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  1. Win win for conor tbh no matter which way it goes Biggest paycheck Then hes gonna go back to UFC with more leverage and demand a bigger paycheck and contract terms that benefit him more. All about the $$$$ Don't think many genuinely believe hes gonna go in there and win Hopefully they both at least make it and interesting fight.
  2. Glorified adidas commercial Makes sense description says " collaboration brought together by adidas"
  3. Fredo >
  4. So glad I can't relate
  5. I'm guessing it was commissioned bIt after it was done nobody went to check and sign off the completed work? The refurb was acknowledged as completed
  6. What a shit storm
  7. It works sometimes Was doing maths in my head the other day lool
  9. LOOOL Vlad just reeling off the lyrics
  10. >>>>>