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  1. Unwritten rules/codes

    Lmfao I love you ya know Doctor
  2. Flirty work Colleauges....

    Nip it in the bud from the beginning because trust me those kind of men who want some p*ssy and don't get it will try to f*ck up your entire career.
  3. pulling sickys

    Mate f*ck a years entitlement of sick pay I'm looking at the bigger picture and my future career here.
  4. The Official Weekend Plans Thread

    Today - bought a car (irl not even being a stupid f*ck*ng prick this time) Tomorrow - going to pick up said car Sunday - f*ck all
  5. pulling sickys

    Haven't had a single sick day apart from when I went for an operation. You know why? Because even when I feel like sh*t I go in for three hours then get sent home by my manager and then it isn't classed as a sick day. 1-0 to me. Sick when applying for jobs. How many days off have you had sick in the past year? None bitchezzz.

    EXACTLY what I was about to say. f*ck this country.
  7. Shadrack and Abendigo

    I get what you're saying lol, but with comedy, I always begin from an optimistic viewpoint. Particularly a brand of comedy that I perform myself... I definitely get what you mean though, I've noticed it about myself for year. I'm a fan of loads of things, but only like the absolute cream of the crop. It's like boxing, I don't watch any modern day sh*t aside from Floyd Mayweather. Other than that, I just watch Jones, Whitaker, Mayweather, Toney and Leonard + a smattering of Cubans. EZ game so u are a lawyer street boxer think tank worker financial advisor video director and now a comedian ye? Lmao street boxer. [David Brent] That's like the stuff I write [/David Brent]
  8. Official Job Vacancies Thread

    Trust me Local Government cuts are f*ck*ng eveeeerything up right now, everyones feeling it.
  9. Zest Clothing UK

    So what you're saying is the one tshirt I wanted had the problem solved i.e. website on the tshirt and now it's no longer avaliable. Great.
  10. Zest Clothing UK

    5'4 (same size as Mike) Bye now
  11. Zest Clothing UK

    And you know what the WORST thing is. You think all those basic every day things are things that someone would bother making up. Lmfao step your life game up.
  12. Zest Clothing UK

  13. Zest Clothing UK

    I can prove everything I say. You still live with your Mum. Whadaayagonnado? Anyway off now have fun. Don't forget M.O.E bitchezzz bangbang etc. etc. Sickest guy EVER woot woot.
  14. Zest Clothing UK

    What if what if what if. Keep living that what if life and see where it gets you. You'll still be at home living with your Mum at 30, going raving in your cool white car, buying champagne with the man dem and living some fake life. STILL LIVING AT HOME. M.O.E BITCHEZZZZ
  15. Zest Clothing UK

    I KNOW you live at your Mums because you told me. Move out then talk to me until then you can't say sh*t. Some 14 year old in a big mans body, oh wait... 4'1.