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  1. What A CUNT.

    Premier Week 35 & CL SFL2

    Spurs Worst team to come to Stamford Bridge this season. Fluke a goal and park the bus like relegation fodder. Back to mid table obscurity for the Spuds.
  2. What A CUNT.

    Bank Holiday Week 34 / CL Semis

    Real's tactics were fine and they were on course for a late charge ala the Cup final. But that red card was perfect timing... I think it’s about time we just admit Barcelona are everything that is wrong with the modern game. From systematic diving, harassing of the referee, strange decisions going in their favour, pumping 10 year old kids full of drugs to become super-freaks (Messi), having a small squad yet being the best paid team of any sport in the world etc. I mean, where does it end? They are a hideous stain on the game.
  3. What A CUNT.

    NBA 2010/11

    So how long you been a Heat fan then?
  4. What A CUNT.

    PFA Player of the Year

    I never understood that either, thats what makes it worthless really.
  5. What A CUNT.

    NBA 2010/11

    Why they leave that block out?
  6. What A CUNT.

    International Break 03/11

    Neymar scoring goals at the Emirates then eh lads? He'll be doing that in a blue shirt next season.
  7. What A CUNT.

    The Official Manchester United Thread

    Looked better than some of the senior players in all honesty. Bossed the away game against Marseille, which he started btw, at 17 years of age. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qeCKS9fqos This Morrison fella can't even get a start in the Carling Cup. Says it all I'm afraid.
  8. What A CUNT.

    Jose ''Next Stop 100% Coming Back To England''

    Lol at wanting Pep over Mourinho. A proven winner with just about every team he has managed. Any good manager can 'coach' the current Barca team to what they're doing. If you think he will give you the same results with clowns like Carrick and Obertan then you got another thing coming.
  9. What A CUNT.

    U17 - South American Cup

    Yeah been following the Brazil highlights because we signed one of the u17s. He's scored 2 goals in 3 games and looks a player. One of the goals - If you Utd fans want a reason to watch the tournament there's rumors going around you've signed Chile's Angelo Henríquez. He's scored 2 goals as well.
  10. What A CUNT.

    Englands Real Golden Generation?

    Once people get past this silly idea that international football is some next level you can be a bit more objective. Champions League is a higher standard of football than international imo.
  11. What A CUNT.

    The Official Manchester United Thread

    It's a shame Ravel Morrison will miss the games against Chelsea. Wanted to see what all the fuss is about. I doubt he's half the player Josh McEachran is anyway. Probably got himself sent off on purpose to avoid the big showdown with England's most gifted young player. Big game bottler already.
  12. What A CUNT.

    Champions League Quarter Final Draw

    European refs are just as bad, if not worse, than the League refs really.
  13. What A CUNT.

    Premier League Week 29

    Being rushed back from injury, watch it backfire tomorrow.