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  1. skybet got a deal on all faves to win (chelsea, man city, man utd, spurs, arsenal, liverpool) 9/1 decent, defo worth putting something down.
  2. accu predictions for tomorrows matches?
  3. any1 about tonight after 7pm? will wrap the game up with PSG. PS3. aulakh777
  4. flyest was never a challenge on fifa still
  5. yeah just 1 vs 1. I'll be coppin a 360 next week...
  6. Does any one actually play head-to-head, its all UT talk here?
  7. will be touchin down on xbox soon. mainman where u at, revenge time.
  8. Such a sick game, shame you cant find it anywhere now!
  9. makes two of us. my ps3 blu ray drive is busted
  10. Pissed nah the ethernet port cant be gone just like that, its prob the cable that needs changing - if all else fails wifi connection is u. hdmi prob is prob faulty cable aswell
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