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  1. Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    someone feeling positive about their identity and promoting people to feel the same positivity in themselves you're mad at that? you're picking out the fact that his girlfriend is mixed race as him not being true to his words of being black being positive? sounds like plain old hating to me
  2. The Music Video Thread

    he's got Method Man on his album too
  3. The Video Thread part 2

    yeah that looked fucked up but props to her for soldiering so many, even went back to defend the other girl
  4. you should let people have their wins when they have them no reason to complain about a lack of LGBT characters in Black Panther, maybe if there were a number of black superhero movies that didn't feature LGBT themes you'd have an arguing point... but the first mainstream one, nah you can chill out and let black people have their happiness without throwing agendas at it Black Lightning (maybe the only black superhero TV series?) has the second lead character (the lead's daughter) as a lesbian, though I've seen no media celebration of this (though tbh I've not seen any media coverage of the series, but that's another thing)
  5. Brits 2018 (ITV)

    its easy when there's a lack of competition
  6. I was responding to a post that seemed to be arguing against of a point of: being "unplanned" would mean you would end up in a bad place. I feel you're arguing that being "unplanned" would mean you're more likely to end up in a bad place than the "planned" babies, which is fair, but I don't think we're conflicting in arguments. We would probably both agree that being "unwanted" would be the more likely one to lead someone to end up in a bad place. But being unplanned doesn't mean you're going to end up in a bad place. Being unplanned doesn't mean your parents can't take care of you - emotionally, financially, with availability and otherwise - but yes, arguably if you're unplanned it could mean your parents are less likely to tick all the boxes.
  7. "I'd run if I met a ting who had no dad or no mum" ^ this sounds offensive though, right?
  8. I think its more about the child being wanted, than being planned. (I'm aware earlier someone used the term "planned)
  9. Rip Stormin

  10. Marvel Super Heroes

    lol, the only one Jackman didn't produce
  11. Marvel Super Heroes

    nah, Marvel films have near to no plot these days maybe just the Wolverine films have a little substance because Hugh Jackman demands it wtf was Thor Ragnarok? were the Thor movies always trying so hard with the comedy? or they tried to apply the Guardians of the Galaxy comedy factor too generously?
  12. oh on that topic, what do you guys make of this: 3 parent family, 2 gay dudes + a woman not sexually related
  13. The Video Thread part 2

  14. I have one lesbian friend but the motivation isn't through her because it upsets me that people here who are so in touch with the way society holds them back (as ethnic minorities, as people with parents from low income background, etc) are happy to support society holding others back