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  1. Must say i love this one of Shaun Wright Phillips and the Hoff
  2. Oh snap. hahah. I love how my legacy lives on even in my absence.
  3. It's like I never left. West Ham in the Prem, Spurs still deluded and missing out on anything tangible and Harry still moaning like the saggy faced c*nt he is. Good times.
  4. Swear you were loving 'Arry off a while ago. Matt xxx
  5. LOL @ guys wanting 'Arry out. You guys are getting nose bleeds with your form. LOL at a West Ham player being your best. Blessy.
  6. :lol: :lol: The woman who tries it and falls down screaming hdksahdsad sa d sad s d sa
  7. This will be furiously sh*t.
  8. This tune, it's not any of those on the label. Roachee hots it btw.
  9. I posted this on my facebook and the most baitest HIV looking guy commented straight away with "???!" So bait he's got a bad case of the winter AIDS
  10. Easy Thun. Beg man make me admin around here again, I will be on here more often now.
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