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  1. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    Want to jump on this but dont think I can put the time into getting good at fighting games, especially after the shit show thats SFV. That new DBZ fighting game though...Made by the people who make Guilty Gear, 3v3 and plays like mahvel. Looks hype AF I normally hate anime fighters but DBZ has a special nostalgic place in my heart so I'll definitely give this a try when it drops. Beta this summer.
  2. watching the fight here - http://sportival.net/anthony-joshua-vs-wladimir-klitschko-sky-box-office-live-stream/ streams decent just need to close 1-3 pop-ups first
  3. Work & Life

    I do a Ryu.
  4. Work & Life

    Just went back into that corporate environment today after spending the last 3 years freelancing. 60 employees and I'm the ONLY minority in the office, no asians, blacks or other ethnics. Im getting bombarded with nothing but cat gifs in the work slack chat. Been sitting at my desk with this expression all day....
  5. BREXIT - June 23rd

  6. Street Fighter 5

    I hope they do sort it out because trying to play friends is a travesty. @Xander - its a shame but it would be nice to have the old SF4 gang back on again, but we all older and wiser so life gets in the way of the more simpler things. @Em Dott - pretty much ditto what gattsu said. It doesnt play like SF4 and theres a lot of habits and muscle memory you need to get rid of, but I do think itll be bigger then SF4 but we'll have to wait and see I guess. @Flat Eric - PSN - Former1. SF5 ID - Former So far I have problems with Karin, Chun and Sim; I now believe the hype. Everything they do seems safe and cant punish anything. With sim the annoying thing is that they made his yoga fire go in a arch, so if you jump you hit the fireball and if you walk forward its normals city.
  7. Street Fighter 5

    I swear, this game can suck my black d*ck. The servers are so fucking shit.
  8. Street Fighter 5

    Lol at all the Nash salt.
  9. Street Fighter 5

    Games anyone?
  10. Street Fighter 5

    GGs Revs and LS. I found a Google doc of all the framedata which definitely helped me get use to the character. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1976rt8B91PqVCeYJAmcnW1uwVJ0H03QJtV-dJC5ohL8/htmlview?sle=true# I wasnt feeling Nash at first but have slowly gotten use to his block strings and set ups. it can feel like you're in a endless blockstring sometimes against him lol. Most of his moves can be unsafe (especially his specials) you just have to get the distance right to make it safe. Im still on the fence about what second character to use. Been giving Ken a go but can never seem to get in and do damage. I do want to play a Sim as he looks to be a problem. Xander do you play?
  11. Street Fighter 5

    Truss, From what ive seen so far the levels of play on ranked are quite high for how early the games life is. Still not going to play this game though until they sort out the online. The battle lounge seems to be the most affected; and I prefer to play lounge simply because of the "First to" feature which means i can get more games in without having to wait.
  12. Street Fighter 5

    havent been able to get any games since the games launch, as i expected. RIP SFV
  13. Street Fighter 5

    C/S LS Its not easy to add friends to play, and after a game the lobby drops and you cant play again for what seems like a few hours later. It might have something to do with it being early, but I dont think it is. Doesnt bode well for the global release. RIP SFV online at launch.
  14. Street Fighter 5

    Trust, the games proper bare bones at the moment. The networking is also atrocious. Dont know about you but i can barely find/set up a game at times. Trying to unlock colours is long, you have to play survival mode and get around 200 consecutive wins in total to get them all. Its only good for offline versus at the moment and was definitely released in this state with Evo/Capcup in mind. Need to wait for that patch to sort out the game.
  15. Street Fighter 5

    GG's to you too mate. Felt like a noob and not sure how to play this yet. I think youre right about treating it like ST. pretty much MP/MK normals all day until you get a hit confirm. I forgot how long it can be learning a fighting game.