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  1. ag.


    By half way thru the zoot it tastes like shit and you can’t even enjoy the taste of food after the zubi. Everything about ‘weed culture’ in England is upside down compared to America or Holland even
  2. ag.


    I hear the Holland and Barrett one is not very good. LoveHemp is my favourite 👍🏾👌🏾
  3. ag.


    People in England need to stop doing this: this is why the media and government get away with keeping it illegal. You should either smoke pure spliffs or just use something like dried mint instead of tobacco. You won’t go back to smoking either baccy spliffs or cigarettes.
  4. ag.

    The Joe Budden Podcast

    Mal ain’t butt of the jokes really. Joe always looks to Mal for approval/backup to run jokes on Rory lol. Maybe it was already common info but i never knew Mal is Biggs bro from Roc A Fella🤔 u can tell Mal grew up around people like Dame Dash and Biggs from the way he carries himself
  5. ag.

    The Joe Budden Podcast

    i like this show but it gets awkward at points, plus the vibes seem a bit dead compared to when Mal first came on the show. And a real ‘alpha’ male in the real meaning of that word, carries himself like an alpha everywhere he goes; On Joe’s other show with Remy Ma and Scottie he shows how terrified he is of black women 😁 but he loves to play the alpha role on his own show lol. Its not that deep just insights/observations on what some of these peeps must be like when the cameras go off
  6. ag.

    The Joe Budden Podcast

    Sometimes watching this show I wonder if these guys even like each other; certain times the vibes seem forced and Joe/Mal both seem very jaded. Or I'm projecting
  7. ag.


    CBD is good for this; depending on your tolerance, one or a few drops under your tongue and you will wake up feeling 👌🏾 and very clear headed.
  8. ag.

    The Music Video Thread

    This guy’s Instagram>> how and why does he not have a thread on here 😁 this man is going to kill a civillian 100% 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 No wonder you London man are so lost when this is what your olders are on...
  9. ag.

    The Music Video Thread

    If you are talking JUST MUSIC then Mike Glc is one of the GOAT story tellers in UK rap 💯
  10. ag.


  11. ag.

    Sexual Bucket Lists

  12. ag.

    UK/London Street Style of Yesteryear

    Not that specific jacket 👍🏾
  13. ag.

    UK/London Street Style of Yesteryear

    You’re about 7 years late g
  14. ag.

    Sexual Bucket Lists

    They deeply (pause) envy the African man’s third leg 😃
  15. ag.

    Sexual Bucket Lists

    Is it really that deep? I dislike black girls like Oloni to put it lightly, and before anyone starts with the self hate shit, my own sisters are nothing like these dumb girls and the likes of Oloni don’t represent all black women. Now their new word to throw around is ‘fetish’ to explain the basic attraction that exists between black men and women from outside Africa. These dumb women are just overcompensating in so many blatant ways smh.....