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  1. Brandnew


    no question about it
  2. Brandnew


    Skepta is doing alot
  3. Bumpington. Hope everyone is well here new and old. Glad to see the forum is alive and well.
  4. I love that this forum is still here and going strong... gonna take like an hour off to just go thru topics. Wealth and Health to you all !!
  5. i dont know Justin but i know a bag of man like this and tthey annoy me !
  6. man looks healthy... last i seen him he wasnt in the best of shape.happy he is finaly free still !
  7. Just a quick thread for everyone to drop links to where ure watching ure movies online ryt nw.... need to check some new sites out.Safe in advance
  8. 1979 so i'll 'llow you shuda said in recent times brother,why u tryna halt my wave pmsl
  9. lol ive been on this forum very long... and its a habit that was carried over from the Rwd days... it never changes.In Mr Legos case certain influential users have never liked him and the rest have followed suit so now even when man is doin alot more for himself and his ideas than most...i repeat most of you lot there is still bare blind hatred for him.Just say congradulations and keep it moving man this sh*t is Young as f*ck !
  10. alot of sad individuals on this forum... i could leave for 10 years and it wud be the same hatin ass niggas talkin when i got back.I jus see a man get his stuff on the most watched show of the year and 98% of the responses are hate ...lol
  11. Brandnew

    Katy Perry

    sick photoshop !!
  12. i dont see anyone talking about the death of these sites (i searched)...where else is everyone watching stuff online ??
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