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  1. Want to change my Nexus 6p to a new good Andrioid phone, willing to buy straight cash, budget around 350 Any ideas
  2. Seriously fuck sky! I have been paying them for a service where I was only getting 5% speed of what I should be getting. I'm talking like 1mbs download speed. Called them so many times and all they could say was "sorry it's the area you are in"... But 1mbps though!???!!? Moved to virgin, got the 100mbs for £30 and loving life now.
  3. He was a big part in one of the best eras of rap. Sad times, RIP
  4. Some wavy tracks on this new tape but this is my fave!
  5. When you press the jump button while sprinting on GTA
  6. Wtf did i just watch. I wish I could gain that 10mins back
  7. Local what are you doing for work and visa there?
  8. You still in BKK fella? My girl and her sister went Croatia + Montenegro (done Split, Dubrovnik etc), looked proppper nice.
  10. Both of the albums are gold King Pluto
  11. Bentley truck yeah that's my choice of riiide Shkk shkuuuuur Kelly Price is my tune✌️
  12. I would say Quavo is the TRUTH right now Been listening to nothing but Quavo Ratatouille recently PERKYYYY Why do the birds need a plane if they can flyyy
  13. Future swag >>>>>>> Too much
  14. I find myself listening to nothing but 67 these days. The way I get gassed wherever I am. Dimzy has seriously got something special... the way he just floats on every track is DIFFERENT. By far my favourite in the group. His voice and flow goes perfectly over these hard trap beats. FIRST TIME I SEE THAT 50, I HELD IT WITH TWO HANDS LIKE A NEW BORN Dimzy bodies this single handedly. LD should of been on this.