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  1. Would love to smash her backdoors in even though I hate the Tory bitch with a passion
  2. This forum needs a new massive outlay of new members coming in on a daily basis posting commenting etc to kick-start vip2.
  3. Ring up trump he's pimping her out on the regs
  4. Vip2 has passed its sell by date unfortunately it had a good run but it's runs it's course
  5. Oh Boris is getting deeper and deeper in blood on his hands
  6. All girls drink and get wet quicker wen drunk
  7. Thug rottie


    Antisemitic talk needs to stop but so does the killing of Palestinian people
  8. Boris will never be able to wash his hands clean from this horrible handling of this pandemic through sheer incompetence
  9. Well my mum has terminal cancer and my auntie tessa has liver cancer as well
  10. It's been a terrible year for me i hope you guy's have had a better year than me
  11. Fucking horrible racist Americans should never have freedom ever again rot in jail till they die in solitary
  12. Corbyn was never out of his depth but unfortunately his own party HQ plotted against him in both elections otherwise we would have had a labour government from 17
  13. The whole Conservative party should step aside and let Labour handle this shit show of a mess
  14. This is an absolute sham he should of been sacked on the spot
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