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    Chatting Rubbish on the net.<br /><br />I love that Reggaeton beat; "boom chick boom chick boom chick boom chick boom"
  1. TBH I'm feelin certain Afro-Caribbean/Afro-American girls, but have never been attracted to a proper African girl (once when i was 14).Subtle differences between the two make all the difference.
  2. yep do this, I work from home, some times required to go in to the office. Only twice a month.Love it very convenient, don't think I'll get another job like it.
  3. The EU parliment building is based on Babel. EU is the start of the new Babylon. 1 World gorvernment.When in Dubai you still feel like you're in a desert.
  4. Its hard to listen to this...but he got some good points"the one wih the big head" LOL
  5. convenient for the evangelicalsa man with wooly hair will come and pose as christwe'll see the 4 greatest years the world has ever seen his reign as pres will end in november 2012after that is supposed to be when he takes over the worldDecember 21st is when Jesus is supposed to comedown and slay himmakes "sense"boi.. thats deep still... i've been recently thinking about him being the anti-christ aswell.. but we'll just have to wait and see i suppose.No no no.The Antichrist as described in the revelations points to the Vatican. A pope will be the antichrist. I don't beleive in the Antichrist by the way.Also you lot getting deep into this election: don't let them get you sucked in, truth is, any president that is elected serves those who funded his election campaign. Lobbyists. I'm not saying Obama is corrupt, just that is the way it is. Look up Woodrow Wilson and how he came to power. Look up "CFR + US media". Obama has been supported by the mainstream since day 1. Oh don't tell me, Obama managed to beat the CFR by being a black man with free will spreading his message of hope, breaking down barriers. Obama the symbol of racial tolerance, white mon, black dad etc. One black mans struggle..Give me a break. Wake up. Its one big show. Another thing Henry Kissinger (war criminal, coup organiser, zionist, racist, elitist, NWO front man, dodgy business guy) is McCains advisor.
  6. Obamas gonna make my life better, coz I have no mind of my own.
  7. east heads were listening to the pay as you go show...
  8. I think black people have made progression in other areas. Like owning white women for instance, through the black breeding programme. Look at all the mixed offspring, fruits of thy labour...
  9. Straight to hell man...BAN HIM, thats just too much...
  10. For real i don't have any hatred for lesbians.I understand women will have each other for support, not just sex. Also bare lesbians have had forced sex with men, crappy relationships with men. Also there is no way women and women can really do it (sex). I was on about Male homosexuality. No excuses for them man.
  11. Yep, regular generic sex. No poo, no piss, no fisting, no objects...st*ra you got raped now you're a lesbian...typical
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