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  1. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    The right winged press have now found their new face of knife crime. Smh.
  2. Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    Great players aren’t always great pundits, I.e. Henry is terrible as a pundit.
  3. Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    Imagine. Next they’ll be allowed to vote and drive without a man being present.
  4. Official Twitter Thread

    This generation man.
  5. Lord Sugar's racist tweet

    And here’s the crux of it. Do I think it’s offensive? Personally, no, but he can’t be a hypocrite complaining about comments/pictures that can be interpreted as anti Semitic, and then make posts like the ones above. Dish out but can’t take it in.
  6. Xxxtentacion dead?

    It’s mad disrespectful to film someone just after they died. That person has family, it’s conpletely undignified to broadcast it to the world. I never heard of the fella but dying at 20 is sad. RIP.
  7. Group Stage Round 1 + Opening Ceremony

    I’m dying. No fucks given. I hope he doesn’t apologise. You know the headlines will be lit tomorrow.
  8. The Video Thread part 2

    I’ll be supporting. I just clocked we haven’t had a proper show like this since Blouse N’ Skirt and that was nearly 20 years ago. Rah, shit has really gone backwards.
  9. Instagram

    Damn, that N64 Catridge line up.
  10. Becky Adenuga

    Honestly, I couldn’t be friends with a donny who has a white spouse. 95%, of the time they’re in the bounty brigade. The same guy that’ll tell you that love has no colour but will be the first one to scream racism when the boi dem beats them black and blue. Proper sunken place clown.
  11. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Can’t argue with anything you said there.
  12. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    You can’t reason with any man who questions why the woman put herself in a position to be sexually assaulted. Smh.
  13. Racism In Football

    You completely (or intentionally) missed the point when I even said he’s not the benchmark of black managers that should be given “opportunities.” But I guess in your world, Sol Campbell = All black managers.
  14. Racism In Football

    He was caretaker of the club when they were already going down. Poor poor argument to compare that to Lampard and Gerrard’s situation. The fact he had to perform miracle like results to even be considered on a permanent basis proves my point. Failures like Pardew, Pullis will continue to get offered jobs regardless of their records. Come and talk to me when a black manager doesn’t come from a care taker position, and is offered a job to manage a PL club from the start of the season and not when they’re in a relegation battle. And you accuse me of strawmen arguments.
  15. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    VIP 2: Vested In Predators. Smh.