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  1. Lord Sugar's racist tweet

    LGBT and feminism are.. Jews deserve what they have. Historically they have been as persecuted and hated as sub Saharan Africans; maybe due to them having generally higher IQ's per capita than most other human groups might contribute to them continuously getting power in spite of real obstacles. Mean while black people are still crying about a harmless joke.
  2. Lord Sugar's racist tweet

    They need to promote their pain and suffering more or do you mean in a more palatable way for white people? In my humble opinion black people on social media need to stop fucking whining about insignificant things and focus on important issues. Imagine the fucking astronomical levels of hypocrisy for anyone to get pissed off or triggered with Sugar when black people, myself included, feel so free to run bants on whites and face no consequences every single day on social media and to a lesser extent irl? Is this social media or is there something pathologically wrong with these people to the extent they can't notice irony and hypocrisy, or maybe they don't care about any of it and it's just more insincere bullshitting on social media
  3. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    You constantly post about as well as believe in aliens don't you? You are the type of simpleton that will benefit from reading my sophisticated reflections on the completely illogical and destructive ways we view race and the history of race relations. Well you would benefit if you didn't have an IQ probably no higher than 90. I assure you LuvDoccy however jarring you may find me it pales in comparison with the contempt I hold for people like you. White, Asian or black it doesn't matter; humans cut from your cloth are all as pig ignorant as each other. When you can read the posts I write and use your own pathetic mind to logically deconstruct and highlight the flaws in my reasoning, then u can pipe up. Until then why don't you go and get some more info on aliens off a David Icke forum or wherever dregs of society such as yourself would seek "enlightenment" lol INB4 OHMAIII GOD ITS 5AM BRUH MANS JUST WOKE UP
  4. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    All of this is deflecting from my original points. My interest is sharing my views and opinions, polemical and uncommon as I think they are. A little faggot like u only wants to get likes and affirmations in the form of people agreeing with u. Typical SJW it's boring
  5. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    & that's understandable. But put the childish pride aside and either debate the topics I put forward like intelligent adults, not emotional women with an axe to grind, or shut it 😎
  6. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    Projecting are we? This is what happens you instigate difficult conversations. Bare irrelevant deflections.
  7. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    Lol. The deflections don't stop. I would be less frustrated generally, not sexually, if I didn't feel so alienated from the bullshit I am supposed to accept and represent as a young black Brudda. Every human has a different brain tho. You seem a bit simple Kerser. They say ignorance is bliss anyway, I would probably swap roles with you. Live a blissfully ignorant and simple life
  8. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    Saying that is a deflection from the points I have made. It's cool I get it. Its always clear in a debate when the opposing side is ignorant, hasn't reflected on the subject, but has a prideful need to share any opinion regardless of lack of prior thought. On these past three pages I sketched out my theory with reference to history and contemporary society. From the response I got, the ideas I shared must have been difficult for some to digest. That's understandable. You should have sketched out your own theory, ie reference to structural policies in the west that have historically held back diaspora blacks, or the general post slavery PTSD that could be argued to be passed down in black former slave societies ethnicities, etc there's loads of points. No one in this thread did that but they took time to write a bunch of other totally worthless shit. As I have said before this is the same on black Twitter, Insta, even the coli. Groupthink is very strong and intelligent break downs of the shit people talk about is non existent. vtec I think you are the archetypal black SJW because you seem to have a bit more intelligence than some of the mongs on this forum but you are so ideologically glued to post modern theories drummed into your simple mind at whatever metropolitan you scraped into that you can't objectively process new ideas. Blacks like you in tandem with the White liberal elites are responsible for regressing di black youts dem. Too much ideological pride and ignorance
  9. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    Of all the worthless and inane shit on the internet, your simple little brain can't read some interesting words about black people's dem?
  10. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    The points I am trying to make are complex and your responses and Somalians earlier too, were either simplistic or deflections. VTEC came with the usual insincere SJW nonsense I have basically made the point, and also made the point at length in an essay and still not one rational or relevant deconstruction. But when I start calling people simple minded morons I'm bugging...
  11. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    You haven't addressed any of the points I made. This isn't about me. I am an insignificant factor in a bigger debate. If you want to take time to read what I write, at least read it to understand not just to glibly respond.
  12. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    Very convoluted because I keep going off track. I am saying history affects us all. My point is that Africans, Carribeans and African Americans need to sit down and internally reflect on their own communities instead of always looking to blame white man. All these groups if u check it deeply, yeah theyve been wronged by whitey, but in so many ways we regress ourselves. And social media has just made the victim complex so much stronger. Case in point is this drill music shit. We cant even have a serious convo on social media about drill or the black SJWs are on you. The current mentality seems to be if you are an intelligent and liberal minded african or black you must blame all the ills of the world on whitey even though your own internal thoughts are more complex than BUT ITS ALL WHITEYS FAULTT!
  13. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    You're blacker than me because your small pathetic mind worships Camron like a deity? You daft wigger. I bet youre one of these white guys who gets drunk and begs his black friend to fuck his girlfriend and let him watch. Local is a c*nt but at least he isnt a self hating little wigger mongrel like you. Is there really any hope for black people when so many of us are terrified of SELF REFLECTION, but we have no problem with passing the buck onto whitey when we feel like it? All over social media I see this stuff, and its the same on VIP2. Always going on about what the daemons do. Yeah we know by now how whitey gets down, why not turn the mirror on ourselves objectively? If I was coming in here writing bare shit about illuminati, and secret spys in our brains then fair enough label me a rambling madman. But these things I am saying I feel many other black people, at least the intelligent and perceptive ones, can see and recognise but for various reasons such as fear and maybe not wanting to offend 'their own people', they hold back. I am still waiting all now for someone to come in and LOGICALLY, or at least rationally deconstruct the ideas i share. Dont come crying like little bitches and making all sorts of transparent deflections.
  14. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    You are a white guy, who spends his life on a black culture forum. What did my post have to do with you? How can you relate to or understand where I am coming from when your knowledge of black culture doesn't extend past Dipset you pathetic wigger?
  15. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    I wasn't a victim at all in school. The opposite. You are a small minded idiot anyway we established that already