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  1. Flojo


    I've heard the odd tune from him and he sounds good, what's his catalog saying? What tapes do I need?
  2. sum1 upload more of his tunes plzdat hardbodied 1 was live
  3. dub


    guys pretty decent, latest track sounds a bit like Dizzee but his other stuff sounds a bit more original and fresh older tracks
  4. Necksta


    Why is this guy so slept on? Mixtape Download: http://www.ukrapmusi...-skrapz-is-back There's at least 4-5 bangers in his tape. Discuss
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZF1cwXR-ro Come across the video last week, think it's his debut video..There's only about 3 or 4 tunes up that I can find; he ain't got the catalog to deserve a thread, but the kid has mad potential. Supported TDE in Dublin from what I can see, and has a couple features out...Don't sleep.
  6. User


    flows are cold
  7. No thread for these guys nah? I think they're sick, been dropping straight bangers. I haven't heard that much so I'll see what their mxtapes are saying. md_dan, come out of hiding brah.. J Hus just dropped his mixtape 'The 15th Day Mixtape http://www.datpiff.com/J-Hus-The-15th-Day-mixtape.725071.html
  8. macz

    Wretch 32

    01 Wretch Trapective02 Persistance03 Let's Party Freestyle04 Used To Be Ft Scorcher, Ghetto & Mercston05 Buss Da Dance Ft Danny B06 Why's He Trying It Ft Scorcher & Skilla B07 Can't Say Sorry08 Combo & Chain Gang Ft Y.Wizz & Mumbles09 Can't Be Life Freestyle10 Itching To See Us Fall Ft Ghetto11 You Will Never Call Me Baby Ft YB-She Don't Really Know12 Night Time Ft Captain, Cell 22 & Ceaze13 Have Mercy14 What You Want From The Game Ft P.Nero15 Never Felt16 Never Let You Down Ft Scorcher, Cell 22 & Heady17 This Life18 Bad Day Ft Cell 2219 Had To Go20 We Don't Know Fear21 Psychic Read My Palm22 All Coming Back To Me23 Sorry Remix Ft P.Nero, Friscoe, Cell 22, Scorcher & Caliber24 Speak To Teach All The YouthLINK COMIN SOON
  9. Non stop greeze and crud. Uncle Murda of this UK rap. Reminds me of the same type of content Gigz was spitting when he first came out.
  10. In no order Biz Tribez Sneakbo Dave Nines @Young Bape @MGEEZ@Lionel & Dave
  11. Guest

    Krept & Konan

    https://tusfiles.net/9lzmc30jjbpu like the hook less said about the verses
  12. So there is a new UK rapper called Nick Brewer who has just been signed to Island Records. His new single is called I am "pro"; but do you like it? Is it a spin/ bin??
  13. ag.

