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  1. Meanwhile in bath....

    This should serve a reminder for folks of hue to stop seeking acceptance from your natural oppressor and even the stop checks in this system that don't punish accordingly. That decision ruling should a sounding alarm on what time it is. Did they really expect fairness?
  2. Tommy Robinson Troll watch

    This is because the powers that be that rule society via the white supremacy complex. Overstand they are the global ethnic minority, their rhetoric has everyone fooled minority means anyone brown/black in colour to be of lesser value and must be held to western standard. When reality people of colour clearly hold genetic superiority and outnumber on this planet in crazy numbers. This is refinforced by the creation of english/european languages at their root core. Like the actual etymology of say white = pure/clean/righteous & black = dirty/dangerous etc. The more subsets of dimwits falling for this grants them power behind a wall of ignorance. Then you try to enter dialouge with a dimwit about them being played via white supremacy/privilege and how that works. Auto blinders roll down and feed back into the aforementioned complex. (this is not exclusive to dimwits too, high educated toffs believe in it too along with articulate race baiter plants like Tommy) Refoinforced by the European languages itself/Reglion/nationalism/and any other european created ism within the last few century's. The history books and education system is all geared towards maintaining that veil of supreme/conquer mentality. Thats why they are always at war, to ensure they not overun by nature. So yes constant fear with their women, as the woman is the giver of life, if she carrying for a person of colour she is spoilt goods and trash. Why you think god/creator is depicted as a man in their holy books? all them scriptures judaism/christanity/islam depict women as property and can be beat/killed if they dont conform. Shits real for them.
  3. Tommy Robinson Troll watch

    The level of detail in the cartoon expression. Is clearly marking a fetish/perversion to see this happen and also stoke emotional of feeling of save our daughters aka fight a war with everyone else, but the actual system itself. Divider & Conquer 101 It happens daily in the porn industry Big Black male stud hammering out a small white woman. To subconciously drive that core hate/jealousy and systematic racism narrative to the hearts of wypippo males. And was the source of propaganda, during the early TV/Movie era, fear of the black men taking their white women aka King Kong... That film Greenmile touched on it too. Hate everyone else but the system this is all pinned on dividing you for lols.
  4. nah.. Sans people and Bantu tribes since forever,. 1st European contact was the portugese 1400's, then dutch 17th Century and British in the early 1800s. South Africa as a state was created by wypippo... by that grey area yeah they created a white state 1st. A white created state... and set about creating aparthied systems, but exploit black labour graft. Now that people of the land want to take back rightfully.. it's "Liberal tears" hey where in this together talk...
  5. Pos ^ Sounds like certain peeps need a re-education on the Boers, Cecil Rhodes and the 1800's Scramble for Africa period.
  6. oh well, i'll leave for whom it applies too. this book title sums him up
  7. llow him, some just have that natural stockholm syndrome. Identify the fraff chop em off and continue to build without these house nuccas. LOCK COONS OFF.
  8. Yeah I don't agree with how salary thing works out there.. My tour guide during part of trip. Said she makes more money doing guides and she's a qualified teacher. But they have a better social structure and next to no crime, no obvious racism cos everyone is in the same boat. Oh yeah can't criticise the government openly. But that said I agree stagnates various things. But how far to you go to strike a happy medium retaining what I saw as special to that country. And not turn into a sess pit of greed and western style poverty. @Heero Yuy
  9. Non, and this freedom of travel wasn't my fight. I'm UK born, I get it by default proxy of the old english emprie ruling the glorious waves. My grandparents and parents where invited over here as they where already subjects of the crown through colonial rule on an island next to Cuba Fringe legacy benefits of the colonial (go anywhere I please and takeover package)... take advantage I guess.
  10. I spoke with some of the youngers there. Imagine... you work in the hotels, work in Havana, or you are a doctor.... you earn the same wage! Combine their now exposure to the outside world via internet which is only just being rolled out over there, so now they see the Nikes, Beemas, celebs and what they percieve to be the life.... (when in reality it is isn't) Then add you see western tourists (non USA, as they are not allowed in "YET") the money the tourists are spending, is like a years salary on a gift or meal... (add this complex to the above) the desire for material gain and wealth bug of captialism has them tranced... and wanting to leave). Massive cruise ships pulling into Havana Bay... working hard for tips.. Some of them where hanging hopes that Obama was going to lift sancations. Trump wont as he knows his elect force will see a flood of cubans rushing for immigration status, to seek what they percieve riches bound. (you and I know, thats a myth, and usually turn onto some crud movements to get it) They can leave the island no problem, they just cant return! so imagine your family and friends and your house.. and possessions. In cuba if you leave, you are allowed to sell up and go, but cannot come back.. eg with your new wealth and upset socialistic financial balance... working over there. Cuba remains undeveloped only by way of US embargo, but china and russia and canada are traders and some US restrictions are being eased. The youth are seeking the mess, of what is called modern western and upscaled society... (and is anything but that) and the youth have no experience or insight to see the bigger picture. When that social pressure builds up into a poltical agenda.. capitalists coprs are circling like vultures to pounce on CUBA when all embargos are lifted and which ever puppet leader bends over to Uncle Sam. And all the youth will drain out the country into USA. And Cuba becomes a playground for rich Americans again.. full of KFC's MCd's and tacky shit. and real poverty will be evident. Which is what Castro was booting out.
  11. Having travelled to Cuba, a so called communist/socialist country... the demonisation of such policies is a myth.. Looking at the western attitudes towards this and reviewing historical events. The clear picture of fear was and is only driven by captialists... (not the masses) however the masses soon got indoctrinated to hate and fear commies and socialism, via the tools of propaganda held by those few true capitalist seekers. (eg the uber rich, who need to keep their riches and division from the lower sheep classes) The idea of shared wealth and resource as a collective does not resonate with your corps and capital adventurers. This attitude spills into the common man fiending for material goods and riches and is easily controlled in his or hers greed or material fixation. Back to Cuba (though its changing from pressure by USA in such close proxy, and captialists seeking to exploit financial gain) the social dynamics on how people function compared to a western country like USA and UK. Put us to shame, even though they are not rich, there is sense of unification and moral code and next to no greed (if it's present, it is well hid) but flipside gov is more rigged, but this is no difference to a so called democratic policy. The true halls of power eg house of parliament or congress, the actual foundation of the process is flawed from the get go, you cannot go against the institutions. (but they will let you hammer your hate or love towards the seated puppet, they present to you) These Leninism & Marxisms paradigms are exactly that.. just paradigms of a "Hegelian dialectic" - philosophy. an interpretive method in which the contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis) Which always feeds back to the favour of the rich collective.
  12. if it means getting rid of peeps like him, then good. Them Boers are dirt.
  13. Yeah the new switch will be lgbt rights instead of oxfam teefing your money to build a water well and sex tourist expeditions of ceo's. Send money to stop victimisation of lgbt in aff.
  14. ah yes the advent of christanity in aff, defo brought in the euro deviant behaviour. So you can hold that fact as true. Prior to Greeks and roman invasion, everywhere in ancient africa is man and woman. The cycle of life. Gay is not a cycle process of life its terminus, non life giving.