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  1. dub

    The Video Thread part 2

    Walken imitations always get me cracking up
  2. dub


    is it worth all of the records its setting though? or is it just well marketed?
  3. dub

    BREXIT - June 23rd

    nah the position is tainted, they need the Brexit deal to be processed so that they can then jump in and pretend they're saving things after its gone bad
  4. dub

    Harvey Weinstein

    What's Star doing though? I mean, sure, call the guy out and make sure dirty guys are exposed but isn't he harming himself career-wise by putting himself at the forefront of it? Or is it personal?
  5. dub

    Harvey Weinstein

    its too early for him, he had at least a year or two until he peaked career-wise
  6. dub

    BREXIT - June 23rd

    best career move isn't it? every outcome of this was bound to be worse than having just left it might as well pretend that you're in protest opportunism has failed everyone in government they would have been better off letting Labour take over then fucking it up
  7. dub


  8. dub


    so apparently Apple Music has surpassed Spotify in the US well done to them
  9. dub


    Amsterdam Best Indonesian > Toko Bersama. Make sure to get the aubergine dish as one of your choices. Best Surinamese > Ram's Roti Best Thai > Bird Snackbar (if its full, go to the restaurant across the street) Best Pizza > La Perla, or Pazzi Best Burger > Rotisserie (vegetarian option is pretty decent as well) Best Coffee > Sweet Cup, or White Label Good wine > Glou glou or DiVino Good Hummus > Mana Mana or Sir Hummus Other good vegetarian > Sir Hummus Kitchen (aubergine/falafel wraps), Mooshka (various dishes including really good veg burgers, run by an Ethiopian couple) Other various > Foodware (various meals), Rainarai (Algerian food), Foodhallen (hipster food court), Razmataz (good gin bar), The Hoxton (decent hotel lounge for a coffee/drink maybe the Amsterdam thread has more https://www.vip2.co.uk/forum/topic/13215-the-amsterdam-thread The Indonesian and Surinamese will be the only things you probably can't get easily in London (compared to the others) so I'd recommend trying one of the two while you're here.
  10. dub

    The Festival thread

    most uninspiring Wireless lineup ever? they didn't get a title sponsor this year it seems edit: official website doesn't say it but plenty of places saying Drake will perform
  11. apps are used when its convenient Duolingo won't do much by itself though I'm yet to try out Rosetta Stone
  12. dub


    guys pretty decent, latest track sounds a bit like Dizzee but his other stuff sounds a bit more original and fresh older tracks
  13. dub

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    hmm, its 2 different angles of the sunlight though, and water line tried to see the photoshop but the sand looks too perfect around the waist