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  1. Looks at who wrote the article.. Merissa cain. Any White saviour complex trying to conjure tears that no genuine black person gives a flying fuck about or would even find time to cry about. Nevermind who is this person the article is written about being of anything significant in black culture. Next. Cultural appropriation... Just walk into your local nandos and down your local high St.
  2. Elites vs elites and Joe Public the thinking he/she vote meant something. Guy fawkes had the right idea all along.
  3. Still amazing that anyone who disagrees is a flaming Liberal lefty tree hugging remainer. And those in the exit camp, unable to process the burning house scenario and how absurd this all is. Polarisation of Joe public... (Misson objective complete) sell the people, the illusion that their vote mattered and false sense of entitlement. Keep them rattled at each others throats remainers vs brexiteers. Left vs right. And not the bigger picture on how your government is corrupt to the core. America and England are simply losing their grip on absolute corporate control and cannot let the ethnic majority of the planet be in the dominant seats of power. Hence global trade wars happening... Eg Huawei out selling apple and Samsung who are us affiliated. England want out of the EU to be nestled in nutsack of uncle sam and modern colonial rampage part. 338227399727 Recent bombings in the middle East the other night... Trump blames Iran.. UK will support... (here we go again)... Support our troops ...
  4. Sacked for offending the royals not racism remember that. All this noise coming from the media houses themselves as if they are speaking against racism and give a shit. They just need your participation in their interpretation of what racism is or isn't. Though they are the same ones obsessing about meghan, her baby and how black it will be. Meanwhile BBC still have Alan sugar on the payroll and appointed Lord with actual racist comments about Senegal football team. Reggie Yates sacked by the BBC for stating fat Jewish guys north London controlling the music scene. (you know the drill) Black people: (minding own business) Media to rest of world: (a celeb called a royal baby a chimp... datz racists to black people). Black people: she named the baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor (that ain't no black youte) 🤣
  5. Nightclubs or bars... The effects of seeing a moet bottle or large object that shouldn't be airborne in a crowded place. Heading towards someone's head. Guranteed firestarter. Time to vacate with haste.
  6. Cue potential thread derail. Heed the words of Lil duval and cancel the back and fourth.
  7. Dunno. reply that to Mr exposed, let's see what response you get. We know those type of chicks exist by the truckload and pretty clear he's pitched that at those who the cap fits. Relax.
  8. The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha were one of the families involved in engineering the Nazis and WWII which was used to persecute and kill off their opposition as well as seize more power. The windsors Eg Queen and Co where originally named saxe-coburg and gotha. Changed to hide the fact they are nazis themselves and still are today. That's why you have white nationalists flexing swastika.. They understand the connection. And links to KKK And all embedded with worlds biggest bankers and oil magnates to fulfill their power agenda. Who hide under the jewish/zionist/vitcim umbrella.
  9. Trump just playing his scripted part. As with any other president. Media are complicit.
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