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  1. World Cup Draw

    I thought it was quite a good draw.... Portugal, Spain, Morroco in the same group!!! come on!!! Brazil, Mexico, Sweeden Argentina against Crotia.. Columbians against the Japanesse im looking forward to it anyway..
  2. World Cup Draw

    Today at 3 on sky sports and bbc 2.. once the draw draw has been made, is there anyway to know who can play who in the knockouts? Does that get planned out in the draw as well?
  3. Official Betting Thread

    Ive put a treble on for the coming season... Bournemouth to be Relegated @ 6/1 - I think they've had there time, and just have an inkling this could be the seaon they go down... Sheffield United to be promoted @ 8/1 - We haven't had a team secure back to back promotions since Southampton in 2012, but they outclassed their league one rivals this season and it would be no surprise to see them at least grab a play off spot.. Inter to win Serie A @ 12/1 - Juve have obviously dominated Italian football for the past 6 years or so, but there was a lot to like about the way Inter played at times this season despite there overall position, if they can continue to make progress i can see them thereabouts at the end of next season... Treble at 818/1 Hopefully keep me entertained for a good chunk of the season..
  4. Official Betting Thread

    Yeah good idea.. Im thinking Wolves to be promoted, Inter to win Serie A, Bournemouth to be relegated... then ill add another....thats not 100% what im gunna do yet... but thats my first thoughts..
  5. The Video Thread part 2

    Deep!! dogs don't run up to you that casually if they plan on attacking. a different breed and that wouldnt have happened.
  6. Official Betting Thread

    Anyone having an antepost bet on next season? Prem winners championship winner etc? im thinking of doing an accumalator, hopefully keep me entertained for the whole season long as it doesnt flop early..
  7. Hot Summer: 2017 Transfer window edition

    He's not indefinitely been released... he could still end up playing for united this season
  8. running distance/times

    ha your nephew is faster than Mo Farah then.
  9. running distance/times

    I do 5k between 18-21 mins... depending on how i feel on the day..
  10. Official Betting Thread

    I do a "lottery" type bet now every championship/league one fixture... every set of games - to win and both teams to score every week I'll use ... Barnsley, Bristol city, Bolton, Charlton... Will hopefully come in at some point this season!!!

    what are you planning to do in Vegas?
  12. Croatia kits are always on point ?
  13. Euro 2016 Betting Thread

    Mandzukic @ 33/1 looks worth a punt... Croatia will have all but qualified by the time they have played Spain.... And you don't need many goals to be top scorer in he euros.. If he puts a few past turkey he'll be well on his way..
  14. Official Betting Thread

    Bosnia @ 11/2 look a decent price to beat a weakened Spanish side...
  15. Managerial Merry Go Round

    Nigel Pearson confirmed as Derby manager. http://mobile.dcfc.co.uk/news/article/derby-county-appoint-nigel-pearson-as-manager-3128398.aspx