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  1. ye been ages, aint seen u on this site in years! i dont really use this forum anymore myself, but i thought id hit you back on the comment, for the old days! hope all is cool anyways

  2. nope, never been to Napa.
  3. I don't know why when people here "Midlands" they think Birmingham, lol. I'm from the East Midlands, between Northampton and Leicester I guess, extremely lame ends.
  4. student visas are expensive so I thought I would see how London is. I'm moving to Toronto in April but I've been here since the end of '08.
  5. lol at "white ting", is there any evidence of this back off you speak of?
  6. cheers, I hate drum & bass but I might check it out.
  7. Yo Yo on a Thursday will defo be your thing. Swear you were in the US on a working tip? no I was in film school, I live in London now. I was there from '06-'08 lol, it's been a while. Thursday where??
  8. a lot's changed since I used to be on this thing; I'm back from NY, living in London. what's good with you?
  9. hii!yeah you were called Da Luv Doc in my day.
  10. Same sh*t different day.. What brings you here?We have had 3 generations post rwd days.wow 3 generations!? yeah I think I was 16/17 when I was on here all the time, I'm 23 now, so yeah. I don't know really, just contemplating my life in London and it reminded me of when I used to chat on here, pre everything. I was under the impression I'd move to London and grime would be everywhere, but I think it died before I got here. long live 2004.
  11. well howdy, what's new?
  12. say hi if you're from the RWD days and still post in here. k cheers bye.
  13. spiderman, man, long time...

  14. it's been a while...

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    2. st*ra


      a lot of Londoners on here, curious to see what's going on in this city.

    3. Risky


      dont know her..

    4. 8BALL


      A long long time

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