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  1. i dont really tend to judge a next man on his looks its kinda fruity but each to there own FYI im betting ur the kinda neek i would slap and send shop knowing its closed, but true ue online ur "that guy" pack a lunch son ffs
  2. BRUH!!! use to make... im just trying to crack on with it, aint u vex at living with ur mummy and ur dam near 40? shes trying to get it in left and right and ur ruining it, in ur room being a bedroom MC still trying to "make it" CBL
  3. what am i reading? its nearly 2017 and ur on here talking about jump scares brudda live ur retarded life already come outta ur mums box room on the bunkbeds u share with no one and do suttin with ur life buy a house? goin miami and fuck couple gyal i dunno do suttin u cant be a minimum wages rent a cop forever. reminiscing over the one time u kinda made a tune that got a couple spins (mostly requested by u) it makes me sad for u, i aint even meaning to diss u but i cant explain it without u seaming some kinda cunt soz
  4. wernt that bad hes gotta tne it down forbbc
  5. bran has another flash back to where he is with the mad king shouting at him but the king can only hear wispers and thinks hes goin mad hence the mad king
  6. has either been hacked yet xbox 360 LT3.0was life
  7. bare man on here was Rating Strand now man turned out to be a BOOTY GOON SILENCE
  8. "i prefer being a only child "
  9. meh seams staged i always think about theses guys if ur so good at trading why waste time making theses promo video, and teaching people just get on with it nah ?
  10. anyone got a stream for silva v bisping keep looking its nowhere
  11. and he said in BARE interviews im gonna take him out i the 1st exchange his gas level after doin that to the worlds best P4P is gonna be crazy gonna want to fight werdum/Cain winner LMAO
  12. the mad ting is they didnt have enough evidence to convict, he admitted being there if he didnt he would be home now, he gave himself a life sentence, which he prob deserved tbh
  13. new tape got in the club ft 50 cent lmao the disrespect
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