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  1. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    700 jus rounding off. Nit pick over 50 - 60yrs diff if you want, makes no difference. And I said "one of" the 1st mosques. Never said shit about being the 1st. So what's your point...? Anyway moving on.
  2. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    Not sure why you're mentioning me as rambling. When your prior post was pretty much keeping in theme to the same sentiment. I know some people can't view Egypt as Africa.. But that's the centre where Greeks learned from as too many other civilisation like the Persians then deciding to turn on Egypt and be the trail blaze leaders in their own form and fashion. So of course when these invaders needed to establish and setup they needed to look credible ie Ethiopian copts and assimilate them and gradually impose their own shit to assume leadership over a foreign people. Aka the invention of Serapis. Greeks in turn morphed into the Roman empire. Arabs against Persian empire United with Rome and where hellenistic Christians for controlling access routes to Roman controlled Egypt cities like alexandria called "the Ghassanids" . Until the creation of Islam 700ad. One of the 1st Islamic mosque was built in Egypt same time.
  3. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    I hear you. And don't disagree, just throwing it into the ether for context and anyone interested.
  4. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    Lol a broad brush assumption of Jamaicans there
  5. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    Ethiopia was essential to the Greeks/romans to make christanity (correction their control/domination) work. Many of the egyptians come from the geopraphical Ethiopia today and following the river nile and into modern day Sudan. Former lands of Kush/Kemet and so on. Conquering waves of assyrians/greeks, throughout the dynasties of egypt weakned it Outsiders simply took what they need in order to rule and keep control of the people, exactly how government works today. (just how certain wypippo adopt black ebonics and cultral apporiation today to be make more money than the originators/pioneers), but in this case its on a spritual and mental level imposing their own agendas. Romans/Greek are a Hellenestic people, worshipping Saturn, Zeus, Cronos which are Christanity, judaism and islam. Arabs before islam where christian under roman hellenistic control. Islam is extention of this too. Political and power upsurge forced that to be. We live in the proverbial "hell" (Hellenism) Rome today, is it any surprise how fucked up the world is with these religions of peace.
  6. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    @Grafter I've never said it was humble peace and harmony. But Africa certainly wasnt the invading force. Constant invasions from Assyrians/Greeks/romans etc.. the properitors of Islam and Christanity, whom dominate to this day mental and spritual enslavement to a Jewish man. Who Jews don't even rate, in their own text. Who themselves religion is based upon account of ramblings from a semetic Roman empire convert Titus Flavius Josephus. Prior to that Judaism doesn't exist.
  7. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    therein lays the paradox, only christanity came in with its divisions thats when the tribal divisions came up. Take a look at the Rwanda Genocide, instigated by the catholic church. They even owned up and apologised. (as catholism allows themselves to be forgiven and sins washed away when you repent.) (that get out of jail free card) (protestant makes no difference either) go onto google maps say for example Uganda.... https://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/church/@0.2391241,32.3321578,11.33z look at the amount of churches.. its shocking. (and Africa is doing so well with it along with islam..... )
  8. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    Look up Serapis, Ptolemy Soter, after Alexander the Greek or (Great depending on your angle) who invaded egypt. Under Hellenestic rule. Greeks took over and cultrally appropriated the pharonic system and Ptolemy Soter wanted to be seen as a pharoah and created Serapis with the help of now conquered eypgtians to mould a new savoiur in his image. (aka Serapis) Serapis (Σέραπις, Attic/Ionian Greek) or Sarapis (Σάραπις, Doric Greek) is a Graeco-Egyptian god. The cult of Serapis was introduced during the 3rd century BC on the orders of Ptolemy I of Egypt as a means to unify the Greeks and Egyptians in his realm. Ethiopian Christainity is still a Greek concept from this origin. When you are conquered its die, or assimilate
  9. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    Me personally knowing our history, the bible/christanity/islam just can't run for me. Spritual enslavement of your oppressor.
  10. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    Should have got the black kids to dress up as slave masters, place talc on faces to whiten up with whip's swords, guns and bible in hand.
  11. Harvey Weinstein

    You see females fucking club promoters, for that queue jump and free entry and drinks. Imagine what females doing for Hollywood money, whilst scraping basic ends meat, after acting school and trying to craft a career in a male dominated industry.
  12. Harvey Weinstein

    Sacrificial lamb.... maybe. But all could change if this goes to court and starts spilling names. Media magnates flaming him right now, are knee deep in this too. But right now cos the media machine says he's guilty, thats enough facts for the mainstream to focus on. Whilst the rest of the cronies, clean up their shit asap for damage limitation.
  13. Harvey Weinstein

    Crazy how all the media hysteria is being channelled onto him. Like this isn't widespread and other cronies doing dirt on next levels.
  14. Harvey Weinstein

    Deep breakdown