anything enough to go crazy so put on a few spread bets for entertainment purposes involving the 2 games.. Leicester & man city win £40-- £343 / both games draw £20-- £180 / 2.5 game over + United win 2.5 game over + city win £20-- £265
  5. Deleted my online accounts, they're convenient but money management wise they're not for me.. When I collect my winnings in-store and I'm not feeling anything else I'll take the p n leave.. When I collect winnings online I'll have to put another couple bets and I noticed the majority of my losing bets were bets placed after a decent win rather deal with the actual paper
  6. Was gunna go bookies on way to gym, didn't realise the Liverpool game started soo early Missed it dont really want to touch the United/Leicester game so might just go big on city
  7. Had a Watford, Everton & real treble yesterday.. Them 2 90 minute goals blessed me £120 returned £552 today I'm thinking Liverpool/city double at 5/1
  8. First 4 races all favourites look rightly placed IMO
  9. 109$ progressive bounty knock out tourney... Got knocked out in such a fucked way but made some nice profit anyway PokerStars Tournament #1519687799, No Limit Hold'emBuy-In: $50.00/$50.00/$9.00 USD2815 playersTotal Prize Pool: $281500.00 USD Tournament started 2016/04/03 19:15:00 WET [2016/04/03 14:15:00 ET]You finished the tournament in 125th place. A USD 209.91 award has been credited to your Real Money account.You have also received USD 410.15 in Knockout Bounties for this tournament. You won bounties for the following players: PKaiser, All Week NOR, pkuxj2000, 99AykA99, TUTI88, d2mnc, TheMuIIetmanCongratulations!Thank you for participating.
  10. Maddest thing is I was going to add M'gladbac to make it a treble @ evens... I would of ATE
  11. United and Leicester double £200 returned £860 great weekend
  12. Saw the Chelsea and city odds and had to get involved.. Didnt know Chelsea was early kick off so I missed it.. Went with an Arsenal, man city and PSG treble £200 returned £864.70
  13. Anyone that's half decent at poker needs to get on poker stars tonight for the big Sunday millions 10 million dollar prize pool with a guarenteed 1 million for 1st place.. 215$ buy in but there are satellite tournaments running all day.. I got in from a 1.35$ re-buy tournament and spent about 11$ in total
  14. His bookie paid 4th place! ?? Fam I swear William hill is the fucking most dead bookie.. 1/5 3 places on a 24 runner field
  15. Yeh I heard that, mad ting Imagine your heart
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