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  1. Well actually she opens her interview saying "I went to see him in the break and he said he wasn't due to come to talk to us... although they had said they would come to talk to us" So you coming 4 days later to write what was already stated isn't enlightening anyone. But it does look like you're defending Tories. No need to be so defensive about it lad. It's just the reality of things.
  2. Why are you defending Tories? Thought you were pro-Nigel?
  3. merged love + life to try boost activity? i have no idea how to help vip2 but realised the venting thread especially is a great way to remember where your mind was at, or at least try had no idea what this was for did a google maps history check to remember that I'm not serious about life
  4. dub

    spac nation

    45 minutes lol, is there a summary?
  5. dub


    hilarious podcast, never listened to something that felt so relatable
  6. Corbyn would be amazing for this country, but I feel like his presence has been wasted while we're focused on Brexit.
  7. yeah, when even Sky is bashing you that way, seems like you're not having a great time
  8. maybe the most popular female DJ in the world? it's debatable, top-5 at least
  9. https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/44688 basically Nina posted a pic with kanerow and apparently the internet got upset and called her out for "cultural appropriation" beyond the fact that she doesn't look good with them, and she was stupid to get defensive.. should people really care?
  10. my favourite piece of Brexit content this week (make sure to turn on the sound)
  11. dub

    spac nation

    google says: Reggie Yates has a show on MTV that had them as interviewees for the first ep or something like that
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