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  1. "Beat that Nigga ass"
  2. These acid attacks becoming way too frequent for my liking...
  3. Proportions all mad...
  4. Joseph going to get him self smacked again. Both them dudes will get touched at some point.
  5. Every time I have been there I have heard Bashment and Trap. Must be new management. Ahh well, guess it's fuck them too now. Added to the list.
  6. Pretty Much... Once she milks the culture she will bounce like Miley did We never learn...
  7. This is what's killing me tbh, actually loving being at work for once because of the aircon.
  8. R.I.P Just like that out of nowhere
  9. Depends on how much is held back, if I pull out and feel it coming I usually just free the whole ting.
  10. The deadest nut ever...pain