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  1. If that happens watch Nike and them big corp brands come crawling for a piece of him.... And rightly so, he has to charge astronomical figures to the same corps who rejected him at the start.
  2. Even if you're Jewish and in the labour party, you can't say anything... or highlight contridiction Labour party member Jackie Walker (mixed race) Black father, White Jewish Mother. Suspended from the Labour Party for Antisemetic remarks... (But she's Jewish lol) Clearly not the right type of jew... Her comments “I was looking for information and I still haven’t heard a definition of antisemitism that I can work with.” At the same event Walker questioned why Jewish schools needed particular security to protect themselves from possible attack. Walker, a longstanding campaigner against racism with Jewish-African heritage, had earlier infuriated the Jewish community by stating that Jewish merchants were chief financiers in the African slave trade.
  3. Welcome to the start of change.
  4. Cue attack mode by right wing media. "Jeremy Corbyn will suggest that Britain's military involvement abroad is to blame for terror attacks such as the Manchester suicide bomb." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/25/jeremy-corbyn-suggests-britains-wars-abroad-blame-manchester/
  5. Yeah that same Iraq and Saddam, USA UK where pals with arming and supporting in attacking Iran during the 80's (Iran-Iraq War). Gaddafi, also was pals with the same oligarchs... (snuffed out by US/UK co-intel led/assisted Arab Springs) Saudi's soon get turned on... once they stop playing ball. Oh look extremists now on the loose. (shock horror, how did this happen...) Rinse, wash and repeat.
  6. I've never claimed I know it all, and I know I don't. There is a good chance I know more than you. I can't stop shit and i'm voting for nobody. (babylon fi bun) I just decided to take time out to research alot of world history to gain better understand behind the BS fed on msm on both sides. I used to believe the system worked too. You believe in this system and that you count so will leave it there, im not faulting you or anyone for believing in it. Thats all we have. Show me where in this world where not run by white men? and if not directly. Which nations have US miltary bases and Naval fleets not too far off shore if they step out line with cruise missles at the ready. or Puppet leaders indebited to IMF and corporate interests of west. Hispanic is not a race, majority Hispanic groups who did vote Trump where ones who classify themselves white latino in US census records, as they too are divided on eurocentric race paradigms against black afro latino's. Take a travel trip to Brazil/Cuba/Dominican Repbulic/Mexico/Miami etc and see the divide. The legacy of European interference runs rife regardless of left or right leaning. I'm merely a student in this research game, but enough digging so far to read through what you are leaching too and defending with passion. The same msm you accuse me of being victim too, or when someone doesn't agree with you. You call them a libtard or nitpick irrelevant point to side track from the obvious. For me to break it down any further, would result in total thread de-rail. PM if you want some recommendation on books to peep Anyway continue your Trump admiration. I will simply call out the BS of him and any other successor REP or DEM and "MURICA"
  7. I have same comments about the USA period since inception, Clintons, Regans, Bush, Obama, Congress and now Trump and by his side man Bannon (a known white supremacist). Doesn't matter who's in charge, all on the same agenda. Trumps elect and admin exploited the division and bolstering of the white supremist rhetoric, hence you're seeing alot of empowered racists talking freely of their hate and wanting to kill anything non white. The same voting class that think they elected Obama and Trump or any other president for that matter into power. (remember the Electoral College). Votes do not matter, they only care to swing your influence to accept whatever pill they need people to swallow via the controlled media (including this buzzfeed you speak of) Liberals and Republicans are the same pill. (Red pill/Blue pill) And the pill itself is the cancer cause nobody is paying attention too. I know you're dense, and trying to give you game is a lost cause. (I've no desire to get you to understand). But YOU prove a useful working case example on this forum, for me to highlight how it works to others. How you a working class white man as become so dissaffected, he can't see how he's been hijacked by far right narratives under bs government promises... the same tones that led to the rises of hitler type figures to be supported in power. Anyway carry on.
  8. Correction I hate white supremacists, racists/facists and ignorant people exploited by the same media controlled by the aforementioned groups to be divided on such matters. But sell you some bollox alt story as to what it means.
  9. Lol @ greatest speech. After securing $350 billion in arms deal. Of course he's gonna be more than gracious and find great words to say. In exchange for secured lowered oil rates so trump can gas (pun intended) that he can lower pump prices back home and secure manufacturing jobs for weapons making factories in hick towns across USA. Weapons companies probably jumped in shares and stock exchange value. This of course is great for securing the strength of the dollar and makes him look great doesn't it. Saudi to continue the proxy war on behalf of the USA and Israel via its violent sunni representatives called Isis with new shiny toys to beat down on Iran And Yemen. And any other shia Muslim not adhering to the violent wahabbiism doctrine. Trump was calling for bans on violent Muslim countries... Into the usa. With known terror links.. Does it not look in the slightest anywhere near contradictory? He's now kissing ass? Right up in that crack of worst Islamic country there is. You alt rights hate Muslims.. How are you coping with your white knight doing what every other us president has done ever since they helped establish Saudi Arabia as a sovereign kingdom since 1930s Hijackers during 9/11 where Saudi too, all investigations from USA dropped. And bomb Iraq and Afghanistan instead lol. Trump will go home now and tweet he has saved the economy. (nauseating to watch) And still chant send non white immigrants home.. Yet reliant on resources from the said countries to exist.
  10. Psn games flash sale http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/psn-flash-sale-19-5-17-2695098# On till Monday night
  11. Just shows you the voting demographic they appeal too.
  12. It's amazing the masses they appeal too, have such short term memory and so easily led like sheep by these instituions.
  13. yeah... "Lmao" You posted a fitted btw.
  14. Nah I wear a black NYC New Era "Snapback" for the most part when not at work in the office.