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  1. Looks to have been a plugin. Disabled it and would need some monitoring from the rest of the users to ensure nothing else is broken
  2. Swiftie

    Welcome back

    Yeah saw this myself today. Tweaked some further config in the hope of making it rapid. Adjusted some settings 1st, there are possible other improvements but one step at a time.
  3. Swiftie

    Welcome back

    Tweaked php config to deal with some reported 504 timeouts. So let me know if it’s the same or worse.
  4. Nobody was backing LPool to be honest. But that doesn't excuse the fact the traffic is not there
  5. Swiftie

    Welcome back

    Yeah there was an issue with reputation post the server move. But this is sorted for now and all emails should be getting processed post me clearing up all the back log. With regards to emailing users, this will happen later on today to as the 1st issue had to be under control before we could blat the 2nd Out of interest, the email you received. What was the from address? Was it the '[email protected]' one?
  6. Swiftie

    Welcome back

    Multiple DB repairs and re-config of components just to get the thing working again in a new platform took the longest to debug and iron out. The lack of updates in that space whilst the issues were being worked on is my bad. If it’s done then it’s done and eventually the site will just go offline. 🤐 Don’t know about November, unless if you were on a firewall access list block somewhere.
  7. Swiftie

    Welcome back

    Can I get feedback on how it's all performing?
  8. Swiftie

    Welcome back

    I could say that was intended just to ensure that I had everyone’s attention. But that site message has now been disabled and everyone can access as before
  9. Swiftie

    Welcome back

    So it took longer than expected, some bumps on the way. Even had a bump after the re-launch this morning. But I trust that I've ironed out those tech issues. What's everyone been up to?
  10. So is CoinBase going to fold and allow all these pop ups? https://blog.coinbase.com/our-process-for-adding-new-assets-f97b7ba65bea?gi=6f65688f1620
  11. Still WIP but they're nearly complete with that 360 flip to their origins.
  12. That's the thing tho. Tobacco was not going to be the one if you compare it with Oil. Anyway, China already have a major hand and probably already playing the whole thing from 6000 miles.
  13. Surely Mother Nature has links to the food chain. ?
  14. Vettel to blame on that start. It's not the last race of the year. No need to be squeezing like he did. Oh well Lewis got his miracle.
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