    mike glc

    imo one of the best uk rappers not even that special lyrically but hes similar to some of the better american rappers in how he paints pictures in his lyrics never used to rate his stuff on channel u back in the day,especially that tune with his kid in it that was on literally every 5 minutes for a few months
  14. To German/French/Spanish People making mils and mils over there, industry is full of people making cake some diss video and its got 14 mil views
  15. Took this of the grmdaily website. But yeah, been something that I have been thinking for a while about the whole d*ck riding sport ukhh has always had.Had 3 different up & coming rappers asking man to shoot a visual for this same beat. DWMT is a sick beat. But it took french montana to jump on it before uk rappers wanted to jump on. Their is no originality in ukhh and it always going to be in the shadow of the USHH.
  16. had to be fucking original evil music Acuity2k6 2 years ago on a real, if someone told satan to spit bars to this beat, it wouldn't have sounded much different.. this shit doesn't even qualify as 'greaze' - its beyond that.. way beyond..
  17. #MixtapeMonday Without a doubt Timbar's No Manners With It is considered a UK Rap classic, so it's with great pleasure that we bring to you the first full solo project since then, Timbar's 'Hidden Files'. Download it below directly from ukrapmusic.com Tracklisting: 01. Intro (Mykal Million) 02. New Wave (Feat. Komoshen) (Prod. By Gappy) 03. 32 Bars Of Truth (Prod. By Sirens) 04. Threat 2 Da Game (Feat. Vile Greeze) (Prod. By Sirens) 05. Life's Cold (Prod. By Loco) 06. Still Doing Crime (Prod. By Loco) 07. 32 Bars Of Truth Pt. 2 (Prod. By Sirens) 08. Ranks Freestyle (Prod. By Ranks) 09. Da Illist (Feat. M.A & Sticks) (Prod. By Dice) 10. Goin In (Feat. Bar4Bar) (Prod. By Dice) 11. Cold Days (Prod. By Dice) 12. Definition Of A Hitman (Prod. By Gappy) 13. 1 Away Bride (Prod By Ranks) 14. Meet Me At Da Yard (Feat. Notes & John Wayne) (Prod. By Versa Beatz) 15. Dreams (Feat. Propane & Treat) (Bonus Track) http://urm.fm/hiddenfiles
  18. Pak-Man is an upcoming rapper from South London, who has just released his anticipated second mix-tape 'Ahead Of My Time' available for FREE DOWNLOAD!! Pak-Man has released a number of videos this year as well as appearing on Charlie Sloth's Fire In The Booth and SBTV's new season of F64 confirming his position as a prominent figure in the underground UK rap scene, with a growing Asian following due to his background. The tape includes features from Joe Black, Young Tef and Haze as well as production from 80's baby and Soka Beatz. Download the mixtape here : http://www.ukrapmusic.com/mixtapes-downloads?download=539%3Apak-man-ahead-of-my-time Tracklisting 01. Pak-Man - Summary 02. Pak-Man - Keep Going 03. Pak-Man - Over & Over 04. Pak-Man - Rainy Days (Feat. Hipman Junky) 05. Pak-Man - Same Shit Different Day (Feat. Joe Black) 06. Pak-Man - Suffering 07. Pak-Man - Big Things 08. Pak-Man - Crazy 09. Pak-Man - On & On 10. Pak-Man - Straight Cash (Feat. Big Chess) 11. Pak-Man - Paper Flip (Feat. Youngs Teflon) 12. Pak-Man - Fast Life 13. Pak-Man - Built To Survive (Feat. Haze) 14. Pak-Man - Too Long (Feat. Jasmine Knight) Follow Pak-man on Twitter @pakmanonline
  19. to spend on a UK Rap/Grime artist, who would it be? if you had a million to sign him or her to your label, and fund the advertising, promotion, videos etc etc they cant be someone well known or obviously a signed act eg Chipmunk, Benny Banks, Joe Black, J Spades, Young Spray, MashTown etc etc and they have to have a song or video out already that you would push as their warm up single or even single if they're good enough? random i know but who would you pick?
  20. Following on from their massive club smash 'Wine de Best' ft. Busy Signal, Fatman Scoop & Kano still currently a hot fave with DJ's, Orange Hill Productions return with their new single, this time collaborating with dancehall supremo extraordinaire, Vybz Kartel. Continuing to push boundaries with their unique artistic vocal pairings, the dancehall influenced UK rap maestro Sneakbo provides that homegrown flavour on the remix. With early support from top tastemaker DJ's Robbo Ranx, Toddla T, Mistajam and the Heatwave to name a few, this ones tipped to continue Ras Kwame and Jnr. Tubby aka Orange Hill's injection of electrobashment to the club scene worldwide to rapturous applause Orange Hill ft. Vybz Kartel - Pon Time (Original mix) Soundcloud : [media=] Orange Hill ft. Vybz Kartel & Sneakbo - Pon Time (Remix) Youtube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMj1ZhUeOjY Look out for the official video dropping soon! RELEASE DATE - TBC (ElectroBashy Recs. 2102) Follow Orange Hill on Twitter @OHPMUSIC Follow Vybz Kartel on Twitter @vybz_kartel Follow Sneakbo on Twitter @sneakbo1
  21. > _________Your favourite uk rapper bar gigs...Too reaaaaaaaaaal!
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