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  1. The establishment has spoken labour is in safe hands and will romp home in a general election
  2. RIP Carl weathers gone but never forgotten
  3. The media has been out of control for decades and Jeremy Corbyn was going to rightfully put a change to that
  4. Happy new year I mean happy belated new year
  5. Keep this site going old skool members should comeback debate have fun discussing funny and important political topics
  6. Makes me sick this current labour party. Kier Stalin is 100th% a true Tory
  7. Fuck off kier starmer a Tory in disguise
  8. The shit show continues and next general election couldn't come anytime sooner
  9. She's dead we now have a new king damn it abolish the monarchy republicans come together
  10. I know absolutely clueless in thinking they will help the working class
  11. Voted on a get brexit done lie and they just never stop lying
  12. It's legal for all data to be kept on as no time limit
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