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  1. ag.

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    So fucking sick of guys like dreadlocks going on TV chatting this shit. Black people need new spokesmen asap.
  2. ag.

    Official Twitter Thread

    A BBW like Jill is either an amazing beat or a massive anti climax 😀. No inbetween..
  3. ag.

    Random News

  4. ag.

    The Video Thread part 2

    Why didn’t the stupid man just stay still and sort it out like an adult? And of course ‘Donna’ is going on about ‘black unity’ 🤦🏾‍♂️ What a nightmare it must be working as police somewhere like Harlesden around brain dead idiots like that.
  5. ag.

    hiphop Dipset back together?

    Juelz is a crackhead 🤣 lmfao at the white girls in the crowd lol this video is funny for so many reasons
  6. ag.

    Oldschool Supermarkets

    Lol underclass and working class white people who dont know or care about nutrition.
  7. ag.

    Is this John Doe ?

    Haha that retarded Mali was chatting shit about Congolese people being Cannibals. Firstly there’s countless and diverse tribes in Congo, secondly only my Grandad is Congolese and his ‘tribe’ of people have never had anything like that associated with them. Maybe the pygmies living in the forests. @TheInfamous should be more worried about the incest epidemic in his homeland.
  8. ag.

    Oldschool Supermarkets

    Lol I hadn’t seen a Netto in over a decade till I came to Brum 🤣
  9. ag.

    Is this John Doe ?

    Ok 👍🏾
  10. ag.

    Is this John Doe ?

    Bro don’t be dumb. There’s obvs black ppl outside London.. Certain ethnicities spread their culture like a disease.
  11. ag.

    Is this John Doe ?

    Call it what it is; mainly Nigerians and Ghanaians who celebrate fraud. It’s not ‘black culture’ at all... and also in England the lower class people don’t celebrate fraudsters, there is no ‘419’ equivalent here, maybe coz of a welfare state. But then your countries (nigeria especially) are rich enough to give out welfare it just gets stolen by the rich people and politicians. The ‘general state of poverty’ is related to those things.
  12. ag.

    Work Rage

    Lol that all u can contribute to the discussion you brain dead dunce?
  13. ag.

    Work Rage

    Everything you said is facts and more proof that social class can and regularly does trump race in different ways.
  14. ag.

    Work Rage

    You can defintely be discriminated upon based on both, I agree. And in an ideal world we would discuss class as much as race. From my life experiences I have seen class hold people back more than race. Currently a student again as i have said repeatedly. & I have also worked at various types of places since I left school and am also basing my opinions on what i hear and see from family, friends, etc...
  15. ag.

    Work Rage

    You wouldn’t get dismissive responses if you weren’t so inflexible. I agree that Race is a big issue but you shouldn’t ignore ‘classism’ for want of a better word is also a big issue; even more subtle n nuanced sometimes than racism IMO. Problem with some black people, I have noticed it most from Caribeans, they are so loyal to the idea of racism they get offended when other people say things that contradict the persecuted narrative all black people should run with. Your experiences are not objective reality, ppl like u forget that. Same mentality I see from the deranged feminists