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  1. Am comfy in my silders
  2. hat samar
  3. Pmsl relax bruh like someone else said earlier it's just down to personal experiences #it's not that deep #di barntor
  4. is migos real?
  5. You haven't answered any of the main point son and I doubt anyone even can. he was an example I don't know him personally or give a shit what he does as a fan I was disappointed he stopped rapping.
  6. things like this annoy me this brudda had genuine talent that could have changed his life for the better how/why can music be haram? if music is haram then why aren't films haram too? Slaves used music as a tool to get them through slavery but yet Islam claims music is bad? / some of you black idiots converting to Islam need to wake up
  7. Darbs
  8. Dobs
  9. Like dubz?
  10. what country is that cash me outside ting oringally from?
  11. zanga
  12. Crusing down the M1 with this on >>>>