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  1. Libyan Slave Trade

    Black The Ripper can fuck off man, tryna tell these people around who are making an effort to protest that they don't really care. The girl 3 mins in was right with "I don't know why we're standing here" though, should be marching to 10 Downing Street. When people say "Theresa May and the Conservative Party doesn't care that black people are being sold into slavery", when you send that message then you might have things starting to happen. Libyan politicians aren't gonna respond to British civilians.
  2. Bitcoin

    dude wtf is up with Kraken?
  3. Stranger Things

    they didn't try too hard with the nostalgia this time, did they?
  4. Official Anime / Manga Thread

    Batman Ninja logo looking Bacardi-ish should be dope tho, Joker looking more evil than I think he's ever looked in animation
  5. Bitcoin

    shit's gonna have doubled in a few weeks
  6. Bitcoin

    Kraken took me 2 days but then I'm using a EUR account that needs verification which has had me waiting (I need to send in a pic with me next to my ID but haven't got around to it yet). Coinbase is quicker
  7. Bitcoin

    its owned by Lloyds, I think you're ok edit: its backed by Lloyds, but tbh your Bitcoin will be stored by Revolut so probably don't keep it on there lol
  8. Official Twitter Thread

    to be fair he is saying "oh ooh oh oh" over the "and then"
  9. President Donald Trump Thread

    probably Israel made some deal with Russia and Russia is making Trump do it this is how my mind works now
  10. Bitcoin

    FFS I had money held up in verification by Kraken, the fuckers, shit jumped €3k in 1 day Revolut now allows you to exchange in Bitcoin 😂
  11. BREXIT - June 23rd

    when you say "septic tank" you mean the US?
  12. Harvey Weinstein

    hilarious on a real though, they shouldn't leave the social media tasks to the work experience kid
  13. Bitcoin

    Coinbase is crazy easy but I've read stories about people waiting ages for payouts
  14. Mr. Robot - TV Show

    liked this episode quite a bit generally the show's been good, but by not having the main plot progress so much in a single episode (like I feel they did up until now this season), it allowed them to bring something different