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  1. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11675/11128574/tottenhams-dele-alli-could-link-up-with-jorge-mendes-agency-gestifute 🤔
  2. Rating Chicks

    Premature Bump...I will be back
  3. 2017/18 Cold Winter

  4. Football Manager 2018

    Downloaded last night... Started off Unemployed as usual. Solihull Moors for me. Will get into this tonight.
  5. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    lol for real...this has happened to too many people in recent memory.
  6. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Well deserved... Still think he did Logan dirty but I'm happy with that appointment for sure.
  7. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

  8. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    I dunno about sloth....But we are really going to act like Logan and Westwood didn't pay their dues just cause your on this black empowerment shit?...
  9. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Have definitely heard Yungun say he was a lighty in a bar
  10. Bro for years I been avoiding starting as Arsenal cause I thought it was too easy of a job. This year they could definitely be in contention
  11. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Pisses me off how people just want to find anything to complain about nowadays smh Where were these people when Ramzee was screaming out "Who's that lighty!" Can't even call a woman a female no more.
  12. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Twin B is a top snitch inna dis... Don't respek that move at all...
  13. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Have heard black guys say similar tbf...not that that makes it right...

    Why is this thread still open? Its over he's here for 2 years and done...