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  1. Free kick wasn't all that. Looks better from that angle than it was. Keeper should have done better, wasnt in the corner. Was behind the goal for all of Uniteds goals. Pearson easily MOTM. United capitalised on every mistake the students made. Students had majority possession but got handled in final third and by United midfield pressing.
  2. Lurch

    Boardwalk Empire

    "I got a gun. He got a gun. Everyboday got guns"
  3. Lurch

    The Gym Topic

    Them pouches can be a pain if the tear off. Had a few pouches, on one of them the resealable thing just tore off and stayed close on to the other side. So I had an open pouch, had to transfer contents in to other tubs etc. If that happens with a full 5kg pouch, I assure you, you will be pissed off.
  4. Nani's a prick if that's true. Davide was sporting a shiner in the game earlier today as well. It's a given bust-ups happen but punching a 20 year old kid over a tackle? Don't know what Nani's trying to achieve with that if true. Swear Fergie said he doesn't hairdryer these new gen players as much cos he made one of them cry or something, bait it was Nani/aimed at Nani. I was disappointed Petrucci didn't make the bench for League Cup, been in good form since he returned from injury last season. Hope he gets his chance.
  5. Blake just did the double over Bolt. Blake with a time of 19.80. Bolt's not running freely, knew he was down on Blake and his stride pattern and everything was just wrong, tied up trying to come back at Blake, still finished with 19.83 but needs to have this sorted before London.
  6. Lurch

