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  1. All my bocats in the place with style and grace...

    i do it near enough all di time - that fresh narn upon opening the thick ass thighs to see a nice hair free/tight inny cant go wrong
  2. United States of Brutality

  3. The Differences That Clash With Your Experiences In Life

    those pics i uploaded, you dont need a kettle brav - the BOILING tap is automatically boiled/filtered/funneled to perfection..... no need for a kettle
  4. Becky Adenuga

    yhfam has a point not gonna lie / it is true about 'some white girls' not knowing/realising certain 'struggles' black guys go through....... on the flipside, would you guys say 'ENDS WHITE GIRLS' would understand better the struggles black guys go through....? when certain question(s) was posed 'how did your parents come here' i thought i was being trolled 'did i grow up poor? / 'did i have money when i was younger?' 'like, did i get free school meals when i was in school' then you kinda do a weebey gif and think to yourself 'is this serious right now?' but then on the flipside those can be logical/generic questions that anyone can be asking you know..... but because one may be black you will be thinking they are attacking you because of said 'struggles' /
  5. Braces

    thats exactly what my girl will be getting
  6. Work & Life

    have interview tomorrow 6 month contract role 400 day rate aBEG
  7. Becky Adenuga

    look,.... we all have eyes...... we all can see she is ugly....... it is ANNOYING when black men go for UGLY WHITE GIRLS especially when the black man is reasonable looking..... it just doesnt make sense yes yes yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... but when you can CLEARLY SEE A TING IS BUTTAZ. you are definitely scratching your head like.... 'dafuq did he wife her off for'.....
  8. Braces

    people get braces with they are in primary school/secondary school as thats when your teeth are buttaz / plus it shapes your future to get them when you are 9-18 years old getting it when you are a fully grown adult 25+ beggers the thought 'why did this person not sort out their teeth when they were a little kid....? why did they wait 15-20+ years to sort it out'7 right now you should be living your best life, and people over 25+ years old should effectively have near enough straight teeth - there is no reason at all, being an adult that you shouldnt be rolling around with straight teeth
  9. oh yeah i see what you did therre
  10. Age limit on dealings with women

    i dont think i could wifey a girl older than me
  11. Best chat up lines

    chat up lines?

    what a bloody coincidence how i was speaking about this at work yesterday fuck me