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  1. Street Fighter 5

    who wants to get some games in though
  2. Street Fighter 5

    yo LS whats your ID got my copy today
  3. Street Fighter 5

    add me Grim_LDN
  4. Street Fighter 5

    no one playing SF4 on PS4 nah?
  5. Street Fighter 5

    yeah add me on PS4 as well GRIM_LDN
  6. Street Fighter 5

    What adapter did you get? and does it actually work?
  7. Super Street Fighter IV AE Thread Part 2

    Yeah I am Steam ID: GRIM KITTEN
  8. Halo 3

    Yeah I'm gonna start playing again. I get bored of these new games after 30-45 min and then never play again. add me if you wanna play its Grim Tzu
  9. Halo 3

    Anyone still play this?
  10. Super Street Fighter IV AE Thread Part 2

    does WinnerStaysOn or anything like that still exist?
  11. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    Is there any way I could just walk into a store and pick up an Xbox one on friday?
  12. Broadband

    got the virgin media 100mb installed yesterday what i used to get from sky
  13. XBOX: FIFA 12

    who here plays this regular? if so put your gamertag down
  14. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

    the salt
  15. Super Street Fighter IV AE Thread Part 2

    that Topanga league started yesterday but you have to pay to watch it each day, but someone is uploading all the matches on dailymotion http://www.dailymoti...ps#video=xrero1