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  1. Thank you rappy rob I had a fantastic Christmas with the misses even though I had a stinking cold
  2. Tories are being voted out on July 4th media has told us
  3. The establishment has spoken labour is in safe hands and will romp home in a general election
  4. RIP Carl weathers gone but never forgotten
  5. The media has been out of control for decades and Jeremy Corbyn was going to rightfully put a change to that
  6. Happy new year I mean happy belated new year
  7. Keep this site going old skool members should comeback debate have fun discussing funny and important political topics
  8. Makes me sick this current labour party. Kier Stalin is 100th% a true Tory
  9. Fuck off kier starmer a Tory in disguise
  10. The shit show continues and next general election couldn't come anytime sooner
  11. She's dead we now have a new king damn it abolish the monarchy republicans come together
  12. I know absolutely clueless in thinking they will help the working class
  13. Voted on a get brexit done lie and they just never stop lying
  14. It's legal for all data to be kept on as no time limit
  15. Thug rottie


    Snitch nigga, roberz999 now thug rottie
  16. Thug rottie


    Welcome back Comrade we need solidarity in this place stick together and we could bring this forum back to life viva LA VIPs
  17. No world war 3 it's a media conspiracy blown out of proportion as always
  18. The site continues at a slow pace of posts comments etc
  19. We need to start more political post's to get youngsters who believed in Jeremy Corbyn to get this forum back up and running. JC4PM forever in our hearts
  20. Old mandem need to come back and save this forum
  21. Fuck the Tories and the Tory voters for putting us working folk in such a mess
  22. Big up the Jamaican player silencing the far right boo boys clowning them each time with those goals
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