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  1. Thun

    Lib Dems will legalise weed if elected

    Typical hard left snobby middle class sandal wearing wimp to suggest all white people who dont support your views are dumb Your cringe always trying to beg other races but they look down on you as can see your some fake guy
  2. Thun

    General Election 2017

    There you go supporting mainstream media by labelling anyone who wanted brexit and the destruction of the new world order as farr right, you been found out, your a globalist stooge doing there bidding
  3. Thun

    General Election 2017

    Luckily we stopped this from happening fully with Brexit, we knew traitor peasant scroungers like you want to bring down this country and got found out Now is the rebuilding process and making people who have the worst intentions for this country feel outcasted from society and i'm happy to see you living each day with hatred in your heart, this will slowly break you down and can see this already with your crazy twisted ramblings that is close to madness You lost and will continue to be a loser when you push the new world globalist agenda Luckily Farage broke up the first bloc to this new world order but most of you on here did not want to happen so you can fully submit and accept your servitude to the globalists but the English wont submit and thats what pissed most of you off Accept you are English and be proud your from a nation that is not weak or you can be on the side of the new world order globalists with evil in your heart which will eventually turn you into someone like vtec that walks around in fear of this country thinking everyone is out to get him forgetting this country gave him everything and would be in a third world cesspit if it was not for this country embracing him
  4. Thun

    US Presidential Election

    Glorious victory for mankind
  5. Its easy to brand anyone who dont support your views as racist when they are having victory over your deam agenda Can you be specific what racist remarks as think you are just playing the race card as you lost If you cant come back with with anything specific I will claim victory
  6. All slackers, underachievers and lazy bums use white privilege as there excuse for being a failure This po breaks down blm racists and how this lemon guy is part of the problem, cant be advancing mankind when backwards people think its ok to target random humans that are innocent and probably dont hold any views that are racist
  7. Thun

    Turkey Under Military Coup

    I cant see Erd establishing shit, they will destabilise the country before he tries furthering his agenda Who is scared of him Europe laughing at them, far from scared
  8. Thun

    Turkey Under Military Coup

    Harrowing watching this
  9. Take a look at my topic from 2008, the scum that murder the public are the lowest of the low especially when its the people paying there wages, they should be locked up for life There is profiling that goes on which is rife and then there are those that are just brutish and it dont matter what race you are you are getting it, its goes deeper then race though, its the training they are given and how they are taught to not serve the public like they used to years ago, its a whole new mentality and methods they are taught
  10. Your a racist backwards barbarian if you think murdering innocent people is the way forward, you as bad as the people you claim to hate
  11. I was highlighting these thugs long before you was even on here There are countless videos of blm being racist, just search on yt
  12. You are cheering leading a murderer but want to call other a daem, need to look at yourself tbh So many vids, you need more
  13. Need to get rid of all these racial hate groups like white supremacists, black power, blm, MEChA etc. All stirring so much shit right now in the States, cant say this group can have a group saying its just being proud of there race but at the same time looking down on other races
  14. Thun

    Turkish Airport under attack ?

    From when you think the west needs to fall in order to bring peace you lost the debate tbh