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  1. Oxford reckons most the nation has it just 1/1000 have hospital worthy symptoms
  2. the hospitals are full in every country with people who can't breathe, you aren't accepted in for other reasons, there's not enough medical equipment available this is serious
  3. came back to Paris on Thursday.. was not expecting to be in lock-down :/ would have found a rental in the British countryside to wait this out
  4. dub

    Drill Music Topic

    the NY take on the scene is pretty sick, RIP to man though, 20 years old
  5. ain't no one surprised at that shit
  6. "you ain't even written any dying to survive lyrics" true words, but this song is shit like the others
  7. Yeah, well no one likes to shit on their own party (except Labour, but that's for a different thread). She probably should have been put away but she's a powerful person and was also the Democrats favourite for the lead. Shame tho. Even if Bernie wouldn't have won it would have been better to have him run. Trump is correct when he labels the Democrats as "desperate" though. They are. But Trump likely is as well. His life must be stressful as hell. Would be amazing if he ends up writing a truly honest memoir after his term.
  8. yeah, everyone's predicting this will give him a real boost in the next election
  9. so he's been impeached but he's not out of office until the senate vote
  10. FAK train home for tomorrow just got cancelled these French and their strikes man Eurostar's on-hold music is a never ending instrumental loop of Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head its been 25 minutes so far
  11. oof - they've gone all Lost / Fringe on us
  12. I think if they had done it this time, marketed correctly, they would have smashed it. Something like: vote for us and we'll switch up the electoral system and X months later you can vote for the parties who you really believe in an election where your vote really matters. Where you can vote for Labour or Conservative or Lib Dems or Green or UKIP or Brexit or for an independent candidate if you want. Where tactical voting means voting for the person who you think is best for you, your family, the country, not just the lesser of two evils of parties you don't trust anyway.
  13. they need to stop being shit people and run on a 'proportional representation' campaign, it will mean they will probably lose seats in the long run but it's the right thing to do
  14. lol yeah, that too oh man what a country eh? maybe I'll move back some day
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