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  1. I have once. But luckily it wasnt an audiable or smelly one.The chances are if someone were to rim me i probably wouldnt fart but these bodily functions have a nasty habit of occouring at the wrong times.
  2. Generally I fart when relaxed or excited, and being that sexual activities tend to relax and/or excite me I just assume I would end up fartin in dudes mouth.
  3. Someone asked if they could lick my bumhole, I had to politefully decline.... Had this mental image of me farting or worse.
  4. Happy Birthday! Hope all is good.

  5. LocalLoop

    The Worlds Most Enhanced Woman & Me

    They look painful. I wonder if it hurts when they are that big...Typin out loud tbh.
  6. LocalLoop

    Help please.

    Have your wisdom teeth come throught yet? Seeing as your jaw is achin too it might be that. Same thing happened to me when mine started comin through, 1 week of antibiotics sorted it out.
  7. LocalLoop

    FAO Women

  8. LocalLoop

    Do black boys need special role models?

    well half the problem wouldnt exist if women like you didnt exist. so ur kinda right.nuffin pisses me off more than black women who come like theyre so pure cos they either try to pretend everything is rosy and dandy cos they can use their tits and clit for any man or B they are too stuck up to even get a man so the black man especially is enemy number 1, or C they are with a white man.my own aunty is like this and i hate her for it so yeh i see u too.Gosh. Well I would hate for you to view me in the same way you do your aunt. I shall become a single mother and only date black men as to replenish the city with pure bread west indians.
  9. LocalLoop

    Online xmas shoppin>>>>> the other type of shopping

    Seriously? Not even to the corner shop? Flippin hell I thought I was a recluse
  10. LocalLoop

    Do black boys need special role models?

    Cos the whole issue would resolve itself if I never gone with a bluefoot.I knew I was responsible for all this.
  11. LocalLoop

    Do black boys need special role models?

    I just answered your question. I didnt notice you were being rhetorical. Anyhoo- there is no right or wrong its just a discussion
  12. LocalLoop

    Online xmas shoppin>>>>> the other type of shopping

    2520 and 3 pics a year and we have ourselves a deal Dinky.
  13. LocalLoop

    Do black boys need special role models?

    From doin youth work, talkin to younger family members and their friends etc. Livin on council estates. Just talkin to those involved in stuff and tryin to understand how they got there, what they think could be done to change the situation or what caused the situation etc. Nothin majorLol, I had to Google those words Rueben. I see what you mean but it was just my opinion, maybe not with the best choice of words to suit all but still.
  14. LocalLoop

    Do black boys need special role models?

    What you've been through first hand is quite likely to be different to what someone else has experienced first hand.What ive witnessed and been told (i dunno if i can refer to it as this but i will anyway) second hand would be quite likely to be experienced differntley by someone else second hand.I would probably read both tbh, to see it from both viewpoints
  15. LocalLoop

    Do black boys need special role models?

    But KoKaine surely your experiences cant be exactly the same as everyone else?Sameway as my views (from witnessing/ being told etc) cant be the same. Maybe thats where the wires got crossed.(Does that make sense? I know what I mean but when I read it i dunno if it comes across properly)