    The Gym Topic

    Gym's a mental thing. I've been sticking to 5x5 and at times it can be hard work. I had never squatted before June last year so had no idea what my 1RM, tbh I still don't. That along with the fact I slipped a disc a couple years ago that f*cked me up for 2+ years led me to start with an empty bar. By July I was squatting 80 kg which for me was progress but then going back to Uni and other things stopped me from hitting the gym regularly. Started back properly 2 weeeks ago but had to lower the weight to 60kg. In 2 weeks I'm now able to squat 100kg comfortably and probably more. Just needed a spot I was confident with; he said to me I can squat a lot more but cos I'm not confident I'm just going up in small increments, plus I'm sticking to the routine of adding 2.5kg each session cos there's no point changing as it's working atm. It's made such a difference, everyone in my family has been asking if I've been hitting the gym thinking I've been training for maybe 6 months to a year when really it's been 6 weeks from June and 2 weeks over the Easter break. To most of you lot squatting 100kg is probably piss but for me I was advised by my surgeon not to lift anything heavy and by my GP to not play football. But I chose not to take it lying down, I was convinced the only way I'd be able to overcome my problem with my back is to strengthen it and I'm quite hyped. I'm now playing football 2-3 times a week and hitting the gym at least 3 times a week. So that feeling of being able to Squat and DL 100 and 120kg is something else. My legs are absolutely smashed but it's a good feeling. That feeling of being able to play football and not have to pull out of tackles >>>> _________. Hopefully I can maintain it now and keep increasing my strength. Now I just have to clean up my diet and get enough rest and I think I can put on the size I want to.
  7. Youth Cup QF vs Charlton was on earlier. Won 3-2. Barmby, Van Velzen and Wilson scored for United Sho Silva got both for Charlton. Could say we were very lucky, tough game. Charlton had a chance cleared off line by Iannou and their top scorer who came off the bench should have won it for them in injury time before we scored. They also had a header from 4 yards that went over. Players were going down with cramp and Charlton finished game with 10 men cos they made all 3 subs before Blackett fouled Charlton midfielder. 2nd half we dominated but after Charlton went down to 10 men it looked like they wanted it more and had the 3 big chances I mentioned above. Daehli was brilliant. Barbmy and Rudge were good. Van Velzen was poor but scored and got an assist and had a hand in Barmby's goal. Iannou played well apart from a few mistakes and Sutherland had to to be alert in goal. Byrne worked his socks off. Semi-Final vs Chelsea, like last year only 1st leg will be at OT and 2nd leg at the Bridge.
  8. Watched all 3 fights. Marquez won all 3 fights and I'm a 'Pacman fan'. Marquez is one of those guys that stifles Pac. Pac was beyond shit, he lost that fight, no doubt about it. Can't help but feel sorry for Marquez, he beat Pac thrice yet each time the robberies got worse. He took the fight against Mayweather and didn't put the weight on the right way and got made to look like a chump. Barrera and Morales ducked him and it's obvious why. Think he said himself, had he got the decisions vs Pac the first time round his life would have been different, he would have been the main man - sad that it didn't work out that way. On the back of this Mayweather will pick Pac off but IF Pac can find the angles and put pressure on Mayweather it would be interesting to see if a) Mayweather gets tagged and b ) how he copes (usually he is brilliant at adapting so shouldn't see why else he wouldn't).
  9. Not really. From what the owners invested and his season last season and their current form this season it was expected. Zero consistency from Leicester. This is their form this season: LWLWDDDWDWWDLLWW This is their league form: LWLWDDWDWDLLW Not won consecutive league games at all, all season. Sven's really struggled this season. I said in pre-season the defence (besides in the Millwall game) has been fine, that was the problem last season and if I'm honet they've done well to plug that but it's the midfield and up front that has been really poor. I meant the Blackburn decision was the worst I have seen in football. Leicester have bought so many players and are so close to 3rd place it makes no sense doing it now. Shoulda gave him till Xmas to get accustomed to the squad, who you gona get in now? O'Neill? He been out of management a while and will need time with the team aswell. Keane? Don't be silly. Lol, I realised you meant the Blackburn decision after I posted. Blackburn decision was the worst, I agree with that. Yeah, you could say the timing of this makes it a strange decision. But we all know in football now, managers are not given the time. I think it's the lack of consistency which has cost him if anything. After all he did have a full pre-season and the players he wanted, he chose not to sign any wingers. I'd think the thinking behind it is, is to give a new manager time to settle overt the next couple months and then come the Jan transfer window they'll know what direction to take the team in terms of style of play. The Championship isn't like the Premier League, teams can come from far down the table and make a big push, I remember Reading were quite far down the table last season in February and come May they had made the play-offs quite easily. Unfortunately for Sven the way his Leicester have been playing, it didn't look like they were going to string anything together a run of good results so I think they decided to let him go. Who will replace him? Good question, you're guess is as good as mine. Wouldn't say it's the most appealing job, Keane could do a job like he did getting Sunderland up but that's as far as he'd be able to go. I think my rant was more at how disappointed I was at the owners and Sven too. The owners for how they treated Sousa and replaced with him Sven and it not working out. Sven because he went with the diamond and had no other plan. I really thought transfer deadline day he might sign a winger or two but he didn't even try, was a disappointment from them. About Sousa, he was a good manager, he did brilliantly at Swansea and had Leicester playing good football, the results weren't good but they only gave him 9 league games, had they stuck with him he would have got them firing. It's funny how a team who created so many chances and were just failing to convert them are now a team struggling to create chances but with a good strikeforce at Championship level. It's also a shame Sousa'a now managing in Hungary.
  10. Not really. From what the owners invested and his season last season and their current form this season it was expected. Zero consistency from Leicester. This is their form this season: LWLWDDDWDWWDLLWW This is their league form: LWLWDDWDWDLLW Not won consecutive league games at all, all season. Sven's really struggled this season. I said in pre-season the defence (besides in the Millwall game) has been fine, that was the problem last season and if I'm honet they've done well to plug that but it's the midfield and up front that has been really poor. He chose to use the diamond but decided that wingers weren't needed - huge mistake. Shades of England and Scholes and Heskey. I said from pre-season the midfield will struggle and they have. They've struggled to play the ball forward with any conviction. Johnson has looked good but played about 4 games. King is far from what he was last season. Fernandes has been decent at times but other times the game passes him by too easy, not strong enough or dogged enough for Championship football. Abe has been poor, he's meant to be defensive but doesn't protect the back four for shit. Wellens has shown glimpses of form and I think he has the best range of passing but it seems like the other players aren't on the same page as him. All central players. All haven't controlled games as they should - if you're gonna play a diamond then you've got to be able to play the ball forward so you can create chances for your strikers, no point having all that possesion and doing nothing with it. Take Birmingham the other week, had the ball for 45 minutes and what they do with it? Pass the ball in front of Birmingham's defence the whole half, no urgency to try and break them down and they were unable put telling crosses in cos they don't have wingers. Come the 2nd half Birmingham woke up and attacked down the wings, Beausejour hits the bar, minutes later King then trips Beausejour (who came in off the wing) and they win a penalty, all came from the wings. Then Mills; although I said the defence has been strengthened, he can be a liability with his lunges, goes in two footed and gets himself sent off and from that moment the game was done. Too much was expected from the full backs, Peltier and Konchesky. He tried the diamond and it failed, Leicester are not what Ancelotti's Chelsea were, they've not got Cole or Bosingwa as WB's. The irony is with Sousa at the helm, this Leicester squad would be top, why? Because Sousa's Leicester carved out chance after chance but had nobody to finish but with Nugent, Beckford, Schlupp and Vassell, Sousa's team would have steamrolled a lot of teams.
  11. Lurch

