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  1. Trim

    FIFA 20

    As if I haven’t been on here in years and Nems still dropping my name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Trim

    FIFA 19

    Mans still using that old excuse yeah
  3. Just upgraded from my iphone 6 plus. Couldn't even be bothered to wait for the dead announcements for the 7 so went for the galaxy note 7 instead. Phones gonna be hard to beat. The design of the phone is brilliant and the difference in the clarity of the screen is ridiculous. Thought a couple of the features might be a bit gimmicky (iris scanner) but despite the bullshit reviews posted online pre release it works well A good few places claimed wearing contacts would render it useless but i've had no problems and they claimed it was no quicked than a fingerprint scan but its almost instant as long as you use it correctly
  4. https://amp.twimg.com/v/2da0b741-3c1b-4078-a3fb-698db278bd22
  5. What is FS1 ? Used to watch matches on kodi but now it just buffers constantly. Also anyone elses Exodus not work anymore ? Was fine the other day and now just seems to only have oldddd films on it, even when i go to year the most recent is 1970
  6. Never even played this game properly probably because i never took the time to learn it properly but will never get bored of watching high level games
  7. Trim

    FIFA 16 NEWS

    Games so f*cked Every year i find myself saying i wont play the current fifa because its shitter than the last but this time it actually happened. I load it up, go to online to play then think wtf am i doing and lock it off for something else. Cant actually remember the last time i played it properly against someone
  8. 2015 and there's not even a decent boxing game on these fucking next gen consoles
  9. How can they dead their own fucking game lool
  10. http://gfycat.com/DentalFineGartersnake still cant work out how he fucks this up
  11. Trim

    FIFA 16 NEWS

    This games nuts higher up the leagues you get, the shitter the defending is people just sprint at you endlessly
  12. Trim

    FIFA 16 NEWS

    Why are freekicks so fucked on this ? Got man that cant even string together 3 passes banging some next postage stamp freekicks against me like its nothing
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