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  1. Well my mum has terminal cancer and my auntie tessa has liver cancer as well
  2. It's been a terrible year for me i hope you guy's have had a better year than me
  3. Fucking horrible racist Americans should never have freedom ever again rot in jail till they die in solitary
  4. Corbyn was never out of his depth but unfortunately his own party HQ plotted against him in both elections otherwise we would have had a labour government from 17
  5. The whole Conservative party should step aside and let Labour handle this shit show of a mess
  6. This is an absolute sham he should of been sacked on the spot
  7. Of course he's got blood on his hands for not listening to who by not testing tracing locking down way to late and letting flights in from corona hit countries
  8. Bozo the clown the incompetent fool needs to resign and replaced by Jeremy Corbyn to sort this cluster fuck of a shit show out
  9. A little while ago, I posted an item in which I criticised this current Government for politicising the figures relating to how the number of deaths reported was each day, due to Coronavirus. It seemed to hit a raw note with some, so I eventually pulled the posting. However, ever since then, it has been National news that the Government seems to have been covering up the number of deaths from covid-19 in nursing/care homes and in the community. It soon became apparent that the actual number has been enormous and yet could be even greater yet. How low can this Government go? It has been clear, since the very first reports from China, that this Government was completely unprepared and in particular, BJ showed how completely out of his depth he was. From showing us how to wash our hands wrongly, to admitting freely he had shaken hands with someone who had the virus, he has shown he has had no clue. Is it any wonder with such reckless behaviour that he contracted the virus himself and had to be hospitalised for a number of weeks? We have seen a Government far too slow to react and shut down our borders, becoming complicit in so many unnecessary deaths. A Government that was completely caught out with the lack of Personal Protection Equipment and is still not supplying nursing homes properly. A Government that was so short of nursing staff it had to put out a National appeal to retired and former nursing staff to come forward and volunteer to help out in this time of crisis. An incredible number responded, but at this time, I am not aware of the employment status. Whether they are paid staff or just regarded as volunteers, I am unsure. Maybe, if the Conservatives hadn't decimated the nursing staff numbers over the last decade, it would not have been necessary. Maybe, if the Government had taken note of recommendations to plan ahead for such situations, we could have been so much better prepared, with an actual plan, rather than just making it up as they go along. Maybe, this Government could have been better prepared with PPE if it hadn't decided to penny pinch wherever it wanted. In short, this Government's handling of this crisis has been abysmal and arguably responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths. For those of you that voted BJ into power, you must surely share the responsibility. Don't think, that if you are just another ordinary working man or woman, that BJ has any regard for you, he has shown he hasn't. Don't make the same mistake again. Please.
  10. Hear, hear William ✊🏻👏👏👏👏👏👏 This government lies like a rug. Media are touting for it, proclaiming testing is 'available to all key workers'. Nonsense. Utter bullshit. It's available to those who are symptomatic. That's the gaping caveat. Many of us will be asymptomatic. That's the most dangerous type of person to expose other workers to. I can't see or hold my son because we don't know if I'm well. I go to work every single shift despite not knowing if I'm well. I could for all I know be a super spreader of something other than class unity. We need full testing for all essential workers and we need it weeks ago. The ineptitude is astonishing and no amount of good natured and well intended clapping and Captain Tom'ing are going to change that. We need an organized and working class remedy. Please join us for this very important NSSN meeting.
  11. Connorwickham stop trolling my posts you imbecile
  12. To be fair i hate all lying tory mps who cheered when voted against lifting the pay cap on nurses and other public service workers absolutely pissed me off to the max. People need to wake up this government isn't for the many it will always represent the few
  13. Thug rottie

    Black The Ripper

    RIP black ripper
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