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  1. Aza T

    iPhone - Jailbreak

    People are speculating the new iPhone will be released this summer / september. Using a 3GS at the moment, I can upgrade to iPhone 4 now but I'm going to wait. Jailbreaking > ___________.
  2. Aza T

    Iphone 4

    My cousin is a long serving customer with T Mobile n he said they gave him a good deal on the iphone. I think everywhere else though its hard to get a good deal on.
  3. Aza T

    Are U Gonna Bang Doe?

    The Official Are U Gonna Bang Doe T Shirts, As worn by Funky Dee himself are now available to order, Exclusively At Uptown Records!Images and Prices On The Link:http://bit.ly/D0o4Q
  4. Aza T


    Spotify is heavy, Use it for all the big names instead of Youtube
  5. Aza T

    Eskimo Dance The Return

    His Management rang me cause they saw it on Grime Forum lolDunno why his name is on the flyer... Probably so then Wiley can say after Goodz don't turn up "Ahh look he was shook" lol
  6. Aza T

    Eskimo Dance The Return

    Goodz ain't been booked for this event...
  7. Aza T

    This New Layout

    This Shadow one is sick
  8. Aza T

    ViP2 Radio LIVE Discussion

    first time locking
  9. Aza T

    Personal Statement

    I swear there is a Late Applicants thing that you can enter into after like March or something.I don't know much about it but my boy was telling me.Ring UCAS and ask about that if you don't want to do it now
  10. http://www.zshare.net/audio/508069976afa8f0e/
  11. Is what you should SeeI have heard about problems viewing the orange player on a Mac in Safari... but never on a PC.Anyway, I will zshare the audio for you Joel C
  12. Aza T

    grime Uptown Records New Location

    Only just seen this topic Mad VybezDid you place your order?Did you receive it?Holla at me, email me if you can Cause I check it more regularly: aza@iGrime.com
  13. D.O.K's instrumental CD entitled Document (Chapter 1) is out now exclusively @ Uptown RecordsPrice: 5.99Link to the product: http://www.uptownrecords.com/store/product...roducts_id=3505Tracklisting + Artwork is on the website.I got my copy in my hands...Audio clips are now available on the website of a few tracks from the CDTracklist of Sampler:Big BangCrossoverAkumaRoad RageBroadband
  14. Aza T

    ukfunky Where to buy funky house?