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  1. dub

    grime The Wiley Thread

    Giggs would have been sick on that. Shame Wiley's trolling has probably put him off such a thing
  2. dub

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    glasto performance https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00068z8/glastonbury-stormzy
  3. dub

    Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    I'm finally on a profit again lol.
  4. dub

    Borris Next Tory PM

    I hope they gave him a round of applause
  5. dub

    Virgil Abloh

    appointed Benji B as Louis Vuitton's music director not too bad a soundtrack
  6. dub

    grime Skepta

    not the best effort by Skeps this gives a bit of radio set style nostalgia
  7. dub

    Local & European Elections

    weird how they're celebrating it as a kind of triumph - if you're 700 votes away from a loss you should be worried
  8. dub

    President Donald Trump Thread

    yeah seemed weird as a statement maybe its more something like: we want to open up the UK to drugs that pass US regulations (but maybe not EU)
  9. dub

    President Donald Trump Thread

    what does the "NHS being up for grabs" actually mean though?
  10. dub

    Love Island

    I thought pharmacists were on £30k salaries? edit: average £45k in London apparently
  11. dub

    alt Jai Paul

    finally released new material also put the leaked tracks on Spotify
  12. dub

    The "another american shooting" thread

    title feels a bit disrespectful if I'm being honest
  13. dub

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Mozart shouldn't be replaced but they should definitely be more inclusive in what they cover. Stormzy can fuck off though until he does something original.
  14. dub

    grime Skepta

    new album
  15. dub

    What were the name of these crisps