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  1. I've literally listened to all of these but I will watch this just for the animation
  2. Pusha T

    "It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin" Push wants that smoke...
  3. Unai Emery

    Can tell he will get the hang of English pretty well TBH. Better understanding of it then people were first making it out to be.
  4. FA Cup Final Weekend 2018

  5. Managerial Merry Go Round

    Lambert and Carvalhal both gone today.
  6. Next Arsenal Manager

    Serious question? I got that he looked clueless of how to get out instructions when Pep wasn't at his side. Granted he may have been caught off guard, but nothing inspired confidence watching him be a spectator the entire second half. But still judgement reserved for when he is a number one.
  7. Next Arsenal Manager

    Looking increasingly likely that Mikel is going to be manager. I'm going to reserve judgement for now, but the thing that sticks in my head is how he never got up or said a word once Pep was sent to the stands in that Liverpool CL game.
  8. Preliminary World Cup 2018 Squads

    Kane or Hendo most probably...
  9. Week 38 - 17/18 Premier League

    Game Done.
  10. The Music Video Thread

    Song has been out a hot minute but just broke into the top 20 in the US.
  11. Patrice Evra

  12. Preliminary World Cup 2018 Squads

    Hmm didn't think it would be necessary to bring both Young and Delph if Rose is in the squad. But I suppose Gareth likes the flexibility of those players. Welbeck always turns up in a white shirt so I can see why he was included. Glad he stopped all this Livermore nonsense
  13. Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11670/11373960/arsenal-hold-talks-with-jean-michael-seris-agents-ahead-of-potential-deal I have no info insight on this one. Can anyone help me out?