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  1. Official Twitter Thread

    http://metro.co.uk/2018/04/20/bbc-star-maya-jama-fire-offensive-tweets-dark-skin-bs-resurface-7483004/ But she’s with a dark skinned black man?
  2. Arsene Wenger Stepping Down!!

    Wow. Had no idea. Props to him for parlaying into that.
  3. Arsene Wenger Stepping Down!!

    Robbie Lyle on suicide watch.
  4. Arsene Wenger Stepping Down!!

  5. Black women thread

    Rah, it all makes sense now. Smh.
  6. Cause and Solutions to Rise in Recent Violent Crime

    Rah, this whole time I thought you did it for breast cancer awareness, to combat your negative PR against women.
  7. Windrush Generation were invited as settlers and as British subjects. Minors also had the right to stay.We call on the government to stop all deportations, change the burden of proof and establish an amnesty for anyone who was a minor.The government should also provide compensation for loss & hurt. With successive changes in immigration policy and legislation over the last 70 years along with the independence of countries which now form part of the Commonwealth this has created uncertainty and lack of clarity and justice for tens of thousands of individuals who have worked hard, paid their taxes and raised children and grandchildren and who see Britain as their home. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/216539 Don’t forget to share too. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/mar/30/antiguan-who-has-lived-59-years-in-britain-told-he-is-in-uk-illegally
  8. Becky Adenuga

    condolence [kuh n-doh-luh ns] noun Often condolences.expression of sympathy with a person who is suffering sorrow, misfortune, or grief. You know what, I take that back. My post was out of line. I shouldn’t refer to your grandson in that manner. But please don’t come with that kumbaya nonsense. You’re obviously going to be biased regarding this topic. That’s why I refuse to have these discussions with black people who have white offspring/relatives.
  9. Becky Adenuga

    Respect. I may come off as blunt and I can admit I’m not always right, but my heart is always in the right place.
  10. Becky Adenuga

    Ok, that makes sense. We don’t need to continue this convo further. My condolences.
  11. Becky Adenuga

    Do you mind me asking if you have any children/ grand children? If so, what’s their racial make up? I’ve realised only a certain kind of black people put their fingers in their ears and shout “la la la” when these issues are raised,
  12. Becky Adenuga

    See how many negs I’ve received but not one rebuttal? Proves my point exactly. Please show me anywhere in my post above where I was wrong? Proper passive aggressive shit to neg and not even post why you disagree. It’s obvious that post struck a nerve with the bounty brigade. I’ll just ask you this, would you be happy if in a few generations, your offspring looks nothing like you and your legacy is completely white washed? Example: Imagine in two generations your grandchildren look nothing you. If that doesn’t disturb you, you’re just in denial/ the sunken place. I guess it upsets people when a black man is concerned with maintaining his legacy and passing down his assets into a black family. A lot of you are so pitiful, but vip2 is just a microcosm of black people in the UK.
  13. Becky Adenuga

    Why tag me?
  14. Becky Adenuga

    Let’s stop pretending with this Kumbaya shit. Why do people not want to be honest with our situation as black people? All this love has no colour is such bullshit to justify coonery. Collectively, we’re mentally destroyed as a people. From white Jesus to Becky, we’ve been indoctrinated to see our skin colour as inferior and anything fairer as an upgrade. This guy and his adoptive mother he’s married is a symptom of a bigger diesease. It pains me to see how many black men are weak and I’m ashamed. So many black men degrade our sisters, kill each other, have no self respect and then think they’ve arrived when they get with a pink toe. No wonder we’re so weak and everyone exploits us. There’s only a few of us who seem to understand the importance of our legacy being passed on. But we’re called militant and racist because we recognise we’re systematically attacked everyday. How could you not want your children to look like you? Every other race/ethnicity understands that except us. I know this post will ruffle a few feathers but the truth hurts. You white girl chasers are only reflecting your own weakness and self hate. That’s why you bow your head with shame when we see you and feel sorry for you. Let’s see what love conquers when Officer Bob has you suffocating to death in custody or when you’re getting chased down the street by racists. Pathetic.
  15. Becky Adenuga

    Fam, I didn’t know the self hate was so strong on here. I knew there were a few bounties that posted on here, but damn, guys are actually ripping out their capes from the closet to defend this coon and his troll. The same ones saying “love has no colour” and “live and let live” will be quick to cry “racism.” I just don’t understand how anyone black can be so mentally weak. The bitch is busted so of course people will clown. If she was black and busted, the responses would be completely different.