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  1. gb gg gb h h ggb rgb gb gb gb rg h m m m m yjm jm jm IM TOO HYPED!!!!!! WAR RAMPAGE!!!!
  2. Why the fuck did Mark shoot @ the end, Rothwell was dead on his feet
  3. Broughton is a disgrace, how can you come into a fight in dat kinda shape
  4. i would post in here but every time i have some news u beat me 2 it, lol bones has got this all day, i cant c rampage winning any other way than landing a lucky punch but given jon's reach, elusivness, and quintons supceptability (sp) to leg kicks, i cant even see rampage getting any luck. h i dont get why everyone thinks the hughes\kos fight will b dead or kos will lay and pray. kosheck has only used lnp once in recent times against daley. his hands r certified, r people forgetting his knockouts of yoshida n trig? hughes has been done for a minute, he jus gt life with that win over almeid
  5. Not gonna happen, he's been dropped from the whole zuffa brand. Apparently it was because they wanted him to fight in sept and his he wanted to fight in oct, that and they werent too keen on him fighting on japanese circuit/K-1 and all the other side hussles hes got goings on.
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  7. yhdgghcsgcdkjdfgfgfgfhffhfhfhfhhffhhf Tooo hypedIt ain't even the main eventdgdgdgdgdgdgdg
  8. Tonight- Meeting up wiv sum old college heads Saturday/Sunday- Lad's weekender; Smoke, drink, bang chinese, buss joke, watch UFC, get up, drink some more, watch Chelsea/Liverpool, drink if we win, smoke if we lose, lol
  9. R.I.P this thread, lol.Dunno if anyone's interested but, UFC 126 is on 2morro night (well, Sunday morning, Pre lims @ 2, main card @ 3) on ESPN and it looks like it could b an epic night. Put it this way, from when Bones can't een make the Co-main event slot, you KNOW it's a stacked card, lol.Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort is the Main event for the middleweight title. Everyman should know bout A.Silva by now, but if u've never seen Vitor, jus go youtube n type Vitor vs Wanderlei, nuff said, lol. Yeh, he's lost a step since then, but he's also improved his wrestling drmatically since the last
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