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  1. That slimy little faggot was worse than May ffs.
  2. What a faggot
  3. That situation is not a joke, ur a fool tho i told u that few times before which is prob why u came with that dumb comment
  4. But bro u stay daily posting dusty kids in London carrying around long knives like thats something special or interesting?
  5. Flat heads lol
  6. War between kurds and Malis. The kurds are about 3-1 up. Malis never want it unless theyre in big numbers or got di tings dem.
  7. At all
  8. The left is loads of things. There has never been a time when 'the left' is even united The fact corbes almost won the election means currently he is a strong voice for the left on a national level, and the public are starting to relax and not just see lefties as clueless tree huggers. As theresa fucks up more, it is going to get even easier for him to push more 'left' policies on a national level after 7 years of tories. Stuff like him recently talkig about requistioning rich peoples properties is extremely 'left'policy which would have NEVER been on the table if someone like ed milliband was leader
  9. wtfffff
  10. Another pointless back n forth
  11. Majority of my posts on here are on the topic of the thread not tryna be a little bitch digging up old posts
  12. A large majority of the electorate get lied to by their media sources which they keep on trusting. your statement doesnt mean much the reason the left is painted that way is because it is *obviously* in the interest of the current power holders to stain left wing ideologies in whatever form, moderate or extreme...
  13. What is the average lberal anyway? liberal is an extremely general term that includes a ridiculously large and diverse range of people. think some people jus see tommy debate some random students or gassed muppets at antifa rallies and think tommy's oratory prowess, debating skills, and infinite well of knowledge is too much for the meek and timid librulls lol
  14. I know you're an idiot but even for u this is pushing it bro
  15. Mike is a certified ledge