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  1. Swiftie

    Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    So is CoinBase going to fold and allow all these pop ups? https://blog.coinbase.com/our-process-for-adding-new-assets-f97b7ba65bea?gi=6f65688f1620
  2. Swiftie

    Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    Still WIP but they're nearly complete with that 360 flip to their origins.
  3. Swiftie

    zimbabwe coup?

    That's the thing tho. Tobacco was not going to be the one if you compare it with Oil. Anyway, China already have a major hand and probably already playing the whole thing from 6000 miles.
  4. Swiftie

    Formula 1 2017

    Surely Mother Nature has links to the food chain. 🤓
  5. Swiftie

    Formula 1 2017

    Vettel to blame on that start. It's not the last race of the year. No need to be squeezing like he did. Oh well Lewis got his miracle.
  6. Swiftie

    Learning To Code

    What language/s is everyone coding in?
  7. Swiftie

    Hot Summer: 2017 Transfer window edition

    ancelotti's the plug for clement. Them dudes have history
  8. Swiftie

    Dot Rotten vs P Money

    Where's Krept & Konan coz Dot chatting that wickedness that will make a man disappear.
  9. Swiftie

    Dot Rotten vs P Money

    Some new form of man. Bare hear say or social media rumours get turned to facts real quick.
  10. City getting torn apart. Lukaku with 0 degrees
  11. Swiftie

    Formula 1 2017

    Not having none and practically calling Vettel out.
  12. Swiftie

    London Bridge incident

    I don't know about luck. Looks like he's sustained life threatening/changing injuries if he's not at death's door with the stabs he got.
  13. Swiftie


    Testing is all complete and the adverts are now off.
  14. Swiftie


    Testing something out for the next 24 hours. Bear with us please.
  15. Swiftie

    Attack Outside Houses of Parliament

    Citymapper or some radio station like LBC should've been you the a phone call of I can't make it in due to terrorist attack.