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  1. wow where has the time gone Still people dont know what really happened
  2. Swear you must be confused arent your messagin the wrong people www.rightmove.co.uk or www.zoopla.co.uk is you
  3. Do u know how racist they are tho
  4. Alot of english move to spain which they dont like or so ive heard so im guessing thats way they get so much of a bly....cant b hypocritical
  5. Rofl true say but i did get asked to post by marlo white batty man its ur turn to post a girl u beat dont b shook now
  6. Had to sign up to twitter jus to post pics btw
  7. Kim

    A Rich Bitch

    Imagine having a party An inviting ur man and ur side peice ....nw both chilling at different ends of the club i knew a girl that did this Plus shes got a next ting whos more like dessert waiting at home for updates who didnt even get invited looooool All jamacain all know about each other
  8. Kim

    Black avator gang

    Big up urselfs ina real life part of the black avi gang nw
  9. Kim

    Conjuring 2

    sorry had to bump as this is one of the best horror films ive ever seen, its nit only based on true events they basically just reinact the whole tale on what really happend in the haunted house of london loved it better than the first by far seen Annabelle also which is the first of the four ...my mate told me about the forth yesturday just forgotten name anyone kno?
  10. Proper sensitive guys on here niall u kno that
  11. Kim

    Conjuring 2

    Good reveiws tbh il check it out
  12. Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy no football im honey monsta btw
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