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  1. TTK

    uk-rap Fredo

  2. TTK

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Sounds like the type of rap tune AJ Tracey would make.
  3. Feel for Raheem tbh... Right call but VAR is fucked when it come to moments like that Glad that's not my team tonight
  4. Game of the season 20 mins in
  5. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11669/11608652/sadio-mane-insists-liverpool-will-not-choke-in-premier-league-title-race Mane trying to create his own Slippy G moment.
  6. TTK

    The Video Thread part 2

    Hit her with that Whyte Left
  7. TTK

    R.Kelly - "Still Ain't Nothing But A number "

    Nah it's cool bro give it a year or 2 and you can slide that back into rotation. People are slaves of the moment. Don't give a fuck man cannot tell me to turn off step in the name of love.
  8. We need that Jose Pogba back ?
  9. TTK

    Official Twitter Thread

    Haven't read the comments but the pun writes itself.
  10. TTK

    January Sales 2019

    100% Blame is at Wenger's door for the player he became. Too much freedom given to the players. Funniest thing is the season he was banging in the goals was the one season he actually played like a true CM. Was defending, tackling, got forward at the right times and actually formed a true midfield partnership with Arteta. After that season he decided he wanted to be goal scoring 10 and was never the same again.
  11. TTK

    January Sales 2019

    More pissed that we didn't get a fee for him than him going tbh. Silver lining is that if we did sell him he would probably still be playing in the PL, so I guess I can live with him going abroad instead.
  12. TTK

    The Video Thread part 2

    Pressplay getting their birdman handrub on ?