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  1. Reuben

    Dayo going all out on his black queens

    yeah when my cous first showed me him way before the fame I knew he was a wrongun his progress in to a hotep hustler was a natural progression for him
  2. Reuben

    Dayo going all out on his black queens

    chaka from leeds where im from my people know him well he's a crook scumbag through and through
  3. Reuben

    School introduces Anti Spill Policy

    went to a 95% white school in leeds so none of this was an issue, but a large street gang used to strip youts for fun on the way home so I understand
  4. Reuben

    UK/London Street Style of Yesteryear

    Yeah been following that insta but didn't even know they had an exhibition, I Missed return of the rudeboy coupla years now as well www.instagram.com/returnoftherudeboy/
  5. Reuben

    Good Fish & Chips

    Fish and chips in Yorkshire >>>>> Lol at southern fish and chips
  6. Reuben

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Was just gonna post that, ffs are models doing drills now Over a girl smh
  7. Reuben

    Becky Adenuga

    son's hair is terrible
  8. Reuben

    #MeToo Movement

    as a non londoner whats the story about rita ora ? was she using her tun-tun as a ' go free pass ' ?
  9. Reuben

    #MeToo Movement

    lyor Cohen ?
  10. Reuben

    #MeToo Movement

    you know they force athletes to give up that bussy as well
  11. Reuben

    Official Smoking/Weed Thread

    pax or davinci for a portable
  12. Reuben

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    if true his head's no good from the bereavements
  13. Reuben

    North Korea

    you really think they didnt plan for a kill switch, not saying youre wrong but chinese elites arent known for being stupid
  14. Reuben

    Cristiano Ronaldo