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  1. Racism In Football

    Quick skim of it. Seems to be linking talent to cultural shit like diet, poverty, aspirations, specific to location or 'gold mines' as he calls it.. Only a quick skim so maybe theres more. Thats cool i never denied that but the point is that various groups, at elite level, still have genetic advantages that go past culture. Fast and/or slow twitch fibres in different African populations for instance. A man from Somalia can train for as long as he likes but they will probably never win the 100m Olympics because of genetics and how their bodies are built. But as Somalia gets more of a cultural focus long distance running, due to people like Mo Farah, they can exploit their natural physical 'disposition' to long distance running, the way other east African groups like Kenyans and Ethiopians did long ago. Meanwhile, places like Brazil are a genetic melting pot of mainly West Africa and Southern Spain. West Africans and their descendants across the board are succesful in sports requiring attributes like explosive speed and power, because of fast twitch fibres. A tall, stick thin, overly lanky man from somewhere like Sudan or Rwanda doesn't have the body genetics for *certain* explosive sports however much he strives for it, but they do for some, ie Luol Deng in basketball. I could go on and on. The general point i think Ive been making is that there are very clear and undeniable phsyical differences in groups that undeniably play a massive part... But mental differences are much more controversial because of things like eugenics and the legacy of scientific racism. Of course i could be chatting shit but the mongs on here don't know how to debate intelligently. It's a shame...
  2. Official Twitter Thread

    School days it was the black girls who loved to make those blick jokes. Lot of these black chicks on social media are overcompensating for other issues they got. That's the uncomfortable reality they should deal with...
  3. Official Twitter Thread

    Why any time black women run bants about white girls can't season food, white girls fill their lips up etc I never see a white woman get all triggered...
  4. For those who question the struggle

    you're free to refute what I said with any info or research you done...
  5. For those who question the struggle

    Christianity is the lesser of two evils... the black race has been lied to in many ways. Not least the white Man's self flagellating recounting of history, which lets off the psychotic Arabs. Arab Slavery was far more brutal than European transantlantic trade. The black people in the Americas and Carribbean can hate whites today all they want but they're lucky it's Europeans who took them from Africa not Arabs... Just a short tangent but the thread was already derailed so... Look at the parts of black Africa where Islam is most prevalent... Happen to also be where slavery has always been rife.
  6. It's the principle. The akhi dem on here shouldn't fear intellect... they should put some DAMN respek on the jewels I drop...
  7. Haha you are thick as fuck you utter c*nt. A lot of the stuff I post isn't trolling, people on here are just too thick to break down rationally what I say. If people want me to explain fully the theories I have that trigger them i can do that. Debate and intelligent discussion is what rational adults do. People shouldn't be daunted by intellect. Try and use the knowledge of others to increase your own knowledge base, or at least use whatever you have inside your small minds to counter what I say. All the mandem haffi do is just say 'Yo Ag, we don't want the debate war with you... it's long. Just continue sharing your polemical views with us and enlighten us from the intellectual darkness we live in...' That's all, Akhi...
  8. Majority of times I post on here its about society type of issues not the fraff topix, i think i have contrary opinions some mongs on here cant handle. Thats cool. Either debate me or jus put me on ignore. All the annoying ones on here I had em on ignore time ago so I dont see their fraff when i come on here its simple darg
  9. Bite to what? You're prob one of the cunts who follows all my posts to neg.
  10. That's all im saying basically man. I don't care about negs at all. But theres a lot of passive aggresive muppets on this forum. They should do what you done and put me on ignore if they're so affected by what I post?
  11. Lol I come on here and get notifications about bare negs. Is the neg thing a band wagon thing you thick fucks? Should I not question the great David Lammy? This forum in many ways is a microcosm of a lot wrong with millenials in this society. A lot of people are either too scared to express themself sincerely or too empty headed to have anything worthwhile to share so they resent people with opinions they aren't intelligent enough to challenge... Is it any wonder society celebrates the most stupid and brain dead?... Inb4 mongo deflection response...
  12. All I do is educate or inspire intelligent conversation. The small minded ones feel intimidated by enlightenment... Smdh...!
  13. Why can't the mongs who neg all my posts just put me on ignore? If you're too thick to debate me intelligently and u keep getting triggered then jus hide my posts? The biggest fans usually act like haters... Smdh...
  14. He's been there too long acting completely differently to switch it up now when its easy for him to do so