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  1. Official Smoking/Weed Thread

    Need to try this
  2. Drink Driving

    High driving>>>> concentration on 100
  3. Instagram

    spot on but still the delivery <<<<<>>>>
  4. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    Lol wtf happened to this topic
  5. The Music Video Thread

    Dunno why these guys bother coming into the game without offering something different
  6. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

  7. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    And what will happen if he does? 不不不
  8. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    But you was sleeping next to a toilet
  9. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    The most funniest thing is that nothing I have said on here been lies including the good stuff i could literally use this forum search on myself and reminisce on hardships compared to how life is now I renivented my bloodclart life
  10. The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    不不不不不不不 this guy
  11. Rating Chicks

  12. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    What happened to your music career? pretty sure if you stuck at it and began to do well you wouldnt have time to be linking randoms from the internet
  13. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    Lol what is it with this victim social media ting? if I get shanked in my face you think the first thing imma do is put a smartfone in my face and tell the whole world?? ffs