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  1. dayomesaydayo

    The Video Thread part 2

  2. dayomesaydayo

    Hot summer 2019

    If you was in a situation like this and ozil left you would it be the end of your friendship?
  3. dayomesaydayo

    Hot summer 2019

    Ozil gone missing again.
  4. dayomesaydayo

    RIP VIP2: also who came up with ttkk?

    Forum done tbh. That last hiatus kill arf di whole ting.
  5. dayomesaydayo

    RIP VIP2: also who came up with ttkk?

    Looks like a tranny
  6. dayomesaydayo

    The bad weather topic

    Reckon this has gotta be the most underwhelming summer i can ever remember. Wheres the sunshine and scorching heat?
  7. dayomesaydayo

    Racism In Football

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/arsenal-youngster-jordi-osei-tutu-17796121 Arsenal youngster Jordi Osei-Tutu reduced to tears after racist abuse during friendly
  8. dayomesaydayo

    African Child

  9. dayomesaydayo

    Love Island

    That new black girl has a BACK!!!!
  10. dayomesaydayo

    Two lesbos got boxed

    https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2310191419297713&id=100009206316345&set=a.1441238012859729&source=48 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7114415/Horrifying-picture-shows-lesbian-couple-covered-blood-gang-men-attacked-them.html
  11. dayomesaydayo

    Do you think suicide should be legal

    Story of Noa Pothoven. 17 years old girl is the youngest person to legally end her life. Basically she got raped as a yout,got depression then killed herself i think it was yesterday Do you think this should have been allowed
  12. dayomesaydayo

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    This is what happens when you wan be a bodybuilder not a boxer. Stupid boy. Saw this coming a mile away. Wilders 100% the best heavy weight in the world.
  13. dayomesaydayo

    Sugar tax: anti-obesity measure takes effect today.

    Dont drink sugary drinks much but i havent noticed the differences in any of the drinks i drink.
  14. dayomesaydayo

    What were the name of these crisps

    >>>>> quavers
  15. dayomesaydayo

    What were the name of these crisps

    Yeah these are the ones thanks. Was thinking i aint seen them in a while