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  1. I always thought mr Andy Peters was gay it's about time he told the world what most people know
  2. What's everyone's thoughts on Phil coming out. I was shocked didn't see that coming
  3. This site needs closing ASAP no compassion shown to Kobe
  4. People who voted brexit to be worse off after the transition phase i hope you get what's coming to you a time of torture
  5. The greatest b ball player of all time without a shadow of a doubt. Show your respect members of the vip2 community for this fallen comrade
  6. Liverpool the labour team of English football going to win the premiership for the first time and will be a proud day for Liverpool and labour because they go together
  7. Nice one chaps let's keep this site open for the many not the privileged few
  8. Hope you guy's who still use this forum had a blast last night and recover well in the morning let's get this site back up and running for the many not the privileged few
  9. I think closing it is the only choice unfortunately
  10. Disappointed with the appointment of Arteta should been a man with more experience and knowledge of the role but he's probs another yes man like wenger
  11. Absolutely gutted that the tories got a majority because of the media lies and the changing the stance on brexit from 2017 JC4PM the best prime minister we're never going to have unfortunately
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