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  1. Tranny violated your personal space and you had no words. But on vip2 you got energy 👌🏾 You were legging it from the environmental officers but now you got bants. You London niggas don’t know about fighting with fists you only know about rambos and acid 👍🏾
  2. Batty bwoi you must have gave the tranny a reason for him to feel cool approaching you. Train station ya nuh. Bet it was rush hour peak times. And u probably said fuck all you little bitch. Just meekly told the tranny you're not interested, with your cowardly eyes fixed to the floor! What a shame.
  3. Fredo

    Dead rapper and nursery rhyme lyrics can be applied to about 80% of the uk ‘scene’
  4. Not normal is the usual idiotic argument people use but there’s logical ones too that get sidelined. Esp when it comes to raising kids. But the ‘powers that be’ have gradually moved this issue into a similar box/space as racism so you can’t really discuss it openly without ‘homophobic’ being quickly thrown at you with no thought about the point u made.
  5. Instagram

    It is a major part of it you thick c*nt 🤣 You’re the type of brain dead mong that looks up to these rappers though 👍🏾
  6. Instagram

    Triggered? I haven’t even got 1k to spend on shoes tbh. But when I get to the point in my life I can waste 1 k on something frivolous, it wouldn’t be on clothes or shoes anyway. 👌🏾👍🏾
  7. Instagram

    All those high end trainers are fucking ugly. Shout the trappers risking their freedom to buy these type of clothes and shoes 👌🏾
  8. Fredo

    Dead rapper. Nursery rhyme lyrics and same flows on every track
  9. 😂😂😂😂😂 fully grown man
  10. NFTR - Not For The Radio (Interviews)

    Is dardest really certi on the roads? He has the same attitude to all these rappers lol u have to rate it
  11. NFTR - Not For The Radio (Interviews)

    He was too scared to mention j gang or what? That Dardest interview is what most people know about the sneakbo snitch thing from and it’s j gang doing most of the talking
  12. Intersectionality is a good idea btw, just not when ppl overly try and push it to support the whole race struggles are equal to sexuality struggles, which they obv not
  13. It’s a common tactic used by liberal people, fusing race with sexuality as equal struggles to support di batty struggle. Basically what I said at start of this thread. See intersectionality for more info 👌🏾
  14. Culture vulture

    Same old story with the cunts on here who chat shit. Not sure why some of you can even still see my posts 😩😆 get triggered, rage and make bitchy comments, don’t put on ignore, repeat cycle lol👍🏾😀
  15. Culture vulture

    You’re a proper faggot tho 🤣 Why don’t u guys put me on ignore if I trigger you so much u thick twats?