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  1. Foolish child vip2 never missed a trick but time moves and things change for better or worse
  2. We need more famous sport's stars speaking up for the people of poorer families to get rid of this horrible government who only care for themselves. Tory scum
  3. We need more famous sport's stars speaking up for the people of poorer families to get rid of this horrible government who only care for themselves. Tory scum
  4. False no reason given just false
  5. Would love to smash her backdoors in even though I hate the Tory bitch with a passion
  6. This forum needs a new massive outlay of new members coming in on a daily basis posting commenting etc to kick-start vip2.
  7. Ring up trump he's pimping her out on the regs
  8. Vip2 has passed its sell by date unfortunately it had a good run but it's runs it's course
  9. Oh Boris is getting deeper and deeper in blood on his hands
  10. All girls drink and get wet quicker wen drunk
  11. Thug rottie


    Antisemitic talk needs to stop but so does the killing of Palestinian people
  12. Boris will never be able to wash his hands clean from this horrible handling of this pandemic through sheer incompetence
  13. Well my mum has terminal cancer and my auntie tessa has liver cancer as well
  14. It's been a terrible year for me i hope you guy's have had a better year than me
  15. Fucking horrible racist Americans should never have freedom ever again rot in jail till they die in solitary
  16. Corbyn was never out of his depth but unfortunately his own party HQ plotted against him in both elections otherwise we would have had a labour government from 17
  17. The whole Conservative party should step aside and let Labour handle this shit show of a mess
  18. This is an absolute sham he should of been sacked on the spot
  19. Of course he's got blood on his hands for not listening to who by not testing tracing locking down way to late and letting flights in from corona hit countries
  20. Bozo the clown the incompetent fool needs to resign and replaced by Jeremy Corbyn to sort this cluster fuck of a shit show out
  21. A little while ago, I posted an item in which I criticised this current Government for politicising the figures relating to how the number of deaths reported was each day, due to Coronavirus. It seemed to hit a raw note with some, so I eventually pulled the posting. However, ever since then, it has been National news that the Government seems to have been covering up the number of deaths from covid-19 in nursing/care homes and in the community. It soon became apparent that the actual number has been enormous and yet could be even greater yet. How low can this Government go? It has been c
  22. Hear, hear William ✊🏻👏👏👏👏👏👏 This government lies like a rug. Media are touting for it, proclaiming testing is 'available to all key workers'. Nonsense. Utter bullshit. It's available to those who are symptomatic. That's the gaping caveat. Many of us will be asymptomatic. That's the most dangerous type of person to expose other workers to. I can't see or hold my son because we don't know if I'm well. I go to work every single shift despite not knowing if I'm well. I could for all I know be a super spreader of something other than class unity. We need full testing for all essential workers an
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