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  1. is trying to get over the end of a really long relationship :(

  2. Tirunih


    also lol @ chelsea's facial expression when amira told her she was a virgin.. :lol:
  3. Tirunih


    another special appearance on eastenders tonight, it's going to be interesting.
  4. Tirunih

    NFL 2009/10 Season

    A great Superbowl!! Although the Colts made some good plays they never made any big plays, Overall Colts are a better side, even though the saints were my personal favourite. Manning is a sick quarterback unfortunately his receivers did not do enough due the Saints game plan. I was expecting Bush to make an impact, he did his job but Brees & Thomas stole the show imo. I would love to see the Saints build on from this, but because it's the NFL, stability is a rare thing to come by. I wouldn't be surprised if the Saints didn't go far in the play-offs next season.
  5. Tirunih

    Grammys 2010

    he obviously didn't you numpty but those rhymes go with his story and the fact he is at the grammy's
  6. Tirunih

    Grammys 2010

    i liked how drakes rhymes went with his performance.. it's like he wrote those rhymes knowing he would be saying these words at the grammys
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    Popular UK Forums

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    hiphop J. Cole Topic

    some of those tracks are on American Dreamin his mixtape
  9. Tirunih

    hiphop J. Cole Topic

    J.Cole should have made this track his own
  10. Tirunih


    The track is a club banger
  11. Tirunih

    New series of SKINS

    since when skins has turned into boyz in da hood lol
  12. Tirunih

    Snoop = Jermaine Griffiths (Pic Inside)

    the picture in the avi of the guy with the mohawk is me that jermain griffits guy who has a mohawk is not me the admins know my email address so if they wanted to track my boat down i'm sure they could...
  13. Tirunih

    Snoop = Jermaine Griffiths (Pic Inside)

    Before i left for a bit last year bout october times you printscreened a pic from a private facebook, so I went through her friends, the only mixed race people were either on a London network or Manchester or a diff UNI, the rest of the mixed race people was just 2 ppl from midlands, so you are either a 16 year old who takes pic with a bally and money on your bed or this person with man boobs Also when i orginally made the topic called Jermaine Griffiths as way of hoping you would catch the bait And you did you removed it from the facebook search index but after just checking now you have put it back in a way to make it seem like you are not like lol @ this rebore Ryder lol @ this fat man acting like a 14 year old with adhd when you go pub all the time as uve got a beer bely / lol @ u knowing the burger bar bois wow i'm actually lost for words.. If you lot want to believe that's me then whatever.. lol
  14. Tirunih

    Snoop = Jermaine Griffiths (Pic Inside)

    is that supposed to be me? smh also i ain't been ghost i just have more important things to do tbh