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  1. used 2 live midlands.. notts ng7.. moved 2 london about 4 months agoits just the same except londons much bigger & there are alot more ppl when u move here u really realise it.. the world is a much bigger place than i used to think it was i would say midlands in kinda raw though, because in london u can simply move back 2 ur ends and ur cool. in notts everythings kinda close. its 5-10 mins in a whip and ur in st annes / meadows. theres no hiding rly.
  2. if i wos there i wud of jumped on ur head when u wos down.yh big up
  3. box 3 times a week for a couple yrlast fight was maybe 9 weeks ago, brixton mcdonalds banged 1 guy 3 times in the side of his eye whilst he was swinging my boyhe went down and there was alot of blood coming out of his eye/eye socket/eye brow, he was still down even when everything cooled off.. his boys had run and left him think i may of been KO'd after that but i wasn't down for more than 3/4 secswhen i got up/came around nuff tramps started spudding me and i noticed that my whole meal was gone
  4. lol... cmon nowpacman will eat this guy
  5. alright boss black boys r the new upper class and naturally possess higher intelligence than every other race plus get the most pum and make the most p and also the best food, music, film, art, poetry, literature and not forgetting sculptureall this would have been realised many yrs ago had it not been for the white races systematic oppression of every black male accross the globethis article just proves all of that and coupled with the election of president barack obama shows that the black race is now the most powerful race in the world and will win in a race battle vs any other race or a ru
  6. drifterman


    raving it up with a zoot in her hand lmfao
  7. Clairvoyants are f*ck*ng sick!Heard they f*cked up fwd sundays the other week!u know
  8. design isduno bout the patent and the silver tho
  9. smh i swear ur a gym room regular tooshould know better!
  10. who knows bout the Ice Bongonly did bong 2 times1 time was ice bongi passed out not gonna lie... woke up at 6am on the toilet floor from the icebong. was a serious weed smoker when it happened 2.
  11. u know if u cook good quality meat like that it just takes away all the taste?do u even season the meator do u just eat a lukewarm brown monotone slab 4 sustenance
  12. wouldnt feel comfortable doing so tbh...Me either.Meat has to be brown all the way through.
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