    The Gym Topic

    I'm weakkkkk! Went back to the gym in July after years out with a slipped disc which has been causing me endless problems. Finally at a stage where I can hit the gym and strengthen, looking to put on a bit of weight and gain some muscle but firstly strength. I'm 6'2, 160 lbs. Was gymming through July and this is where I was at, at the end of July. Squat - 85kg Bench - 80 kg Deadlift - 100kg Barbell Rows - 60kg Overhead Press - 50kg Then I took a month off for Ramadhan. Went back yesterday and I've dropped 10-15 kg on each exercise. But now I've got 11 months to increase my strength, muscles and cut a bit of body fat but I'm cautious since I blew my back out cos it took me so long to recover. Any tips or motivation for me? Although I like to think I'm quite motivated I feel quite weak. I've got more upper body strength than lower body strengh so I'm working on lower body a lot more, but my lats are weak cos I can't do pull ups for shit. My tris and shoulders need some work as well cos I feel my tris give out first when benching and the Overhead press is the exercise I probably hate the most cos I cant lift much and my shoulders feel weak but I continue to do it, otherwise I won't get stronger. Some people say I'm mad for squatting and deadlifting after my back has caused me so many problems but I've been working hard to get my form as near perfect as possible to minimise any risk of injury. In all honesty the strengthening is needed and I've seen a significant difference with my back getting better and better the more I train. Anyway, Ideally for my height and weight what would you say about what the weights I'm doing and where should I be say in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and then by start of next Ramadhan?
  12. How can I have more points from just Gameweek 2 than certain heads who set up their team from Gameweek 1? How can I slap? How can I? I'm not even a fantasy PL don. Where's the Fantasy hype that comes when the season starts? Seems a bit dead tbh. Everyone needs to be on this hopefully this season, properly, not deadout 6 weeks in to the season like usual. Keep bumping this topic.
  13. http://birminghamriots2011.tumblr.com/Found this, don't know if its already been posted.
  14. Lurch

    The Gym Topic

    Yeah, after I asked the question I thought about it and thought as much so.I don't know I just prefer to 'undersell' myself, cos too many people make it a competition so that's why I'd rather just say 50 each side, so if they wanna think 50 all together then cool that along with never really knowing whether the norm is including the bar or not.You're right about the '3 plates' thing, it is annoying, like it makes them sound even better.
  15. Lurch

    The Gym Topic

    Silly question but...I've always wondered when people state how much they're lifting do they just count the plates, say for example if they were benching 50kg plates on each side, would they say 100kg or do they include the bar at 20kg, making it 120kg?I don't know why but stupidly I always say '50kg each side' or whatever and then think that sounds really odd.
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