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  1. It's ok religion allows them to repent and seek forgiveness for self. Whilst being an arse to you. Loyalty to it comes 1st before being decent to you.
  2. But if you already know. BLM has been co-opted and funded by external rich white media magnates like George Soros They're some BS front, trying to speak on behaf of black folks, pushing the LGBTQTIA nonsense at the same time and feeding into the circus of bullshit which is not progressive. If you go on the average google search or some spokesperson, you find some dude wid lip piercings and bull horn rings across his forehead and some Green dyed haired black lesbian.
  3. Had a quick scan online. They have already painted her image as some near virgin saint and various outlets trying to criminalise and drop the islamic narrative against the officer. Compared to when its black person killed, even on film. Media portray them as somewhat deserved of dying and happily show the death on screen. Officer gets paid leave etc... Them same folks singing "We have to let the police do their job", "blue lives matter", "we don't know the full facts", or the "she shouldnt have resisted" crowd are very quiet right now.
  4. Because that's what "they" glorify and perverse over. Homo and peado
  5. @JOHN DOE I think this vid does a good job at explaining it, to some extent.
  6. European Colonization/religous fear rampage/fuck up of the world from the age of Colombus 1492... Who's still fearing ISIS and immigrants lol
  7. Typical deflection lol
  8. Techincally she mix raced. But once you go black you black. her dad is black caribbean and mother white caucasian jewish. can only be jewish through maternal link. Unless your Trumps daughter who converted to Judaism to marry her jewish husband. That russian hack collaborator.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/sep/30/labour-suspends-jackie-walker-over-holocaust-comments Actually black jewish Labour member Jackie Walker, was called antisemetic, even though she is jewish herself. But clearly not the right type of Jew... Members in the labour team went on a rampage to get her strung up. Equally from the media and conservatives alike. All because she questioned why Holocaust Memorial Day doesn’t mark genocides that occurred prior to the Nazis. (eg trans atlantic slave trade, and islamic slave trades and many genocidal barbaric attacks of europeans that have been swept under the carpet.)
  10. Best pac movie is 2pac Resurrection, cleverly narrated using his voice. Captures his true spirit and essence. Proper emosh.
  11. This is the nature of the beast and peeps beggin apology and PC terms from an institution which was only ever setup this way. They are pretty clear where they stand in terms of their real views held about black folk. And this is a political party not even flagging for the far right.
  12. Coons gone wild.
  13. Best this way, real enemies should show face. I prefer racists out in the open and honest. Straight on sight warfare.
  14. Yeah seen this first hand too when in Jam, locals have this perception England is this land of riches, due to the money they see tourists spending. Not realising they probably have gone into debt for that too. When they migrate to the uk and go back home, the pressure is on to show fam and friends/enemies they've made it. Meanwhile, whilst here... on some low paid cleaning job, struggling to cover rent. Or slip into dodge shit to acquire money by any means in desperation mode. Reality sets in, but pride is to high to show peeps back home the real deal stress. / All the global instiutions of power reside in Europe/USA. If only people realised the rope a dope mind trick to understand the wealth and power is only based on what is extracted and inflated in value from their nations for peanuts. Thanks to additional systems like the IMF/UN, puppet governors keeping wealth for self. And some real leaders who are locked down geo politically or killed off (eg Patrice Lumumba/ Gaddaffi) to prevent any true reversal on valued commodities being correctly priced from the source and sold correctly as the wealth is truly tied into the land its sourced from. But in return their country gets under valued currency/debt/civil unrest/poverty/guns/imported lab made diseases and some cia trained religous nut terror cells. A unicef to drop food grains and install a water pump, and a random Kate doing a charity walk and photo pose with kids in a run down school.
  15. Speaking of weaponising white genocide. USA nra have just recently sounded out their foghorn call to arms. Best believe they are serious for wanting 2nd revolution/2nd crusade