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  1. its def true from afar i could see a girl with nice thighs and think 'oy lads we are in for a treat here...' silently biding my time for her to pass so i can see the bum... theres no bum, but she has nice thighs - can easily get twanged
  2. imagine whatsapping her when you got home saying 'hey i waited for a whole hour for you, why didnt you show up?' yet she still continues to pie you and you see the 2 blue ticks. would be best to just leave it
  3. who watched ebola documentary yesterday? jeez was quite the documentary
  4. even the ads o ntv it clearly says at the bottom '£0.90 of the 1.50 will go to comic relief' or something like that. should be 90-95%
  5. White people are the predominant force causing every single issue on this planet, yet they want to make charities and alike to 'raise awareness' to raise more funds for their own pockets; not caring about any other race. White supremacy at its finest.
  6. ebola happens, there are all these charities. Whose seen the ebola charity ads on the escalators on the underground, with the uncles face pleading? so annoying
  7. best film ive watched in a long long long while. wow amazing stuff
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