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  1. Not even trying to hide the fact he's on payroll. Number one race agent they roll out after every race issue, not even exclusive to football either.
  2. Seen bare man online say "Well Mendy doesn't has a problem with it so why should anyone else" Mendy is a coon to allow man to run the racist banter on man, friend or not.
  3. TTK

    Arsenal 2018/19

    Garn...Great price for once though
  4. TTK

    African Child

    The guy has his funny moments ngl, but then I feel bad for laughing cause he's clearly not there mentally. Unfortunately people are going to keep egging him on till he has to check in or gets wigged by someone.
  5. Sounds like the type of rap tune AJ Tracey would make.
  6. Feel for Raheem tbh... Right call but VAR is fucked when it come to moments like that Glad that's not my team tonight
  7. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11669/11608652/sadio-mane-insists-liverpool-will-not-choke-in-premier-league-title-race Mane trying to create his own Slippy G moment.
  8. Hit her with that Whyte Left
  9. Nah it's cool bro give it a year or 2 and you can slide that back into rotation. People are slaves of the moment. Don't give a fuck man cannot tell me to turn off step in the name of love.
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