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  1. Fighting Weight

    The Natural Disaster Thread

    creasingTearsStrong post PMSLLL Miz >>
  2. Fighting Weight

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    I'll take MW2 remastered all day long.
  3. Fighting Weight

    150 + 674 Thread

    Lol @ that 67 vid, what kind of life is that.
  4. Fighting Weight

    The Music Video Thread

    Pmsl wtf.
  5. Fighting Weight

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao - May 2nd 2015

    Gatti - Mayweather, maybe.
  6. Fighting Weight

    Rating Chicks

    She's got them trekking through Mordor feet Brother
  7. Fighting Weight

    amber rose?

    Gonna be honest I have never been a fan of this chick (in the kanye years), the haircut for me is a turnoff but the body is too immense It cannot be denied It's crazy it's a wrap It's over she is a professional whore, just do the zorn already Good god GOOD GOD
  8. Fighting Weight

    Football Manager 2015

    Played City Got a man sent off inside 3 minutes. Lost 4-1
  9. Fighting Weight

    Top 3th/4th Run in - 2014/2015

    This Can see a point at Chelsea sh*t maybe even a win, they look a bit jaded tbh, vulnerable at the back too recently
  10. Fighting Weight

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao - May 2nd 2015

    You have to buy it. Sky Box office
  11. Fighting Weight

    Football Manager 2015

    Bruv you've conceded 33 in 15 games? Even if you take out the 8-4 thrashing thats still 25. Show us formations and training coz that is MAD fam. i Hadn't moved training off of 'balanced' tbh, neglected, poor stuff Not many clean sheets, a quick glance and I can only see 5 or so It'll be something to work on for next season, this season a lot of the time I've been playing with only one recognised defender
  12. Fighting Weight

    amber rose?

    It's irrelevant my friend. The key thing is the benefits of the languages & culture I have been grilled with from home, ensured that I am not another black statistic that ended up in Jail. Could you say that about yourself? MG I hope this sentence answered your question
  13. Fighting Weight

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao - May 2nd 2015