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  1. Cipher

    The wall

    Certainly not suicide but I know I could be doing more with life and am feeling really unfullfilledUnfilled?!
  2. & he's scored some bangers aswell, I still get flashbacks of that goal against Tottenham early in the season.Ade would have more if we hadn't played 4-5-1 so much this season.I disagree.This is the same as Who wouldoyu have in your team, van NIstelrooy, or Henry?Henry was a better player, van nistelrooy a better goalscorerBut henry made up with asists etc as rooney doesrooney is much much more than just a goal scorer, we have someone to score shitloads of goals for us, at the moment it isnt himRooney is a better player than adebayor...Havign said that I do rate ade.
  3. Cipher

    The wall

    *vaguely remembers*weren't he some bodyguard for Berlin in wcw?Yup, then he try becoem his own [email protected] davicious...why..whats wrong?in college?Work?Parnter?Have any goals?
  4. Cipher

    The wall

    Creative or gym wise, or suicide wise?Thught it was gonna be about the wrestler fo a sec..
  5. This is pretty dumb, havent even called out the main d*ckheads who chat bollox in threads like the ones you are talking about.I mean, people come with them no head from wifey type comments, bitches are all the same etc etc, the STUPID wannabe-pimp attitude that comes from most people on this site.Most peopel on here coming like there life is an actuall rap song when it blatantly isnt.The things most people come out with about females/sex etc is pretty shocking and its clear they havent got their opinion from real life but only taken the opinion from a like-minded d*ckhead on a forum.You coulda
  6. Still dont beleive peopel were considering the work thing, I mean, it was a joke thing to view at the time, but Erin is actually safe....rarely remember her ever bein rude to anyone...Its just something that will drive girls aaway/stop them from posting stuff that YOU want to hear, whenever someone makes a thread asking for girls to cough up info they bitch when girls dont do it, but then when girls DO, they just slew them, call them slag etc..When most of the breh's on here would do the exact same thing and think nothing of it....(not the sucking d*ck on camera althoguh I wouldnt put it past
  7. Cipher


    f*cked up the mouth a bit stillNot as good as mine O_oSkeenHow the f*ck was one to know what that was meant to behence the mindf*ck..
  8. Cipher


    Second one is running with scissors.
  9. Cipher


    Beg someoen make a gif of when the Shark comes out of the water in jaws, but...make it go BLARRRRGGHH ...would be joke.
  10. Cipher


    f*cked up the mouth a bit stillNot as good as mine O_odamn, beat me to itlmaojoke how they look pretty much the same though
  11. Cipher


    f*cked up the mouth a bit stillNot as good as mine O_o
  12. Be careful...you know the kind of weapon man carries..
  13. Cipher


    Them phails there.that IS the mindf*ck, you phailed the testI disagree, since that same thing has happened 3 times already.Im gonna go with "you failed" O_o
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