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  1. Vtec

    United States of Brutality

    United States of Arms Masters of global destabilising.
  2. Vtec

    Lord Sugar's racist tweet

    Asian coonery. She works for the mirror group. She done sold out long time before this tweet. She just tryna secure the bag for future coon opportunities from massa.
  3. Vtec

    President Donald Trump Thread

    Exactly that.. The trump effect is just a extra added loud megaphone to what America always was, regardless of sitting president. And peeps acting shocked now... Smiling Obama, Smiling Clinton, Dunce Bush Sr and Jr, Regan and so on. Not one has ever been an advocate for peace... In their own back yard nevermind rest of the world.
  4. Vtec

    President Donald Trump Thread

    A sick place indeed. Imagine amongst the poor and planted drug mules. You have genuine families trying to escape this violence seeking asylum only to be referred too as illegals/infestations and kids separated. Though it's U.S. Policy that drives people out of Mexico in the 1st place. Rinse and repeat that for Europe too.
  5. Vtec

    President Donald Trump Thread

    The UN is a piece of shit though. And not as if the usa regardless of president was ever practising human rights. Since inception to present day.
  6. Vtec

    President Donald Trump Thread

    Cartels... Run Mexican government and the cartels are in us back pockets. USA needs its intake of cocaine nd heroin... Send the poor as mules in droves and separate the kids to pedo organisations to collect.
  7. Vtec

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Ffs clicks ignore user.
  8. Vtec

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    What you find is nobody can reason/debate with you. Because anything that don't fit your liking you blanket label into categories of black sjw etc.. Africans/caribbeans pan and that (and now wigger) (liberal this and that) and the very deflection you claim everyone doing. Is actually you. And the thread derails into the AG waffle show and nobody is interested in listening and debating any potential valid talking points you raise. You collect negs like std's, is a reflection of this. Feeding back into your negative persona energy emitting from you. Believe it or not real black people are having these talking points and doing real positive shit and not falling into the trap. Unfortunately, anything positive being actioned is not championed on white owned media... So they get to set the way we are viewed and mainstream society laps it up, including you. Whatever you are. (as you sound very insecure and victimised with your defensive self) The wronguns are a small minority representative of us. Just like in white and Asian cultures. But some how the minority wronguns in "so called" black culture are a reflection of us a whole... (nah son)
  9. Vtec

    North Korea

    Bill Clinton in 94 made a nuke deal with Kim's elder... Not sure on the hype.. (must be the trump wave) George Bush scrapped it once in power https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2017/08/09/history-lesson-why-did-bill-clintons-north-korea-deal-fail/ Trump really breaking ground.. Lolz
  10. Vtec

    Harry marrying his lighty

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-44223025 Bbc trying to generate some tears
  11. Vtec


    Comb tangles up coarse hair and rips it out. Brush in direction of hair growth like top of your head when you have a number 1 trim. But yeah trim the loose ends straggles
  12. Vtec


    @Em Dott Mix black castor oil with some coconut oil. Or use regular green hair oil like dax. Trim the beard lose ends from time to time. Stimulates growth and softer feel. And brush not comb.
  13. Vtec

    spac nation

    Emotionally compromised rants... If he got out of his feelings and personal attacks Eg directed at Afroman as if he's the ambassador for the lumped assumptions and archetype stereotype of a naija man. Maybe he'd be taken more seriously on certain points. Some of which I can agree on. But rather then play the blame of end user masses, why not identify and tackle the systematic factors that create these concerns of his. Target the root causes (the wolf or shepherd) rather than the flock of sheep.
  14. Vtec

    hiphop Childish Gambino

    Same listened the other day... Smh. There is some other material out there talking of his experiences with Armenian white girls and being called nigger during sex and getting the best buss off it.
  15. Vtec

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    Yeah you're right it's not an experiment. It's business as usual.