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  1. lol at that fucking stupid photo. good one, use a photo of a guy in a mugshot, and an innocent looking doctored photo of trayvon taken years ago. not the hooded up kid tatted up all over twitter acting like a badman. This is why I cannot take either side of this debate seriously. On the one hand its black people up in arms about it being racist, him being an innocent 'good kid', and on the other hand this fanatical bull about stand your ground and gun rights. Both sides use the extremes of their arguments to make a point and everyone ends up looking like a moron.
  2. Angelo

    'Bedroom Tax'

    The only thing I see a problem with here is that foster children are not counted as permanent members of a household. If taxpayers are funding you £290 per week plus, having 2+ bedrooms when there are only 2 adults (couple) living in the house, it's totally reasonable that shouldn't be allowed. If you can't afford to live within your means and need help from the government to do that, why the fuck would you expect a bigger place on the taxpayers' back? Some of you are deluded.
  3. LOL I meant as in I've never seen women wear a full niqab without being completely under wraps/with a man/supervised. Here and abroad.
  4. Wouldn't it be against the 'nature' of a woman who is subservient/committed enough to wear a niqab anyway, to be out on her own at half midnight? Gotta think there is more to this situation.
  5. Using racist rhetoric would be walking around calling out indians/pakistanis as pakis and treating people differently - which I don't. Why have you got this bee in your fucking bonnet about trying to call me racist? About "I make it hard". Last time I checked, white british didn't have the monopoly on racial slurs - get out your house for fucks sake. We're talking about ethnicities, and IMMIGRANTS to this country that don't integrate but have made the fucking leap to come here. Everyone knows there are white british scumbags rinsing the system just as badly but this is a completely different topic. Instead of trying to take shots about an unrelated issue because you took offense to me using a fucking racial slur, recognize the fact we are actually in agreement.
  6. Ah shutup Smaddy. Having been called a fucking paki by people who think brown = derka all my life I'm pretty confident I'm not. Racist banter and jokes are fair game, provided they're harmless. My asian (chinese) girlfriend might have something to say about that too. Besides, having seen the way some migrants to this country fucking live when the council provides them things, wild-animal is a more than apt description. You tell me what people throwing brand new mattresses onto the road and bringing in leaves and branches/timber, shitting on the walls, having 10 dogs in a 1 bed council flat is? If that's not living like an animal and me being racist then that's that. Over-sensitive people like you who are so quick to jump to the racist bullshit allow actual racist pricks to undermine your argument.
  7. The problem with articles like this is that they all focus on one thing: the loss of white british residents. Who gives a flying fuck. I'd rather a 60 year old neighbour Winston or fucking Ahmed over some c*nt from a war-torn country bringing their wild-animal upbringing here. The issue is not immigration, it's the type of fucking immigration we have. Any thinly veiled pubman racist usually has a surprising lack of issues with integrated ethnics. It's the fucking chingchongy don't speak a word and don't make an EFFORT that polarise the debate for the rest of us.
  8. Angelo


    Got a Canon 450d so cheaped out on the body a bit really, but picked up a second hand 70-200mm f4 lens a couple of years ago before the newer 2.8 ones came out. Also got a standard prime and a 24-70mm canon. Body not so important but am saving for a 5D Mk3 at the moment or possibly a 6d I haven't decided. Would like the next one to be full frame though. Favourite types are street photography in asian countries I've been to, and landscapes. Not a big fan of portraits/people although some of them have come out quite nice. Just the other day actually I had a photobook made of a recent holiday I went on. Much nicer than a photo album and it's a nice coffee table filler/collection method. Nice leather binding and I prefer it to keeping all the photos loose. Albelli.co.uk I digress coz it sounds like I'm working for them but yeah.
  9. What the f*ck Kurious are you having a baby. Holy sh*t
  10. Disgusting behaviour in here. I can barely hear my gf take a piss. That's the way I like it. I on the other hand take great pleasure in lining up my aim with the deepest most voluminous portion of the toilet water, as to create a massive jetstream sound that can sometimes wake her up if she is asleep. Taking a sh*t, nah. Shower on, sh*t, shower, done done done. I have never had the misfortune of even knowing she takes a brown fishy. Hopefully not.
  11. Edit your hosts file to block vip2.co.uk - instructions on the interwebz everywhere
  12. Nah decided I was spending too much time and blocked the website from my comp. Forgot I had done it and just thought Vip2 had closed down.
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