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  1. scared of who?

    grime GRIME

    Aint sorted a head unit for my new whip so been digging out old CD's recently and came across this: Struggling to think of a better grime album ever
  2. scared of who?

    hiphop CAM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

    Dun Know
  3. scared of who?

    uk-rap Snap Capone - Pecknarm

    I rate snap highly, and there will always be a lane for crud talk. Another reckless Narm yout I rate is CS. Thinks he's doing life though. Narm rap>>>>>>> Waiting on Billy and Capo's mixtape to drop
  4. scared of who?

    hiphop CAM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

    Just copped tickets for me an the mandem. Its gonna be peak when the beat drops for Killa Cam What time is he due to touch stage?
  5. scared of who?

    The Football Boot Thread

    I’ve got a 5-a-side tournament in Germany this weekend so I went to Niketown on Sunday to cop some vapors. I left there empty handed and disgusted by the fruity colourways that Nike are trying to push. The Vapors, Total 90s and Tiempos where all unacceptable and have no place on a football pitch. Had to llow it and cop some of these instead: Pele 1970’s on sale for £80 in Sports Direct. Started breaking them in yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised.You won’t get the glove fit you get from Nike and Adidas Fit but they are definitely some of the comfiest boots I’ve worn. In terms of gameplay: Control – Very good close control, but they feel a bit weird (atm) when dribbling at speed. It also sometimes goes a bit wayward when I turn with the outside of the boot. I think this is because there is a bit of space above my big toe. 7/10 Shooting – Felt an instant improvement in my shot power, accuracy and ability to curl. It also feels like the more you play the better they become. Would probably say these are as good as preds if not better. 9/10 Speed – Passionate about this as it’s my main asset. They’re definitely no vapours and the sizing issue I mentioned restricts your stride. Having said that they are so comfy and light so you can still blitz man for fun. If your solely reliant on pace, then don’t cop these. 6/10 Verdict – Satisfied with the purchase already and I think they will get better the more I play in them. Still likely to have the vapours as my main boot, but these will make a decent alternative.
  6. scared of who?

    FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup

    perfect start
  7. scared of who?

    Newcastle thread - Joe Kinnear Confirmed as DOF

    Should have been sacked as soon as he uttered this tosh
  8. scared of who?

    Newcastle thread - Joe Kinnear Confirmed as DOF

    The situation is that peak that I'm hoping we hire Poyet. Despite the fact he is a despicable human being, Kinnears appointment is a red herring. The root cause of our problem (Other than Ashley) is still Pardew and he shows no signs of rectfying his failures. Guys solution for next seaon is to; sign some 6 ft 4ers, get another tackler in midfield and bring in more English players, all his words. Said nothing about our inability to create goals, lack of width and our shocking transition from defence to attack. Guy is out of his depth and needs to fuck off.
  9. scared of who?


    Virgil van Djik>Celtic £2.6 mil Bargain. They will get make a decent profit on the resale. Newcastle stay slipping!
  10. scared of who?

    FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup

    Forlan is taking the piss with that ball
  11. scared of who?

    FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup

    Yeah he beasted in the ANC Would like to see him loaned to a prem team / Forlan>>>>>
  12. scared of who?

    FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup

    TBH he always looks like a boy amongst men. Any malnourished speed merchant.
  13. scared of who?

    afc Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    If you say so Sherlock http://www.google.com/search?q=payet#q=payet&source=univ&tbm=nws&tbo=u&sa=X&ei=9CS_UdnPK8WL0AWtn4HQDQ&ved=0CDYQqAI&fp=807d44c058779804&biw=719&bih=266&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&cad=b&sei=ziW_Uav1FPTJ0AXd4YHQCw
  14. scared of who?

    afc Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    Hearing rumours of Payet. Was Frances best player against Brazil.
  15. scared of who?

    FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup

    Just preed Naija's team properly. Keshi's gone too far with that selection. After watching Uruguay yesterday, I think we could have made it to the knock out stages. No chance with that team. Niggas are rowing over 6 grand FFS