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  1. Whats goin down for the weekend Friday - Go karting and Clay shooting for the first time. Sat - Work + El Classico Sun - iLL spend the entire day trying to mount a wall tv, paint and build some ikea cupboards
  2. The irony of this. "None." is a perfectly adequate response you mix breed hipster c*nt. You're the kinda dude I scare the living daylights out of at raves. LOL Im dying here post of the week
  3. There are no words I have trouble spelling. *Edited by Niall Ferguson, Today, 12:09 PM.* Hmm.
  4. how many are on finance? if you wanted to switch cars do you have to pay out the remaining lease? and once the overall price is done how much difference would have been for a used car including admin/interest
  5. Well, It isn't always like that. It depends on the specific group of thugs and what they're on that night. Everyone is a target i concur once somebody is in a pack mentality even their own mother could stop them
  6. Certain words drive me crazy Efficency excellant convenace ive got tons more but those three annoy me
  7. Been saying this for years if you think the s3 is economical then the Audi quat 4x4 is on another planet never leaving audi again. lol...economical as in averaging 15MPG around town, down to 8/9MPG during the traffic light sprints. the grip of the 4x4 though....I shouldn't be going round tight corners at the speed I can, tbh....when I first got whip, I was actually debating whether it was too much car for me...I've had to up my thinking speed to a next level cos things are just happening in a blur. Getting re-remapped at the end of the month...woooooooooooii!! you kinda answered your own question obvs around town its poor mpg especially traffic light sprints vshell isnt for town/city driving its most effective on motorway journeys tbh i dont see the point of a remap in the city you have enough power as it is which u probably dont even use its full power and remap doesnt improve efficiency thats a fallacy how much you payin for the remap anyway? and ruz is right u'll burn the clutch out in no time + added strain on gearbox if you drive like a clown with the remap
  8. Been saying this for years if you think the s3 is economical then the Audi quat 4x4 is on another planet never leaving audi again.
  9. whats worse is when you buy a car and if it has 12months tax you wont be able to use you'd have to buy a new one. these conservatives in the dvla are the biggest fucking thieves on earth if this bullshit happened in any other country you'd see mass riots
  10. Hold on the hell is this little nigga talking about, talking about straps which you dont have the fuck are you on about i removed myself to stop me catching a 1st degree murder charge on your little faggot self, still trollin since the 60s tell your real age to the folks. chatting shit is one thing but chatting shit about straps shows how fucking retarded you are.
  11. You can pretend and act like you aint shook to death or you can shut the fuck up. I can pop for khat anytime I fucking like. Admin i would to have this thread closed. I dont need to plan times with him if i have his address.
  12. You dont fuck around with somebodies kids. I want everybody to see im not joking. Especially you.
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