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  1. WonderYears

    Rip Stormin

    Channel U Classic
  2. WonderYears

    Channel U rappers, where are they now?

    Lool Gatsby son is a gang member now.. first guy rapping
  3. WonderYears

    Notting Hill Carnival / Bank Holiday Weekend

    There was no acid attack at carnival Stop believing rumours and hearsay. I hardly even saw any madness at Carnival all good vibes. You attracts whatever energy you give out. First one since 07 that year i decided to stop going when peckham guys came and just badded everyone up.
  4. WonderYears

    Dot Rotten vs P Money

  5. WonderYears

    Dot Rotten vs P Money

    Been knocking guys out since sega zone days the only person who has Dot back is that fat turk Slaughter
  6. WonderYears

    2017 Hot Summer

    The fact that this thread got to 25 pages shows that most people on here have an unhealthy obsession with gang culture/crime in London. Just finished watching the news they were talking about the success of Britain's first black drama school. How come their no thread on black success yet?
  7. WonderYears

    2017 Hot Summer

    Throughout world history white people have always been the most dangerous and violent. Dublin and Glasgow have higher gun and knife crime rates but you weren't hear about it because they are white. Do some proper research lmfao
  8. WonderYears

    Amir Khan gets engaged..gives GF 100k ring

    Lool Paki Twitter crying about her getting with a black guy.
  9. WonderYears

    Dot Rotten vs P Money

    Dot Rotten a beg he was acting like he knew NE before P Money. I remember these faces YBM days
  10. WonderYears

    Dot Rotten vs P Money

    unbelievable Lool when Ruger catches Dot Rotten it will be more than a beating this time.
  11. WonderYears

    MoStack fighting in Ibiza

    Lool has anyone else see this? The white guy was trying to stab him stack using a brush