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  1. I would say you should checkout like Bodybuilding.com for some ideas about routines... If you are going gym around 4 times a week you should try and focus on a different body part per day. e.g. Day 1 - Chest & Triceps Day 2 - Legs Day 3 - Back & Biceps Day 4 - Shoulders & Either legs or arms This will allow you to hit each body part hard whilst giving time for recovery etc.
  2. Saw him on BBC 1 Breakfast this morning talking about his album etc #AdidasMoney
  3. Madness they refunded travel and hotel as well. They literally going out of pocket to keep ethnics out.
  4. This kid looks special. Wenger should really drop Martial money to get this guy in and have him lead the line for us next season... 1) Wenger wont be here next season 2) Arsenal wont spend the money
  5. It all depends on intensity TBH. You can have a great workout in 45 mins if the intensity it high. I assume we talking about weights right and not cardio? if you have 1.5 hours to spend in the gym that's a good amount of time to hit a few compounds and a few isolations for that body part(s). What kind of routine you following?
  6. That Guy Son


    More Life needs to hurry up and drop. Been waiting to bang that full quality Drake x Giggs for a second now.
  7. Currently weighing in at 205lbs. Looking to cur down to around 190lbs by May. Then I will be beach ready. Gonna maintain that weight over the summer and slow/clean bulk from around Sept - Dec. Usually I dirty bulk which means I have to do an aggressive cut every spring but im looking to end that cycle this year.
  8. Listened to this podcast last week and was interesting. I think in regards to the "Seeing a hench guy", for me personally as a gym head I understand the dedication it takes and the hard work required to get there. So if anything its more rating the hard work and dedication than thinking "Anthony Joshua is nice" lol. That part of the podcast had me in pieces tho lol
  9. Between Wretch / Kano / Stormzy as an actual album. Some of the other albums listed had bigger tunes on but don't compare as a body of work.
  10. HNDRXX is silky I can't lie. The big question is.... Whats the better tune... Mask Off or My Collection?
  11. Its a very drake-ish album. Good comparison.
  12. I was fully expecting this album to be trash. But I can't lie... hes superseded my expectations. The album is actually pretty good minus the 2 singing tracks. I wonder what the hardcore Grime heads think because this isn't a grime album. He has like 4 grime tracks on there but the better tunes on the album are the hip hop / RnB tunes.
  13. Trust me. On my floor at work there is about 500 people (all open plan) and there is about 6 black guys and 2 black ladies on the floor. Luckily all the guys are super bless. I always find it jokes the tone/slang/language used depending on who you talking to LOL
  14. Mesut Ozil's Yard in London http://www.caandesign.com/mansion-in-london-by-harrison-varma/
  15. What does that mean tho? Cos anyone could yell that as they were doing it?
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